Ariela Wertheimer: Jaffa Venice Light boxes

On May 13th, will be inaugurated at Palazzo Mora’s the first exhibition, for the Venice Art Biennale, by Ariela Wertheimer, curated by the Farkash Gallery in Tel Aviv. The exhibition will run until November 26th  and it’s titled Jaffa Venice light boxes: it shows various works by the Israeli artist which uses different techniques and materials, always relying on the light – shadow theme, introducing us in an innovative and unique way with works and portraits in light boxes.
The significance of the exhibition is a long reflection on the meaning of our lives: everyone has a story, is a character trapped in a small or large prison, from past to the present, and the purpose, for the art of Wertheimer, is to look for a wider sense of living. Born into a prominent family in Israel, the artist began her career in the medical field, and for twelve years she was in the armed forces: a living environment where she took the inspiration and creative techniques for her artistic talent. Mother of five children, when she’s not devoted to art, she volunteering plays in the oncology department at the Rambam Hospital in Haifa. Wertheimer began to exhibit in groups since 1997. The exhibition in Venice is hosted by the European Cultural Center.
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