PAUL & SHARK: The Fall / Winter 2016-2017


Paul & Shark presents new campaign by Italian photographer Giampaolo Vimercati.

Shooted in the unique setting of the Dolomites in South Tyrol, the campaign consists of three different subjects, emotional images that perfectly capture the unusual details of moving characters.

The fall / winter 2016-2017 collection is of course the main protagonist: from Arctic Heat coat, made with the exclusive treatment waterproof Typhoon 20000 and features an innovative heating system inserted in the head, the blouson cashmere and rabbit who plays so sophisticated contemporary style of the brand, finally passing through the classic field nylon jacket revised in the hottest mustard color.

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Rockstud Untitled: Valentino Man rediscovers the charm of imperfection

Wabi-sabi is the Japanese philosophy of perfect imperfection, the idea that nothing lasts, nothing is finished, nothing is perfect. Using as inspiration of the Japanese technique of kintsugi, which suggests to repair the broken ceramic objects with gold dust, with the intention that from a flaw can derive a higher form of aesthetic and inner perfection, Valentino raises the Rockstud Untitled project, a capsules unisex collection of classic distilled to the essence and reread through the savoir -faire of the historic maison. A craftsmaship in a key rough, where studs are the real binder: twelve constituent elements of the perfect man wardrobe – the white shirt to peacoat blue, beige trench coat with jeans, gray T-shirt from the camel coat, from crewneck to the white sneaker – which part has been removed and then repaired using golden studs instead of stitching. The tension between industrial and craft, between series and uniqueness characterizes the project and makes it unique in the contemporary fashion scene. Each garment is identified by a serial number from 1 to 12, stamped on the white canvas bag that contains it. It seems almost anonymous but when worn, reveals signs of a customization from synthetic, authentic and well defined touch: traces of a life potential, intimate, and a human imperfection, internalized as the sign of beauty that distinguishes us.
In the Man FW 16/17 fashion show, the capsule evolves in Noir- rutheium studs version and black contaminate the most cattle men rtw and accessories – Open sneaker and clutch.
Especially the ruthenium studs for the clutch become all-around and even the ad hoc packaging becomes a noir intense version.
In the “Native” details, leather is inlaid with a precise technique, each geometric detail is hand-painted, is treated with the same attention as the all: because the detail reveals the essence of each man.

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Maserati Polo Tour 2016: the spectacular closure at the Beijing’s “China Open”


It ends with an exciting match at the prestigious Tang Polo Club in Beijing, China, the 2016 edition of the Maserati Polo Tour, which took place during the year on six polo fields among the most prestigious in the world. The Polo ‘China Open’ 2016 tournament attracted many of the best polo players globally and has offered to the guests of the event the opportunity to experience the exclusive Maserati cars.

The atmosphere of the event was further enhanced by exposure of the cars of the Trident house and their parade during the celebration phase of the event, involving both car enthusiasts both fans present. Maserati has exhibited for the occasion two models presented in the course of 2016, including the new Quattroporte – and additional versions GranLusso and GranSport, with a redesign of the exterior, interior and innovative technological equipment – and the new Levante SUV, both available with the petrol engine built by Ferrari to Maserati and with diesel engines.


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Back in town with blue

It’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to the sea, the beach and relax. We all need  to being welcomed into the city with its routine and its frenzy.

And why don’t do it with a touch of blue or indeed of turquoise?  Blue, together with yellow and red, one of the three primary colors, was considered the color of introspection and infinite in Ancient Egypt; that’s why, to start great, we recommend you to allow yourself five-minutes more on holidays, at least with your mind, and have a look at the season’s new items declined in all the many shades of blue

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The Tuscan hills frame the new campaign emblematic Siviglia Man FW 2016, which, accompanied by a light and nostalgic piano music, unveil the new collection of the Italian brand.

The simplicity of the location is synonymous with authenticity, as the Siviglia brand, offering innovative leaders not to mention the high quality of Made in Italy, which is presented in the new campaign video, not just as class features of the head, but also as a style of life, of thought and origin of things.

The black and white it is a wise formal choice, which transports the viewer into a world gone by, in which authenticity and tradition are among the key themes of the brand. The colors of your photo also reveal the nuances of the collection, which reflect the elegance and timeless style man Siviglia. The video is produced by a team of young Italians living abroad, which gives it an international flavor.

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SIFEST: in Savignano Sul Rubicone a ph.festival all over … to look

From September 9 to 11, don’t miss the meeting in Savignano sul Rubicone with the twenty-fifth edition of SI Fest Savignano Images Festival, entitled “Alea iacta est. On the boundaries of photography. “

To celebrate the 25th anniversary, the SiFest offers a great calendar of exhibitions, workshops, awards, video-projections, happenings and performances: the exhibits are visible until September 25th and this year celebrate the famous American ph. Duane Michals, Danila Tkachenkom, Luigi Erba and many others.

In addition, the independent circuit SI Off Fest, dedicated to emerging authors and visual arts, explores the linguistic contamination process that is the basis of contemporary artistic culture and will celebrate the theme with installations and events at the Palazzo Don Baronio.

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Fragiacomo supports the Rotella’s Prize and Art film

Fragiacomo, historic brand of luxury accessories, supports the Mimmo Rotella Foundation Award which was presented on Sept 3rd and 4th, during the Venice International Film Festival.

The prize, awarded to James Franco for the film “In a dobious battle”, but also to the director Paolo Sorrentino and actor Jude Law for “The young priest” opera, it’s a work of Mimmo Rotella, and it wanted to reward films that symbolically continues the decollage artist’s investigation into the wonderful combination of visual arts and film.

The Italian fashion house, founded by Dante Fragiacomo in 1956, is the image of exclusivity of Italian products in the world: to celebrate the great Italian artist Mimmo Rotella, Federico and Massimo Pozzi Chiesa have personally awarded the winners delivering a prestigious accessory Fragiacomo in limited edition: iconic “luggage bag“, made of precious and exclusive leathers.

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massimo pozzi chiesa;federico pozzi chiesa
massimo pozzi chiesa;federico pozzi chiesa
massimo pozzi chiesa;ashley greene;federico pozzi chiesa
massimo pozzi chiesa;ashley greene;federico pozzi chiesa

NikeLab x Stone Island: a jacket that leaves its mark


The first “foray” of Nike in the athletic outerwear dates back to 1979, with the birth of Nike Windrunner.

Three years later, in Italy it arose Stone Island, clothing brand driven by a very strong push for innovation. Subverting the materials processing standards, the brand has introduced his jackets with extraordinary color shades, but think of technical garments for everyday life.

Individual and original expertise of the two companies will now merge in NikeLab x Stone Island Windrunner. Second stage of a fruitful collaboration, the jacket shows the common interest of Nike and Stone Island for innovation, and at the same time reveals a new reality: the combined expertise of the craftsman, artist, engineer and the manufacturer, which in the past met rarely, are the real key to evolution.

The NikeLab x Stone Island is available from 8 September on and in selected NikeLab stores.

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NikeLab x Stone Island Windrunner1NikeLab x Stone Island Windrunner4NikeLab x Stone Island Windrunner7NikeLab x Stone Island Windrunner14


La Femme and L’Homme Prada: the film campaign directed by Steven Meisel

The new Prada’s film campaign, which launches alongside the two fragrances Homme and Femme by the famed Milan brand, is directed by filmmaker Steven Meisel and sees the participation of the actors Mia Goth, Mia Wasikowska, Dane DeHaan and Ansel Elgort, interacting in suggestive scenes in a play of light and visual sophistication which characterize the Prada’s fragrances metaphor, or the constant challenge to the male and female identity conventions.

The short film is accompanied by the music of Perfume Genius, eclectic and experimental artist, which has re-arranged for the occasion aversion of Can not Help Falling in Love With You, the famous ballad by Elvis Presley of 1961.

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ODLO celebrates 70 years with an exclusive collection

Inspired by the history and the origin of the brand, Odlo is celebrating 70 years in business with an outstanding collection. 70 years of innovation are combined with a modern style in a collection that more than any other shows the brand’s strengths: functionality, quality, uniqueness and timeless style.

The continuity of the black in the collection 70 Years is interrupted by the colors of the Norwegian flag and golden logo. In all products can be found one of the technologies key of Odlo, the ribbed structure.

This small exclusive collection consists of a selection of products that best respond to all the requirements of winter sports. In the laundry industry it was presented a novelty with the new fullzip Hoody Evolution Warm.

Even the jacket Endurban 2.0 race combines style and innovative technology as well as the padded jacket Fab Cocoon presenting details designed specifically for skiing, as an integrated reflector Recco and a pocket for the ski pass on sleeve.

The collection 70 Years is completed and finished from soft and comfortable casual clothes, such as Squamish Hoody, classic shirts, proven quality Originals linens and hats, headbands and socks.

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