Hackett London for Fox Umbrella

The spring has sprung, Hackett London launches a capsule collection for SS17 in collaboration with Fox Umbrella, presenting exclusive waterproof macs and umbrellas in 6 different colours. Ultralight and breathable macs, wrapped in 100% Nylon, characterized by a classic cutting and by an elegant style. Ideal to match with the respective tonality of the umbrella or according to your own taste. This is the latest combination for a modern man who goes around the city. Indeed, now it is the time to say goodbye to umbrellas which get broken when the first blow of wind arrives and to invest in a stylish choice that lasts for years. The macs and the umbrellas are available in many versions: green, wine, blue, grey, brown and navy. All of them are suitable to the modern gentleman. The Ambassador of the new chic binomial is the dancer Eric Underwood of London Royal Ballet.
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Giacomo Gianniotti, a star is born

He’s handsome, brunet and he’s a doctor. He seems the dream of all the Italian mums, who would see their daughters with good marriage prospects. Giacomo Gianniotti is the new star of the Grey’s Anatomy’s cast. He is Italian, Roman actually, on his father’s side, and nationalized Canadian.  The young actor- he was born in 1989- has both tricolor roots and his heart, so much that he was present in Amatrice to help the earthquake-affected population. MANINTOWN met him in Los Angeles to reveal his dreams, current and future projects, passions and his love for Italy.

When did you start acting? and when did you train as an actor?
I started acting when I was 10 years old in a film called “La Bomba” of Giulia Base. It was shot in Cinecittà and starred Alessandro and Vittorio Gassman. I then studied drama in High School, after 2 years of returning to Rome I went back to Canada to study theatre at Humber College’s Theatre program for 3 years in Toronto. I then studied film acting at the Canadian Film Centre for 1 year and then have been working non stop. I am now currently enrolled in a Directing/Filmmaking Program here in Los Angeles.

When and why did you move to Toronto, coming back and forth from Rome?
My father was Roman, my Mother was Canadian. So my whole Italian family is still in Rome and I visit when I can.

What do you miss of Rome and Italy in general?
The culture, the piazza, the smells good and bad. The art, my god, the art. The fashion. Risotto with crema di scampi.

You also played in theatre…how is to switch from tv and cinema. How was important that experience?
Theatre training is essential. It taught me to use my body and voice to their maximum potential. I learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of.

Which are your favourite film directors more inspiring for you and those you will dream to work with?
Tornatore. Spielberg. Scorsese. Fellini. De Sica. Paolo Sorrentino. Stefano Sollima.

How did it happen your entry in Grey’s Anatomy and did you expect such a big success?
I sent an audition tape from Canada. Months later I went to Los Angeles, was asked to do one more audition and then I got it. It was only a small part at first. Then it turned into something bigger. I was very surprised.

Medicine is a recurring theme in your career….does It come natural to play in this kind of series?
Haha. Yes. I don’t know why, it was my first on screen job in Rome and it is my current job in Los Angeles

How do you see your role evolving in Grey’s Anatomy?  How are all the characters in real life?
I know nothing. It changes week to week. I hope that Andrew finds peace, some real friends and maybe through some life changing experience understand what kind of a doctor he is meant to be.

Which other passions you have and your places to recharge?
Music, music, music. I sing and play guitar and write music. Mostly for myself and friends but I hope to share soon something with the world when I have time. Photography, cooking and riding my motorcycle are some other passions of mine. My place to recharge is Italy. Il giardino degli aranci. The most magical place on earth.

You are also a volunteer and you have been to Amatrice to be of support. How was that experience? Your first reaction when you arrived?
I went with an organization I work with, All Hands. It was tough, but I learned a lot about the Protezione Civile and their role in weather related crisis. They were very organized and had everything under control. So we found out very quickly our help, gladly, was not needed. But it felt good to go home and be there and talk to families who had been affected and hear their stories and watch communities of people gather together to help. Italy is very corrupt at the moment and is in a time of great crisis. I was happy to see that at least for the most part corruption was not stopping the relief effort to help people.

When you travel, what cannot be missing in your bag/suitcase?
Guitar. A nice blue suit, my wallet chain.

The last book or song that was inspiring you and make you think.
Giardini Di Marzo to this day speaks to me in ways no other songs have. Lucio Battisti was a great loss to me.

Your next projects and dreams?
I had some opportunities to work in Video Games for MOCAP, and really loved that work, I hope to do more of that. I want to direct, I want to write scripts, I want to write music. And I would love to do some work In Italy. In Italian.

Ph. Valentina Socci / PrimopianoTv
Makeup&Hair: Nicole Gustafson
Stylist Simona Sacchitella

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Zayn Malik appears exceptionally in the new Versus Versace campaign for the SS17 collection, taken by an unprecedented photographer: the model Gigi Hadid. The images, which portray the ex-member of One Direction together with Adwoa Aboah, have been realised with simplicity and spontaneity using a digital photo camera and smartphone, in order to create an effect of intimacy and energy. Set in an elegant suite at the luxurious Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, we see the three stars expressing their passion, friendship and enthusiasm, completely in line with the collection mood, which speaks to young generations who wear modern and cool clothes. This unreleased collaboration is only the introduction to the capsule collection ZAYN X VERSUS available from next June.
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Dior Homme Collection with Toru Kamei

Photo Credit: Virginia Arcaro

The new Homme Dior collection for summer 2017 designed by Kris Van Assche had been realized in collaboration with the Japanese artist Toru Kamei. The Tokyo-based painter specialised in botanical still life, drew for the Maison floral original paintings that embody the rebellious diy spirit of the collection.  Jacquard patches, photo transfers, badge pins appear in the collection decorating shirts, denim, footwear and leather goods.
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Sport and haute couture meet in Paris during the presentation of FENTI X PUMA collection, conceived for free and intrepid spirits, in line with the character of its creative director: Rihanna. The creations of this collection are inspired to the university world, an homage to young people who never give up, who are brave despite of everything.  Among the shelves of National library of France, Rihanna and Puma made their muses walk the runway: young nerd, athletes, skaters, preppy, dark, without forgetting the bad girls.  The items of clothing are loyal to the XXL spirit and oversize that have characterised iconic styles, intrepid models, apart from the reproduced world in the collection.  The season Autumn/Winter includes sweatshirts, football shirts, tracksuit in velvet, short polo and XXL, baseball t-shirts and much more. “At school I had always dreamed to wear whatever I wanted- Rihanna Said- but at the Barbados wearing uniform was compulsory. This season I have really enjoyed myself creating these outfits inspired by the “back to university” mood. To me it is an honour to present this collection in a national monument, so majestic”.

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Zalando, European e-commerce of fashion shopping online, for the collection SS17 has created a spot dedicated to the modern man, who today can go shopping and make his style choice thanks to Man Box, launched by the platform. James Franco, Hollywood star, speaks to men and says:” We do not like go shopping,” because “We do not go shopping, we decide”.  Most of men loves sport, some of them like cooking or maybe go fishing, but shopping is considered as something that the majority does not appreciate”. Whatever their passions are, they can dedicate themselves to it with a perfect look, since Zalando makes every style decision easier than always. Indeed the e-commerce offers a large selection of brands that let men customize their outfits according to their personality. An informal James Franco shows that today do shopping is fearless, from casual man, cool and full of charm to street-style man. Zalando is the new virtual world in which customers are encouraged to wear clothes to combine with creativity, in a unique way. The campaign “ It’s A Man Box”  has been shot across LA streets,  directed and played by James Franco. The video of the campaign is supported by global platforms with intersections in Print and billboards OOH. The men campaign SS17 will be online on March 12th in all the countries.
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The “Athlete” exhibition at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT

Photo credit: Howard Schatz from Schatz Images: 25 Years

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT in Tokyo hosts an exhibition entitled “ATHLETE” which shows the hidden world of athletes through a series of photos. Athletes in their daily lives develop a series of processes of “reacting, thinking, and acting” that is accomplished by networks of physiological, mental, and environmental perceptions/sensors in our bodies that interact each other. While training, they not only improve their physical abilities; but also sharpen the sensitivity of  these sensors to their limits, becoming able to notice subtle changes in their own bodies. In turn, it allows them to adapt to the achievement of the moment in which they are able to realize their potential to its best. The sincere struggle of athletes offers many lessons to people who belong not only to the realm of sports, but to all fields of professions and in all aspects of life. In this exhibition, video footage and photographs, illustrate the movements and characteristics of the bodies of  athletes, it is possibile to explore the experience of controlling sensation of  the body and mind, the latest technologies to analyze data as it relates to tactics. Visitors are taught the components that contribute in the process of turning a person into an athlete. Dam Tamesue, a former athlete who has been involved in this project says: “The actions of athletes are extensions of actions that we take unconsciously in our everyday lives: a foot  extended to take a step, a hand grasping a cup, eyes gazing absently at a browser”.

Midtown Garden, T
okyo Midtown, 9-7-6
Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN

Venue: 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT (Gallery 1, 2)

February 17– June 4, 2017
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The American designer Greg Lauren creates Collide, a selection of unique coats realized with Moncler for the FW 2017-18 collection. Moncler down jackets are presented in a dismantled and reinvented way, with unexpected lines, components of denim and other very worn fabrics included into puffer jackets. Collide is a unique artwork that has just been presented in Paris. Greg Lauren, fascinating painter and sculptor, mapped out a journey around the idea of men’s suiting as a medium for interpretation and personification, a meeting between style and role which revealed his ability to overlap different aesthetic fields and approaches. Remo Ruffini declares: “Greg Lauren is first and foremost an artist, but also a designer who experiments with new languages”. The collaboration with Moncler reflects his own collection’s signature use of ‘‘repurposed fabrics’’ as well as unique juxtapositions of iconic references. Greg Lauren, who was born in a family in which tailoring is considered something religious says:‘ ‘I love taking iconic ideas and reinterpreting them through the artistic blender, deconstructing what we thought we knew, so that we see it differently, a familiar vocabulary becomes a new language, one which we can still connect to emotionally”. Collide is a Limited Edition collection which is available in three different colour ways: classic Moncler two-tone in flame red and light blue, black and military green. The collection will be on sale  from Fall 2017.

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Body Glove celebrates the ’80s surf

Body Glove, the leading watersports brand presented at Surf Expo (Orlando, Florida) a capsule collection that celebrates the ‘80s. Neon Lines, painted on waves, pays homage to surfing’s age when surfers were famous for their speed in and out of the water. Neon Lines includes t-shirts, hats, and idrorepellent boardshorts  designed to stay with Body Gloves 360. The collection will be launched starting from March 2017. The models are a innovated and advanced version of the traditional wetsuit with improvements in neoprene,  sewing are realized respecting the modern standards of comfort, warmth and performance. Wetuits are available in 3 colourways. Moreover Body Glove will also  debut some products including beach towels, mobile phone cases and footwear.

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“Canal Street” by Byron Mollinedo

Bold suits and punk elements meet on the court in an urban landscape

photographer: Byron Mollinedo
stylist: Nicholas Galletti
groomer: Yoshiko Haruki
Christian Z @M Management
Gabriel Vieira @Elite
Felix Sueur @16Men

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Burberry presented the new male and female collection at Makers House space in London. The runway, where models like Amber Witcomb and Tom Fool walked, was sprinkled by Henry Moore’s bronze sculptures, indeed the artist was the main inspiration source of the collection. Artist’s influence can be noticed in the shape, in the texture and in details crafted by hand, so vivid prints that recall his drawings. It is possible to purchase all the looks worn in occasion of the catwalk on the digital network, in the stores and in the Burberry partners, in correspondence with the second collection ”straight-to-consumer” of the brand. Makers House open its doors to visitors, offering the possibility of exploring the new collection and the inspiration that made the background unforgettable thanks to a unique exhibition, that gathers more than 40 artworks and sculpture by Moore. During the fashion show also a bag collection was dedicated both to men and to women.  The collection had been called DK88,as the internal code of the traditional honey gabardine that belongs only to this brand, the items present classic styles reinvented in the new Leather Trench that will be launched next May. The DK88 is an homage to the iconic fabric of Burberry story. While the show was going on, the British musician Anna Calvi performed live together with her group and with members of Heritage Orchestra & Choir the soundtrack of the catwalk from a balcony overlooking the scene.
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Calvin Klein Men’s introduces the Underwear Campaign for Spring 2017, featuring Mahershala AliAlex HibbertAshton Sanders and Trevante Rhodes, the stars of MOONLIGHT, Oscar winner for Best Film 2017. Raf Simons, Chief Creative Officer Calvin Klein says: ‘It’s an acknowledgement of remarkable actors who are revealing something important of being a man today in what they do.’ Pieter Mulier, Creative Director Calvin Klein says: ‘Since the beginning, Calvin Klein’s underwear imagery has always made big statements about masculinity. The cast of 4 distinct individuals of 4 different ages, chosen for who they are, where a strong character is the key. The images were photographed by Willy Vanderperre and styled by Olivier Rizzo.
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GENDERFUL: theme of the forth edition of ISKO I-SKOOL™

The fourth edition of ISKO I-SKOOL™, global leader in denim production and in textile innovation, is ready to discover the most creative design students around the world. This edition is dedicated to the future of fashion, the theme is GENDERFUL: an aware celebration of new and inclusive way of conceiving a lot of variety of many possibilities to represent ourselves. Students are requested to create one outfit for one of the two themes proposed : from unisex to multisex and identity beyond gender. The most talented students will have the great opportunity to access the one-of-a-kind fashion network and professional expertise and to be awarded with prestigious internships and mentions within the industry and beyond. The project received a lot of support by partners with the precious contribute of many brands: Swarovski, Replay, Jacob Cohen, Liu Jo, to mention some of them .  From China to Europe, going trough USA and Japan, schools that take part in this competition entitled “Denim Design Award” are many, from POLIMODA, to NABA, IUAV, even to Chelsea College of Arts, the School of Art, Design and Architecture of Helsinki, Parsons in New York, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, and many others.
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Rankin in exhibition at CAMERA WORK GALLERY

The CAMERA WORK GALLERY in Berlin will host an exhibition by Rankin, one of the most respected living photographer. The exhibition includes more than 50 works created by the artist from 1995 until today. The visitors are invited to access to his fascinating world.  The works presented belong to different projects- including iconic nudes of supermodels such as Heidi Klum, Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen, portraits of artists as David Bowie. All the works go beyond conventions, Rankins has the ability to cross artistic frontiers, creating his own idea and standards  of beauty. Rankin artworks are part of private and public collections and have been exposed around the world, also at NRW Forum in Dusseldorf, at Kunsthalle Rostock and at National Portrait Gallery in London.

from February 25 until April 1, 2017
Augstrasse 11-13  
10117 Berlin Germany
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The new GANT Rugger’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection draws inspiration from art, especially from the music of Bob Dylan, who has contributed to spark the environmental movement in the 1960s, and from the charming embroidered textiles of Swedish folk artist Karin Larsson. Moreover, GANT approaches to street sports, with an edition of street essentials featuring unique and modern details, like denim jeans, shirts, summer blazers and new takes on the characteristic outfits. The collection completes the wardrobe with excellent textures and casual relaxed silhouettes, designed for forward-thinking men who respect the environment. The most important feature of these garments, in fact, is the research on the use of eco-friendly fabrics. The jersey selection is made exclusively of organic cotton. Together with oxford shirts, this represents another step forward for fashion. The key colors for this season are taken from American sports, and this creates a mix of classic and new vegetable dyes, that combine shades of blue, cream and sand with natural elements of green and red. The key patterns, instead, play with a redefinition of classic stripes and with an enhancement of the standard check pattern.


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For next Spring / Summer 2017 season, the Irish giant has dedicated a line for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Women, men and children, the new Primark Workout collection combines style, performance and comfort all focusing on the dynamism of versatile and innovative garments that blend perfectly into the daily wardrobe. Bright colors, camouflage prints or floral, are the glue for the new proposal. Breathable fabrics provide excellent performance and facilitate the movements, while the hi-tech features of quick-drying material ensures the maintenance of the right body temperature during exercise.

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NYFW: Yeezy Season 5

Kanye West has presented his Fall 2017 Yeezy Season 5 collection during New York Fashion Week. Hosted at Pier 59 the audience were led into a dark room with a pitch black obelisk in the middle, the lights went low and the show began. YEEZY Season 5 presented a new kind of Americana. Firmly rooted in the workwear and militaria staples of past seasons, this new iteration adds plenty of Western-inspired silhouettes.
Trucker jackets, washed denim, flannel shirts and YEEZY’s trademark woodland camos were prevalent in Carhartt-inspired work jackets and fatigue pants, reflective fireman’s coats and genuine GORE-TEX outerwear further expanded on the YEEZY oeuvre.

Photos Courtesy of Yeezy
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Paul Smith is back at Pitti Uomo

A big smile and a passionate enthusiasm. This is Paul Smith, who comes back to Pitti Uomo, after more than twenty years, as special guest for the launch of his Fall/Winter 2017 collection “PS by Paul Smith”. This collection celebrates the essence of the brand “Classic with a twist”, by introducing garments with classic lines and unexpected details that make each item unique. Paul Smith was the first designer to be invited to show at Pitti Uomo in 1991, as he says during his interview in exclusive for MANINTOWN, and this fact makes him even more pleased and proud to return to Florence. In these years fashion is enormously changed and it has acquired an international dimension, becoming accessible wherever and whenever with a simple click. The British designer admits, with a little bit of regret, that the arrival of Internet has revolutionized the way people go shopping, and this is causing the crisis of the brick-and-mortar stores, in favor of online shopping. To discover other curiosities, watch the video interview.


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Raf Simons presented his Fall 2017 CALVIN KLEIN runway show in New York. In the artwork, the designer imagines the diversity of America and let the artist Sterling Ruby represents it on the stage. Indeed, the collection and the show are an homage to America, that is together the future, the past, the Art Deco, people dressed in different styles, it is a mix of everything. So, items of clothing created reflect this melting pot: different fabrics, plastic protections over the coats,  antique handcrafted quilting. Cohabiting creates new shapes: not one, but many.

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Pamela Anderson for Coco de Mer

Coco de Mer, the luxury lingerie brand, in occasion of Valentine’s day, presents a video empowering women to take back control of this day. The video has been realized by Rankin and sees Pamela Anderson, Coco de Mer ambassador, as the protagonist of a humorously subversive film, in which women intimacy is celebrated. In the scenes, Pamela returns home to her apartment. As she undresses and prepares for the sensual Valentine’s night ahead, we are lead to believe she is awaiting for a man. However, the film surprised audiences. Based on irony, the driving sentiment is one of female empowerment. About Pamela, Rankin says that the actress was the ideal figure to play with people’s perceptions of Valentine’s Day. The Full Service agency – established in London- was created by Rankin,  they create entire campaigns under one roof, from creative to production. Now Maruska Mas has appointed as their Bussiness Director. About this project, Maruska Mason says their aim is to push the boundaries of brands advertising,  indeed the collaboration with Coco de Mer is the perfect example of that and of their passions for brands. This film is just the beginning of the parternership that involves together the Full Service, Pamela Anderson and Coco de Mer.

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Video Credit: The Full Service agency

Hogan presents a preview of the ss 2017 adv campaign

Paris, two disarming beauty models – Sara Sampaio and Andrew Cooper -, the black and white tones that shine under the lens of Sebastian Kim, the two characters that move relaxed and full of grace (a backstage video signed by Bruno Miotto testifies harmony and lightness): in the foreground the Hogan shoes and bags line that plays on soft contrasts, a minimal palette, extremely refined, based on white and black, with perfectly measured pop accents, such as the lifted-up sole, in multicolor, which enriches the most glam sneaker women model.
Clutch with elegant finishes, glitter to break the enveloping black: faded model for men’s, variations of gray that go well with formal outfits of a contemporary businessman, dynamic and fast in a metropolitan jungle.
Hogan is character and affirmation, is balance and innovation. For a very effective advertising campaign, in its essential concept.



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THEORY MEN’S presents the fall/winter 2017 collection

Theory Men’s Fall / Winter 2017 is one of the first Theory collections designed and developed at the Fast Retailing Innovation Center (FRIC) in New York. The FRIC that deal with the development of prototypes using the newest technologies. Theory Men’s Fall / Winter 2017 gives a new order to male wardrobe. Placed at the ground floor space of the FRIC and enhanced by sculptural works from the Italian architect and designer Ettore Sottsass. Every cloth and fit is characterized by dynamicity and urban lifestyle. Every style has been created for a man who is committed to work and who believes in the power of  progress.


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“Bally is super”

The Eighties vibrations are transmitted by Bally in its last SS2017 campaign. The aim is bring the famous slogan back to the life: “Bally is super” underlining optimism and irony that have always characterized the brand. MTV, pop art and Andy Warhol have been inspirations to a campaign that has as protagonist the Newyorker Irina Shayk  flanked by models Kit Butler and David Trulik, photos taken by Gregory Harris.

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G star Research II: at Paris Fashion Week the creative debut of Aitor Throup

Born from brand innovation laboratory, Raw Research II explores the limitless possibilities of denim. Experimentation, research and innovation: the RAW capsule collection introduces denim innovations such as prototypes, representing RAW G-Star’s design philosophy in its purest form. The highlight innovation is the search for a new concept of 3D denim: the Motac series,  a result of a targeted ergonomic study on the human body in motion. The approach used is the combination of rigid denim with flexible fabric panels for truly surprising results. The capsule collection Raw Research II is the first after the announcement of Aitor Throup as creative director of the brand. The designer is thereby demonstrating its vision of the future of denim. The collection will be available in selected high-end concept stores worldwide from early June 2017.

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From left: Neil Barrett shirt; From right: A.N.G.E.L.O. Vintage T-shirt
“I need to be myself, I can’t be no one else”

Photographer| Fabrizio Martinelli
Stylist| Martina Verità
Model| Andrew @bravemodelmanagement
Hair And Make Up| Roberto Mambretti @auraphotoagency
Digital and Photo Assistant| Ennio De Cola

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Gary Baseman and his pervasive art

On an evening like many others at Art Basel, the world famous art event held annually in Miami, The Webster Hotel in the heart of the Art Deco district hosted a preview presentation of the Spring/Summer 2017 menswear collaboration between artist Gary Baseman and the American fashion brand Coach. The shop inside the hotel was transformed into a universe of drawings and sketches by Baseman, with custom-made objects from his characters as the evil Buster Le Fauve and “wildbeast,” a comic rendition of the classic leopard. The installation concept developed from the artist’s long-standing partnership with Stuart Vevers, the Creative Director of the historic house, for whom Baseman has created exclusive prints and graphics playing on classic American iconography (remember the smiley face? For the Baseman/Coach collaboration it lique es while continuing to smile), whose symbols and themes distinguish the S/S 2017 men’s and women’s collection, injected with a bit of college and rockabilly avour. During the evening, the artist himself customized two leather biker jackets on-the-spot while explaining the origin of the collaboration.
A multifaceted artist, illustrator, designer and author of the famous Disney cartoon Teacher’s Pet, and winner of three Emmy Awards, Gary Baseman is considered one of the prominent gures of California’s Pop Surrealist scene, characterized by the fusion between art and pop culture. Mr. Baseman began his career in New York between the second half of the eighties and the first half of the nineties, as an illustrator for The New Yorker, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Time, Atlantic Monthly and The Los Angeles Times. Back in California, Baseman dedicated himself to exploring di erent forms of hybridization between art, fashion, advertising, design, music and film, and has coined the term “Pervasive Art” to define his aesthetic, which blurs the line between Fine Art and Commercial Art. What are his influences? “When I think of my influences Darger comes to mind- the schizophrenic self-taught Chicago artist who died in 1973, who for over sixty years secretly created an illustrated manuscript over 15,000 pages long. He is a source of inspiration for many pop surrealists. Then there are many of the art world’s stars like Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko, Man Ray, Takashi Murakami. Early in my career I looked to Miguel Covarrubias, Charles Addams, Walt Disney and the artists of the old Warner Bros. cartoons. I also appreciate Maurizio Cattelan, Gregory Crewdson and Je Koons.”
Gary Baseman, however, is not only a painter, a versatile illustrator and creator of cartoons and toys. You can tell that right away; after an evening of talking about art and life around the artists’ district Wynwood, where I had the privilege of having his guided tour, I now believe he’s more of a guru or Lifecoach. Although his works have a dark vein, observing the outcome is one of contagious energy- even observing the most contrite faces or stylized skeletons, it’s hard not to smile. All the characters that populate his imagination are capable of impersonating a real state of mind or emotion, as if they were true prophets of the philosophical and existential being of the artist himself. His drawings, at times even gothic and macabre, are nothing but representations of the fears and emotional conflicts that we all live. Gary explains that each of his key characters have a name and the name is linked their meaning within his works. The first we speak about is Toby, a real puppet who travels with Gary around the world and shows up on his Instagram account. “Toby is always by my side, he takes selfies and photos with the interesting people I encounter during my wanderings. I created him in a very strange moment in my life when I was having a hard time trusting others. In fact, Toby has even been to Rome, where I took a photo of him in the Sistine Chapel, then tried over and over again to take the same picture in the Sistine Chapel. On the umpteenth shot, a guard came over and told me “no photos here!” I tried to stash away the camera but he made me delete every last photo. The power of the church is strong in Italy.” Speaking of power, let’s talk about that of women, who in Gary’s artistic style occupy an important place. In fact, Baseman fact loves being surrounded by girls in his paintings, transforming seemingly innocent stuffed animals into nude Venuses who interact with each other in a loving, passionate or violent way. “Women are the real heroines of my art, and have never treated them in a negative light. They are the heroines of my paintings, they are not portrayed as hateful nor as ideal objects of beauty. I’m doing a photography project about fashion, creating a series of doll costumes almost like aprons from the ‘50s that I used to dress my “Wild Girls” or girls with interesting faces that I notice on the street and become models for my shooting or muses for my next drawings. They are warriors like the “Vivian Girls” by Henry Darger. They fight evil. These may seem like dolls but all of my characters are dolls or puppets.”
If Toby is Baseman’s most famous character, then Dumb Luck, the smiling crippled rabbit with his amputated leg in hand, is the epitome of idiocy. Chouchou, instead, is a creature who absorbs negative energy around him and transforms it into a thick white cream that comes out of his navel, while HotChaChaCha is a little demon, who makes the angels impure, depriving them of their halo, while Ahwroo is a cat that becomes fierce and scratches everything when it doesn’t receive enough attention, inspired directly from Gary’s cat Blackie, the mutable character both disquieting and tender at the same time.. Baseman himself calls all of his characters, including those he designed for Coach, “the members of a secret society that guards our deepest desires, an imperfect and bitter sweet celebration of the beauty of life taking part in the eternal conflict between good and evil, between joy and pain, love and death in a kaleidoscope of colours that inspire a kind of lunatic-park. Their personality is different from that of other more famous people, they are a little bit misfits, but with real characteristics that people can relate to and which makes them smile. And for that we cannot help but love them.” Speaking of secret societies and secret, do you have one to tell me? “I’d like to think that if you come into contact with my characters- whether it be wearing a Coach T-shirt or watching one of my cartoons- I’m an open book, I have no secrets because they are all on the canvas or in the pages of my sketches. You just have to guess the code.”

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Hackett London lancia il nuovo abito Journey: su misura per i veri globetrotter

Lo skydiving per evidenziare l’eleganza sartoriale e le performance eccezionali del nuovo abito firmato da Hackett London. Il famoso marchio inglese, per la primavera/estate 2017, ha creato la soluzione ideale per l’uomo sempre in movimento. Il completo, chiamato non a caso Journey, è confezionato con un’attenzione meticolosa per i dettagli: la lana utilizzata è leggera e ultra performante, inoltre è traspirante e in grado di assicurare il massimo comfort. Il filato impiegato offre qualità idrorepellenti, in più, essendo composto da un filo trattato completamente al naturale e igroscopico, è antibatterico e adatto a qualsiasi condizione di viaggio. Un’altra caratteristica che rende l’abito perfetto per i lunghi viaggi risiede nella capacità di non sgualcirsi durante i numerosi spostamenti tra aerei, taxi e auto, in quanto è stato progettato in modo da assecondare il movimento del corpo e per mantenere intatti aplomb ed eleganza. Perfetto anche dopo un atterraggio con il paracadute, come mostra il video virale “Landing in Style”, che celebra il lancio dell’abito, sottolineandone in modo divertente le qualità tecniche attraverso un eccitante sport estremo.


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MOMODESIGN launches a new collection for an urban man

MOMODESIGN in the new coats collection introduces a new concept of lifestyle dedicated to an urban man. The field jacket drawn by Leonardo Fasolo, are innovative and people- oriented, in which leisure style and technicality of world of cycling are unified both in the shape and in the function. The brand creates a collection for a man with an urban aptitude who needs practical, light, comfortable coats, in order to live his day in the city. The concept of urban technology is expressed trough the realization of coats with multifunctional details,, like “fast escape” zip, the soft  padding of the hood, and tecnical materials as rainproof, wind proof, insulating ones that make coats functional tothe highest levels.


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New Balance presents the new Fresh Foam 1080v7

The new advanced cushioning  technology Fresh Foam New Balance has attracted runners from all over the world, especially the model Fresh Foam 1080. The new collection is evolved in comparison with the previous one, this focus on the study of the  point of contact between the corridor and the ground level, improving the midsole design and ensuring a  greater cushioning. Moreover the shoe upper provides both a laterally and a medially support, while along the whole  shoe the mesh is built in order to give a correct fit to the farefoot. In combination to the  Fresh Foam 1080v7, New Balance launches a new collection Viz Run, with seams and details “ glow in the dark”, that are able to make runners visible in case of low light. Light jackets, top and elastic pants have been created both for her and for him.


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Dsquared2 and K-Way®

During Milan fashion week Dsquared2 launches a new unique project of cobranding with the iconic brand K-Way, known for its rainproof and timeless jackets.The capsule collection is a mix of the contemporary and irreverent  design of Dsquared2 with the informal and functional style of K-Way. Combining together the iconography of both brands, the final effect is a item of clothing with spontaneity and a strong character. The jackets, reversible and easy to fold, can be worn without distinctions both by her and by him. The features  of the nylon jacket are showed up on oversized jackets by Dsquared2 style: vivid and sparkling colors, like yellow and orange. Instead , other jackets are enriched with red and black patch or check inspired by Canadian sports and also with floral prints  borrowed by Dsquared2 autumn-winter collection. The capsule collection rich of “oversize details” will be presented starting from July 2017.

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