The football star Mats Hummels was chosen to show the versatility of the new Boss Stretch Tailoring. This revolutionary suit is the last one in Hugo Boss wardrobe. It combines the elegance of a business suit and the comfort of the jersey jumpsuit. The secret lies in the fabric: two stretch fabric layers that ensure maximum freedom of movement while maintaining the perfect “aplómb” of the suit.
The external part is made from 100% wool, with braided wire in a spring model layout, while the internal lining is realized with a stretch fiber. The design of the suit is both accurate and tailored, with a comfort normally associated with the jersey jumpsuit. Suits are available in different models: a navy business suit line, the classic pin-striped suit, and a modern one in burgundy, worn by Hummels in a football performance, in which the innovation of the Boss Stretch Tailoring was highlighted.

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If we talked about Stephan Fasano perhaps many people won’t pay attention, but everything changes if we call him “The Magician”. Stephan, in fact, is an international Belgian Dj who, apart from being passionate about his job, is also an husband and a dad with a strong feeling for his family. I got so famous thanks the the remix released for Lykke Li; “I Follow Rivers” in 2011, and for Clean Bandit; “Rather Be”, in 2014, but is celebrity is not limited to this. One of his last accomplishment is the partecipation of Potion, his label, to the last edition of Tomorrowland, the biggest european techno festival, with a stage dedicated. Attracted by his successes and his strong style, our team of MANINTOWN interviewed him to discover more about his life and his ever evoluting career.

Can you tell us how your career began
It all started when I got asked to play in a small bar in Charleroi (Belgium). I was already a DJ for friends, birthdays and little parties before but there, things got serious because I was asked to play every Saturday from 9pm until 4am (even 6am sometimes) on my own. At that little venue (100 cap) I met a lot of key people who helped me grow up over to the capital, Brussels.

Are there people you are especially grateful to for having supported you through your career?
There are a lot of people but firstly my wife, Julie. We have been together for 12 years and she’s always supported me. She’s also officially worked on The Magician project with me since 2010. She used to design my first costumes, design the first Magic Tape artworks and keep an eye on some deals as well. She’s still doing a lot, I always ask her YES or NO before posting any photo or video and she’s the first ear to listen and judge my music. It’s a true relationship, deep and sincere.

You have a wife and daughter, how do you reconcile your work commitments with your family life?
As I said before, my wife is involved in the project but now we have a daughter she comes on tour less and works from home. I manage everything to enjoy my work and also enjoy my private life. I’m able to do both and be 100% focused on each. Of course it’s quite difficult when I’m away from home for 2 weeks, I miss them a lot.

You’ve just released your new single with TCTS and Sam Sure, ‘Slow Motion’. Can you tell us more about how this song was born?
Me and TCTS were in the studio in London for the first time together and Sam Sure popped in to say hi to TCTS because they knew each other. Then we played him the demo we’ve been working on, he liked it and we were like, we should write the vocal together. This happened almost a year ago, since then we’ve been releasing other stuff and by the time we were ready to release it, we thought the production sounded dated so we reworked the track. In the end we did 3 or 4 different versions before coming to the final version that is out now.

What has been the most exciting moment of your career up to this point?
There are lots. The first time I went to Japan, When I got booked for Coachella festival,  When we did Sunlight in the studio with Olly from Years and Years. When I made it to number 1 all over Europe with my remix of Lykke Li « I Follow Rivers ». When we did the 500th Essential Mix live in Liverpool for BBC Radio 1.

At what point did you realise that you were on the path to success?
When I see the results. But my goal is not having success, it’s doing what I like, being happy and making people around me happy.

Can you name a song that excites you, or reminds you of a very special moment?
Sebastien Tellier : La Ritournelle. I remember when I played this record and then I left the DJ booth to invite Julie to dance with me on the dancefloor.  We weren’t together yet though!

How important are fashion and style in your job?
Style defines your personality. Well if you have personality people around will see it through your style. I can understand someone from the choice of his shoes. In the dance and electronic music business, nowadays most of DJs who wear the same long black t-shirt and black pants.

Do you have a favorite brand?  Which one/ones?
Yes at the moment I like Balenciaga, Martine Rose, Calvin Klein and some ACNE stuff. Besides that, I buy vintage stuff too. Recently I found a beautiful 90’s Ellesse orange parka that looks very up to date.

How do you like changing your look depending on occasions? For example, when you are with your daughter or when you are in front of the decks?
I used to play with  different home made costumes but that time is over because I wanted to be more myself. I don’t mind wearing costumes, just not always the same one, I like to change and have different clothes. It can be a tux, a shirt, a tee, a sweatshirt with accessories as well.
I wear the same clothes whether I’m with my daughter or on a flight or in the studio or at the restaurant or behind the decks.

Can you describe your feelings about hosting your own stage at Tomorrowland, the largest festival in Europe?
It’s great, I had the chance to get Potion on the new Tomorrowland stage for the first time and it’s honestly the coolest stage ! It’s been a big success and we will do it again next year.

Any dreams you’d still like to achieve?
I would like to live in Japan for a while.

Click here to their new single Slow Motion.

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MR PORTER x The Urban Explorer

The Urban Explorer is a capsule collection of AW17 boots, especially curated for the modern urban man. It will launch globally on 17th October from MR PORTER, the award-winning global online retail destination and will be comprised of 24 pieces from 15 of the world’s most renowned luxury, designer and contemporary footwear brands.
The collection is rooted in providing a hardwearing boot offering in time for the peak winter season. It covers each category in MR PORTER’s boot remit, including hiking, lace-up, Chelsea, desert and brogue. The collection includes pieces from the following brands: Prada, Tom Ford, Common Projects, John Lobb, George Cleverley, Moncler, Officine Creative, Berluti, Dries Van Noten and Grenson. Key pieces include the Prada suede hiking boots, Dries Van Noten’s traditional black lace-up boots, George Cleverley’s cordovan styles and a classic brown Chelsea boot from Tom Ford.

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Dior ft. Dan Witz: a partnership to keep an eye on

For the Dior Homme 2017-18 winter season, Kris Van Assche has unveiled a true ace in the sleeve: the collaboration with Dan Witz, pioneering of the street art US artist. The unique and pure Dior style combines, in this collection, a set of different inspiration and visions, reinterpreting the men’s dress with tight jackets and urban-taste trousers, traditional colors such as black, red and white come alongside electric and distinct nuance. The partnership with Witz has brought a breath of freshness, of extraordinary eclecticism, with jackets, suits, bags, sneakers in the super cool Mosh Pits press, a real must of the American artist. Curious and disruptive skateboards, with Hardior and Mosh Pits silkscreen printing, combine street culture with the Dior homme elegance and style, freely and towards all the roads of fashion.

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Cher and the rapper Future star in “Meet me in the Gap”

Gap has just launched the new advertising campaign for 2017 Fall collection, Meet me in the Gap!                     Gap celebrates the encounter of different personalities who find out that what they have in common is far more than what distinguishes them. These unexpected meetings take the form of mini-music clips directed by Director X. The videos portray what is the true essence of Gap: uniting whatever the differences are. People always have something in common with each other, even if it is hidden. Cher (singer) and Future (rapper) have been invited by the brand to cover ‘Everyday People‘, a song by Sly and the Family Stone. People who belong to distant universes find an opportunity to unite their voices in this adv campaign.
Three basketball players, two tip tap dancers and a DJ star in a second video, ‘Bounce Meet Bounce Meet Bounce‘, to create a unique rhythm with the sounds of their own worlds.

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His career has arisen somewhat by lack or by chance and it has increasingly become more and more overwhelming. It’s that of Yassine Ben Achour, better known as Loco Dice, an internationally renowned Dj, who is very much sought-after by consoles from all over the world. Born in Tunisia, he was adopted by German parents and he grew up in Dusseldorf, surrounded by music and records, his great passions. His history as Dj starts from the hip hop and culminates in techno music, going through house music genres. It is a history not only made of important collaborations with famous music artists like Snoop Dog, but also full of emotions, journeys and different influences. Inspired by all that surrounds him, Loco Dice goes on working hard to realize his dreams still unrealized. The Dj will play at the Paradise stage during the Festival BPM in Portugal on 15th September  and at Social Music City in Milan on 16th September. You can’t miss it.

Everyone knows you as Loco Dice, where did this name come from?

Loco Dice has two origins. Dice was there first and it comes from my early days when I used to play backgammon on the streets of Tunisia. Dice was how my friends back then used to call me. Loco appeared years later, one night in Ibiza when I climbed the roof of Space Club, determined to take down their logo. My friends below shouted „Dice! Dice!“ while the security shouted „Loco! Loco!“. I didn’t run away with the logo, but Loco Dice stayed.

How did you start your career? And when did you figure out that music would become your life?

I was always surrounded by and interested in music. I danced a lot, spent my time and money in record stores, and at some point I was the kid in the hood who had records. When a local youth club got rid of it’s resident DJ, they asked me to come and play. That was in the early 90s, the next step. And here I am still playing and producing.

Is there a club or a place where you would like to play but haven’t had the chance to yet?

There are so many places that I didn’t discover yet, that are unknown to me, but I am working hard to visit them and play there.

From who and what do you take inspiration for your music?

I take my inspiration from my travels, people and the world around me, food, scents. I basically take inspiration from everywhere.

Can you give us a song that excites you or reminds you of a special moment?

That special song is Bob Marley „Could You Be Loved“. It reminds me of my country, family, childhood, and it holds memory of many moments in my life. It’s a song that makes me happy.

What is your relationship with fashion? How important is it to you?

I like fashion, but I am not a fashion addict. I like to look for clothes and accessories, combine and wear them, I like to create my own stuff. It’s similar to the way how I deal with music.

You’re Serán Bendecidos world tour begins in Milan just before fashion week, will you stick around to catch some shows?

The Serán Bendecidos tour actually began in Barcelona during Sonar, and I’m happy that it continues in Milan. I’d love to catch some shows, but I don’t know yet if I can make it. I’m deep in production process and It basically depends on my studio schedule.

Tell us an accessory you cannot live without.

I have many accessories that I’m known for. There is always something: a cap, grillz, bracelets, rings… you name it.

What are your dreams and ideas for future projects?

There are lots of dreams, and I work hard to make them come true. Like the dream I’m living now.

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The Spring 2018 CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC collection takes its inspiration from cinema, from the dream-factory of Hollywood and its depictions of both an American nightmare, and the all-powerful American dream. Thriller heroines, heroes and antiheroes. The aesthetic codes of movie protagonists are endlessly remixed, their meanings given new interpretation and celebration.

Drawn from the same source material, but created separately, artist Sterling Ruby’s site-specific installation for the Spring runway show underscores these themes.

Mid-century American couture silhouettes are rendered industrial, reiterated in nylon, rubber specially-molded in Ohio and hand-painted leather. Lumberjack checks are used for tailored men’s suits. Pom-poms are reappropriated for fringed dresses, handbags or keyrings, and nightgowns become evening-gowns. Material surfaces are disturbed, distressed, rubber-stamped, faded and splattered. The collection’s dominant colors are safety orange, yellow, black, overwhelmingly red.

In exploring America, Raf Simons found Andy Warhol – an artist whose work has helped define both the contemporary identity of American culture, and also the world’s perceptions of it. In a unique collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, this collection incorporates a selection of Warhol artworks as placement screen-prints.

Photo Credit @Giovanni Giannoni

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Jewelry that strikes the senses

Audacious, challenging, talented. She is Betony Vernon, an American designer who lives in Paris, sexual anthropologist, writer and teacher of sexual well-being. Her creations have been showed in many international exhibitions, from London to Paris and also in Milan. With her jewelry collection “Paradise Found – Fine Erotic Jewelry”, her mission is that of removing the society’s taboos about sex and spreading a freer and more conscious image of sexuality, linked to the self-acceptance and to the well-being. MANINTOWN interviewed her to satisfy some curiosities.

You define yourself a “sexual anthropologist”. Why did you choose to study human sexuality?
Like pretty much everyone else I have always been fascinated with sexuality, and this fascination was never inhibited. I consider it one of the upshots of not having much parental guidance when growing up. When I started to design the Paradise Found Fine Erotic Jewelry collection I was actually quite naïve in thinking that everyone viewed the sexual experience as I did. I just wanted to have fun, explore and enjoy myself. I started to design my Sado-Chic collection 25 years ago as a response to the market at the time. It led me to understand that our sexuality affects every aspect of our lives. Over the years, I also became aware of how our sexuality is shaped by religion, politics and the establishment in general. The study of human sexuality informs all of my work and it inevitably led me to deal with relationships and the disappointment of sex as much as the pleasures of sex. Ultimately I strive to dismantle the pleasure taboo. It’s impossible to hurdle sexual limits if we are not aware of how these limits were imposed upon us, and thus my fascination with sexual anthropology. I am constantly asking myself how our sexuality has been shaped over the centuries. This is essential to understanding, reshaping and redefining our sexual identity today.

According to you, how can a harmonious intimate relationship be reached?
Positive intimate relationships are hinged on the openness and willingness of partners to explore and experience the sexual realm together. Being open to experimenting new sensations and situations is crucial to an enduring intimate relationship. In fact, like any other relationship, intimate relationships need to be kindled and nourished. Newness is crucial to sexual excitement and this requires that we have the knowledge, understanding and a sense of adventure to constantly renew our relationships. I also believe that learning to treat the entire body as a sexual whole is fundamental to enhanced sexual satisfaction. It requires that we learn to use the tools and techniques of full body stimulation. This is the heartbeat of my book The Boudoir Bible – The Uninhibited Sex Guide for Today (Rizzoli.)

What is the link between design and sensuality?
As a designer I believe that it is my duty to make every day experiences more exciting and sensual. No matter what I am designing I aim to engage the senses and whenever possible reinvent the sensorial experience. My designs stroke the senses. For me design and sensuality are interdependent.

Which is the main function of your erotic jewelry line?
The function of my erotic designs is to enhance the sexual experience. My aim as a designer is also to dissolve the age-old idea that sex is something cheap or dirty. I want to elevate our sexuality as something sacred. I create a durable and body safe response to a market where these values are rarely taken into consideration. I invite my collectors to reevaluate sexual aesthetics. I aim through my erotic jewelry and jewel tools to bring full body stimulation, which was and still is considered by many to be “deviant” or “perverted”, into the realm of the acceptable and perfectly healthy sexual behavior.

Which is the most representative piece of your collection?
Well, I think it would be The Boudoir Box. The Boudoir Box is an object that I kept secret for 18 years, and today it’s part of the Medusa exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. Exhibiting this piece was a difficult decision to make but I came to terms with the fact that it was time for me to stand in the light. I used the Boudoir Box to travel with my work for private appointments with collectors before there were any suited retail venues. I must say that retailers were unnerved by my work at the turn of the century. The Boudoir Box can hold from 21 – 70 pieces from my erotic collection and it includes one of the objects that I believe best represents the entire collection. It is called The Petting Ring. Its shape “forces us” to make the Chi-Mudra gesture, which we normally associate with yoga, meditation and a one-pointed focused mind. A good lover is also in the moment and focused on the pleasures of the senses alone! The Petting Ring is dedicated to the gentlemen and it brings a whole new dimension to male masturbation.

Can jewelry make women more confident?
Absolutely, I witness it all the time, for example when I put a Lovelock Collier around a woman’s neck. She immediately straightens up and smiles because she feels beautiful and sexy and thus empowered. The same goes for men. Empowering people is a huge element of what I do.

Your tricks to seduce a man?
Dress to undress… it makes you feel sexy! But most importantly love yourself, take care of yourself, seduce yourself, and you will inevitably seduce others.

What do you think attracts men to women?
It’s all about chemistry at the end of the day, I know this doesn’t sound very romantic but we all know that when there is no chemistry, there is no desire. One of the questions I am most often asked by people is how to keep desire alive. Desire stays alive when we keep the child spirit within us alive, because the child in each and every one of us is playful, it wants to learn, it wants to explore and discover, it wants to love and it does not question whether or not that love is merited. The child spirit also wants to enjoy life, and this is very attractive.

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HOROS: Kai Dunkel’s new collection

HOROS like a dance through mysterious underworlds that lead to a non-place where everything can happen. This is the background that Kai Dunkel, the founder of the homonymous German brand launched in 2015, has selected to present his collection called HOROS for the Fall/Winter 2017-2018. Kai Dunkel can be identified by his unique and innovative cut, characterized by contrasts and different materials put together. All the items are made in German, and the brand’s ultimate priority is the quality of design and tailoring. The purpose of Kai Dunkel is to bring fashion to further level, creating urban styles, that look behind, anticipating future trends. The fascinating stories told by his collection contribute to create a developing cosmos, in which the person is absorbed. The designer, together with the director Nico Meyer-Brenkhof, has chosen the fashion film as the means of creative expression for his collection, confirming, one more time, the interdisciplinary vocation of the brand, which is articulated through various forms of art. Kai Dunkel’s characteristic element is contrast, expressed by structured black items with strong controlled seams that manifest confidence and authority, alternated with white fabrics which, on the contrary, represent man’s vulnerability when he lost control. The continuous transformation opens the doors into untold destinations and new possibilities that create a fluid sequence of unexplored spaces. The strong contrasts underlined by layers of different fabrics give the collection its unique and distinctive character. The design’s quality and tailoring techniques are an added value for the collection, designed in order to protect those who wear it against unknown dimensions.

Here the film
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Lacroix’s 30 years in an important capsule

A mythical name among the fashion scene, he shaped our minds with its very recognizable style that left its mark in the 80s and 90s, conquering the world of the fashion addicts and not only. Thanks to a style that exudes colors, refinement and inspiration from Baroque to Pop Art, away from minimalism and always consistent to its roots, with an international spirit and brand’s philosophy, but at the same time witty and spontaneous with a typical French joie de vivere. Christian Lacroix left the brand with its name in 2009, but the brand was continued under the creative director Sacha Walckhoffs guidance, who focused mainly on revamping the brands and develop its lifestyle collections. Now, to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the brand’s birth, the maison called a well-known multimedia and New York based artist Brian Kenny, to create a capsule collection where some of his original works have been reproduced on many commonly used items, from cups to the t-shirts, to mobile covers. The new Lacroix universe shines with a new sparkling and refreshing approach that has intrigued us, that’s why we decided to interview the two protagonists of this adventure: Sacha Walckhoff and Brian Kenny.

Tell us how this collaboration is born.

Sacha Walckhoff: I know Brian’s art for around 10 years, back then, he was working with artist Slava Mogutin, their team was named Superm. I crossed his work again on instagram 2 years ago, we met, I visited his long island city workshop and was impressed by his extensive work and by his bright personality. To work with him for the 30 years celebration of the Lacroix brand was the perfect occasion to build the strong friendship we have today… and to deliver a joyful collection!

Brian Kenny: Like many great stories, it all started with a beautiful pair of shoes–and these shoes were covered with unicorns! Sacha, who had followed me on Instagram, sent them to me at my studio as a gift because of the resemblance to some of my drawings and our friendship grew from there.

What is your feel with Lacroix? How your creative direction is reinventing the Lacroix style ?

Sacha Walckhoff: I have been with the house for 25 years, worked 18 years alongside Christian so I went through all the different periods of the Maison. When Christian Lacroix left in 2009 and I was nominated creative director 6 months later, the house was almost collapsing. With Nicolas Topiol, ceo since 2005, we always thought that the house had something to say in the lifestyle universe. We met with Tricia Guild, artistic director and founder of Designers Guild and worked with her backup on the first Lacroix home collection (2011) which has today a lovely succès. It showed us all that the house was strong and could reinvent herself. I do base all my research on the words that are defining the brand: colour, mixity, surprise, flamboyance and singularity. From this, with my studio, freelancers and now artists like Brian, I allow myself a total freedom of creation, we just have to be faithful to those words!

Brian Kenny: I feel that my own creative style was already aligned with Lacroix style before the collaboration. This is a style of wild fantasy and vibrant diversity, a total freedom of imagination and an aesthetic of novelty and inclusion. So rather than re-inventing, my creative direction in this collaboration actually expands the richness and depth of the Lacroix creative universe.

Who do you address this celebrative 30th years anniversary collection to?

Sacha Walckhoff: Our customers are from all kind of origins and ages but with Brian, we are also now talking to a younger crowd who did not know the 80s, it was important for me to have a young artist like Brian expressing his art and vision throughout the prism of a house he didn’t really knew before. It was also important for me to work with an artist who adresses himself to the world and to the gay community with humour and wit.

Brian Kenny: This special 30th anniversary collection is a celebration and so EVERYONE is invited to the party! This is why many of the items in the collection are priced very affordably so it is accessible to anyone who wants to wear or take home something from the magical house of Lacroix!

Looking at your work, we can see different techniques and themes, how would you define your style?

Sacha Walckhoff: Believe it or not… I was born a minimalist, educated in Switzerland, I love the truth,the simplicity and a certain structure… but I have also a bit of Russian and African in me which attracted me to the Lacroix brand. The result is a structured but eclectic personality who is always curious. Actually we have a lot of common with Brian who is from a religious and military background and became a wild and passionated multimedia artist!

Brian Kenny: I’m very interested in experimentation, spontaneity and exploring new ideas, so my style is very broad and inclusive of many different approaches. Essentially, this is a style of maximalism. For example, I really interested in new ideas about the fluid nature of sexuality and gender, so I’m drawing, painting and sewing together images of trans experiences: androgynous creatures and shapeshifters.

Could you tell us what are your next projects? Do you already imagine other collaborations through Christian Lacroix ? with other artists? other brands?

Sacha Walckhoff: I love the collaborative process, we already collaborated on special pieces with Kartell and MOOOI last year (Marcel Wanders is also a good friend and an extraordinary personality). So we will definitely do it again. I just need to have a special relationship with the brand or the artist as this is above all about having a creative and emotional moment together… Brian left this morning for NY, all the studio sent him fairwell notes yesterday night and after the amazing moments we all had together, I was happy to see that beside the great collection we did, there is all those new bounds between us all that will remain too.

Brian Kenny: I’m currently preparing to execute a giant mural at a museum in Rotterdam for an exhibition in September about masks curated by Walter Van Beirendonck that will be a panorama of fantastical masked creatures all reaching for and touching each other in what I like to call “Connective Drawings” (for an example, see my reinterpretation of this series of photographs from Gayletter magazine). I will forever be grateful to have been given the opportunity to add my story to the ever-unfolding tapestry of Lacroix, and considering that Lacroix is an inclusive and visionary brand, I imagine they will continue to reach outward and collaborate with many other wonderful artists and creative people. As for myself, collaboration will always be an important part of my practice so I will definitely continue to work with other artists and brands as well.

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