Design Masterpieces: a tribute to Gaetano Pesce

Maestro Gaetano Pesce, an authoritative voice of international design, turns 80 years old. A prolific creator of myriads of masterpieces amongst which monumental sculptures, vases, chairs, wardrobes and small resin objects that have defined the history of art and design of the 20th and 21st century.

Maestro Gaetano Pesce at work. Photo Courtesy of Olga Antipina.

Gaetano Pesce, who turns 80 years old on November 8th, is an unstoppable force of self-discipline, he works every day with stamina of steel and laser focus resolution to achieve his creative goals with the drive that only belongs to strong leaders, he leads by example and expects the best from his team, dedicating his time to creating daily, no matter what. Every day, weekends included, he visits his workshop in Brooklyn, where a team of assistants aid him to make his masterpieces come to life.

A fierce leader, he knows exactly the real meaning of creative expression, through the means of multidisciplinary approches, cannot exist without the diligence of the maximization of the use of time. As Pesce declared in a 2017 interview for Manintown, magnificent plans for 2019 exhibitions were in the works. These plans have been punctually delivered such as the ‘Maestà Soffrente’ displayed in Milan’s Piazza Duomo up to the exhibitions and shows that opened in the last week of October in New York.

At the new spaces of Salon 94 Design, in New York City, Gaetano’s legendary workshop, usually closed to public view is recreated, including assistants, machinery and works, opening hours and the Maestro himself included and available to direct the work and meet his admirers. A unique performance of excellence, in which art and design lovers are generously invited to experience the work of Gaetano Pesce in person, circulating between existing iconic works and able to observe the production of new works, witnessing the making of yet another chapter of history. Although the experience of the open laboratory ended on November 2, on the other side of the city, in Chelsea, Friedman Benda Gallery hosts until December 14 “Age of Contaminations” (catalog) a critical investigation into the work of Gaetano Pesce since 1968 to 1995. What a treat for NY and visitors! We welcome this gift and celebrate his creative genius and charismatic presence in the design ad art world throughout the decades with a little voyage through his work in pictures.  

On the occasion of this special anniversary celebration, we have met Gaetano Pesce to talk about his approach to design and future projects.

1) What was your success or the most satisfying result? Or a moment of particular satisfaction (among thousands) during these first 80 years?

Discover certain values ​​of our time still hidden, or almost. Feeling that men, in the so-called developed countries, are a little tired and that women have the energy necessary to help the world to be better… Finding out that most of what we call Architecture is actually Construction, suggested to me that it was necessary to find a way to overcome the formalism and the cosmetics that today most architects produce, and to indicate that the way out of this “cul de sac” is most likely the use of the” figure “, of recognizable representation and abandoning abstract and reactionary geometry too long in use… Identify the evolution of Design in enriching its traditional motifs by integrating them with political, religious, or personal-existential components … Also, to understand, for a long time, that expressing oneself with materials means, as it is correct to do, with the means of one’s time, including, very importantly, the materials. It’s a way to be honest and historically honest.

2) What would you like to do in the future?

 In the future, I would like to be more busy and active in the Architecture industry. I realize, however, that innovating with architectural projects is very difficult. It is because finding those who invest in innovation is difficult. This is demonstrated by the fact that what is seen built in the various countries of the world is repetitive and already seen.

Years ago I was lucky enough to realize the idea of ​​”vertical garden” with a building in Osaka. (“Organic Building”, Osaka, 1989). That work was much copied and trivialized. In particular from a designer from Milan who also copied the title, without bothering to evolve from the one I made.

3) Maestro, you are an undisputed leader of multidisciplinary. Which one do you consider your masterpiece, should you choose one.

I indeed express myself through different disciplines. I don’t have one that I prefer, but I choose the one that best suits the idea of ​​the moment. This way of using multiple disciplines also serves to avoid the tiredness and boredom that come from repetitive activity.

4) How is your relationship with the resin. Why does it create in resin?

I think I have already explained why I work with so-called synthetic materials: I express myself with the means of my time, so not with the materials of the past.

 5) Choose three words/adjectives that describe Gaetano Pesce. 

Curious, picky, easy to get bored

6) What inspires you above all: passion, a new challenge or curiosity?

What touches my attention.

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Food talk: Ettore Bocchia talks about molecular cuisine

He has been defined as a revolutionary who overturned the approach to the kitchen. Ettore Bocchia, founder and top authority of molecular cuisine, is a person of discreet charm who can also explain complex concepts simply and directly. From his words emerges the great passion for the research of the best ingredients and the result of long journeys to discover food excellence. We met him in his kingdom, the starred restaurant Mistral, a breathtaking place by the Como Lake. A special place at Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio, a unique place in atmosphere and style, dating back to 1873 when it was transformed from a private home into a luxury hotel.

When did you realize you become a chef?

I started in this field at twelve and then at twenty-seven, I decided to study and work hard to achieve specific goals.

The most important experiences for your career?

Surely when I decided to study in the most important cooking school in the world, the Ecole Lenôtre in Paris. There I had the chance to study and learn the French approach and some of the most important concepts. I spent a lot of time in schools and in what were my hobbies: researching the product and understanding what the philosophy of my colleagues was, even those of previous generations. I started traveling twenty-five years ago for fun and study. I met many colleagues and continued to travel to taste and understand the cuisine of the world.


Have you always been a curious traveler?

Yes. I have been and still am a curious person. It is also important for me to compare myself with young people. They have a completely different perspective of what cuisine is, it is more stylistic. It’s a very interesting and reciprocal exchange. I’m glad to note that they pay a lot of attention to the product because a dish is never an end in itself and that the quality of the ingredients matters.

Last year you celebrated the hundred years of the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni. What did you do for the event?

The property required a certain style for the centenary: the classics of French cuisine. This language is still spoken in certain kitchens. French cuisine has laid down the law for over a couple of centuries, from the late 1700s to the early 2000s.

What dishes would you suggest to those who try for the first time your Mistral restaurant?

I was the first in Italy to apply science to cooking. I would recommend the molecular cooking menu that mixes its products following the cycle of the seasons. Molecular cuisine has changed the culinary language.


What brought you to write a book?

I wanted to point out and make known my years in career and where I am right now. I did it more for myself. I didn’t want to make myself known to the public, but I wanted to certify what I did and how my journey in the molecular kitchen started.

In your opinion, what is most misunderstood by the public in regards to molecular cuisine?

This cuisine was talked about solely as “dishes that require a high technical rate (that is important)”, but we should not forget what is the quality of the product, the focus of what you put on the plate. I don’t want to make a cuisine that becomes a show for its own sake. Molecular cuisine has called into question all the preparations of traditional recipes.


How did you develop the scientific skills you apply to your cuisine?

It was a slow journey, step by step, done together with physicists and chemists, university professors with whom I studied the cooking processes of food and their structure.

Which product are you particularly proud of?

The challenge today is to have excellent products. I am very proud to have Aleandro Sousa’s fat goose liver, an ethical foie gras as the animal does not have a forced feeding, rather feeds naturally. A rare ingredient made in very limited quantities, which has become one of the most important ingredients of a signature dish.

What do you think of the many food-themed television programs?

It was positive. They put a magnifying glass on the figure of the Chef. Once we were ashamed of being a cook, today it is a job we are longing for and it is very appreciated. All this is also due to television, which has made what we do spectacular.


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Stars & The City: an exclusive talk with Susan Miller who unveils her life and our future

One of the many perks of living in the constant bustle of New York City is the ability to access a multitude of cultural experiences and the inspirational people who create them. Recently, I had the chance to meet star astrologer Susan Miller, a world-renowned published author and columnist for many internationally acclaimed fashion publications. 

Susan is also the founder of website Astrology Zone, which she started in 1995 and now serves 300 million-page views a year and is read enthusiastically by 11 million unique readers annually. All of them eagerly await the 1st of each month when Susan will publish her in-depth comprehensive astrological forecasts for the month ahead in a very stylish and informative manner. 

Susan suggested the date after consulting her astrological wall calendar for the year (The Year Ahead). That day featured a conjunction of Sun and Venus, which she kindly explained simply meant a wonderful day for any communication and collaboration. 

I could not be more excited to have such a respected astrologer pick a perfect date for our interview!

That day I was energized about the million possible answers I would get to my many questions. She is a wonderful conversationalist and splendid person to spend a few hours getting to know. Here is this exclusive interview about her life and work and a sneak peek forecast for the months ahead, but coming soon we will release her MANINTOWN Special Forecast for 2020.  

So, we were wondering: when did you feel this passion for astrology rising in you? 

I wanted to learn astrology but, I never wanted anyone to know I knew astrology. It was going to be my secret because astrology was not accepted.  I was 14 years old and I had just spent a full year in the hospital. I had been through a harrowing surgery to fix a birth defect but unfortunately, I had a different problem when I woke up: I was paralyzed from the knee down. There was no guarantee I would be able to walk normally again. I did pray to my saints, but being 14 years old at the time, I wanted to know if I would ever be able to walk again. The plan was that I never tell anyone I knew astrology. My mother, you see, did not want to teach me because she feared I would study too little and then give advice to a friend. She refused to teach me, and this went on for a year, but she finally relented when I promised to study for 12 years and never read a chart from anyone outside the family until she said I was ready. People think they just learn astrology in a few months, she said you need 12 years, or you would not be any good.

If you could travel back in time which historical character/personality would you be and why?

SM: Thomas Jefferson!

She states and with much passion, she explains that at that moment in history in 1776, though she would need to be dressed as a man she would want to be part of the brave group that were the Founding Fathers of United States willing to sacrifice their lives for freedom.

MT: I thought you’d be saying maybe, Cleopatra…

SM: I like Egypt! Egypt put astrology on the map.  You know what would be fun? If she was getting her chart read. 

Tell us about your typical day as an astrologer. Let’s say we follow Susan for 24 hours in NY. What do you do?

I am afraid that you may find my day quite normal. I get up at 6 AM, and I first call the bank’s service line, to pay my staff as I want to be sure they received their checks and cashed them. While I am checking with the bank, I first wash my face and apply a mask. Then I take my vitamins, and after my shower, I apply my serums and my moisturizers.  At 9 AM I do an international interview in Europe (if the reporter is in Asia, I do those interviews at midnight New York time). By 10 AM, I’m outside. I pick up one cup of coffee and maybe a croissant, and I start writing at the coffee shop. I may stay there for three or four hours and then change locations. I stay up until 2 AM, so I don’t need a lot of sleep.

@Photo courtesy of The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel, New York

Do you work locally? 

SM: You may find this funny; I go to Dunkin Donuts. Everybody makes fun of me because it is a fun, orange and pink shop with very friendly people working there. It’s not like Starbucks. Starbucks is too dark. I like the vibe better in Dunkin’ Donuts. I only drink one cup of coffee a day.

When I leave, I find somewhere else to write, I write all day, for when I am writing my website, Astrology Zone, each sign takes me at least 7 hours to finish. Aries and Taurus are the first two signs so those two may take the whole day to write because I am still doing calculations and memorizing the aspects of the month.

“Here I can show you…,” Susan says while handing me a folder of 40 something pages of charts and calculations for transits and eclipses coming up, which she reveals will play a big part for all of us in December,” Christmas Day to be precise. It will be a nice one!”

Susan says she goes to Los Angeles once a month, for that is where she several members of her website team.

Some of your favorite spots around the city

Everyone who comes here should go to Ellis Island. It’s my favorite spot to show friends around the city.

Also, I love seeing Brooklyn Bridge from the Soho House terrace—it is so beautiful.  If I were taking a child to New York, I would take them to the carousel in Central Park because that’s where my mother would take me when I was five years old and also to the small boat basin on 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue. 

New York has also so many great restaurants it’s almost impossible to pick one either. For a gorgeous view, I like Top of the Rock-it is a far better view than on the top of the Empire State Building. I like the Carlyle Hotel for tea and go there all the time. —that is the hotel President Kennedy and Jackie used to stay when in New York. New York, she adds with a glowing look in her eyes is “glamorous” and “no other city is quite like New York on Christmas. The entire city is lit up – New York knows how to celebrate the holiday, plus if often snows in December. I belong to the National Arts Club, and at Christmas, it makes you feel like you are in a time machine, going back in time to the historical days of early New York, which is charming.

Please explain the influence of Mercury retrograde on our lives

This is one astrological aspect that affects everyone uniformly, although it does affect Gemini and Virgo a bit more because those signs are ruled by Mercury. Mercury rules publishing, broadcasting, and the digital world so it affects people who work in those industries quite hard too.  

You will have miscommunications, machine breakdowns, software problems, computer problems. It is a frustrating time. Mercury doesn’t actually go retrograde, but it appears to go backward to other planets.  it goes retrograde. And it’s the proportion between the two planets, Mercury goes retrograde 3 times a year for three-and-a-half weeks. I travel during Mercury retrograde, even though Mercury rules travel—you just have to be a little bit more deliberate. 

 MT: And for business people that may be reading, you should not sign any contracts, right?  

Do not sign a contract during Mercury retrograde because you’d just have to redo it later—things would be missing, confusing or otherwise not to your liking. Check addresses. I once went to Detroit to see an advertising agency and it was the address, I had was wrong for they had moved to the other side of town. If you are mailing a package or letter, it also is important to check addresses, for Mercury rules the mail. 

“The worst days for Mercury retrograde period are at the start and end dates of the retrograde.” – she gives us the advice to be extra careful to allow a space of a week before and after the dates of the retrograde. Susan has a clear description of Mercury retrograde on her home page of Astrology Zone. Scroll down and you will see a list of her pieces, including that one, on the left side of her homepage screen.

This is a funny question but what do you think an influencer should not do on social media during mercury retrograde?

Oh! the answer to this is not to overshare. It is like a scene out of the show “Gossip Girl” –an influencer should not share too much. They would end up regretting what they wrote.  Talking too much during Mercury retrograde gets you in trouble.

You’ve been the first to understand the importance of the Internet and you launched your website in 1995. How is the web evolving today? 

The internet has more features now. It was 1995 when I started, they didn’t even have color—everything was black and white, and when you saw a film, the window was as big as a postage stamp and soon crashed your computer.

E-commerce was so hard at the start, the internet switches information all over the globe at the speed of light, such as sending the information from Alabama to Denmark, then to Alaska to Texas—you get the idea. E-commerce was hard for, in the movement, information was lost. information. I thought the engineers would never get this right, but they did. Then I launched the Astrology Zone app in 2002 but changed app developers in 2012 and have redone it several times. The official name is “Daily Horoscopes Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller” (  Android.

When I started on the internet, during the first six years, and when I’d do a TV appearance, the producers would not let me give the viewers the URL of my website. They would say that the audience doesn’t know what a URL is, but I would say, they will never know if we don’t tell them. It seemed forever for the world to catch up with technology.

How can you best use astrology?

Susan said that astrology can be a beneficial tool for those who are willing to seize an opportunity. Like she mentioned “It is like getting options”, it is up to readers to know what they want, recognize opportunity when they see it and act upon it when it comes.

What do you think of the rise of social media like Instagram?  

I love Twitter because people discuss ideas. I like Twitter better because you can put in a link easily and the photos are far larger than on Instagram. Whereas Instagram doesn’t let you post a link—it has to go on your profile which is backward. 

I like both. I’m on both and in each case, my name is the same, @AstrologyZone. There are too many Susan Miller’s in the world!  The problem on Instagram is 12 people are pretending to be me. Well, I would like to see people sharing opinions and ideas. Not just photos wearing a new coat or holding a designer bag. I do love fashion but for that, I prefer magazines to keep me up to date.  Magazines choose their editors carefully and those experienced editors will put a designer’s collection in context to his or her past collections and how each current collection differs from the others. On Instagram, you can see work by Versace or Valentino, but you cannot get an explanation of the direction the designer decided to take this year. Magazines give you much more information.

        I start to lighten up and almost want to reach out for a hug when she states: 

“Editors are brilliant. And I want their advice. Thank you.”

Susan writes for Amica in Italy as well as Vogue (Japan), W (S. Korea) and Claudia (Brazil), SModa (Spain), Vogue (China), Vogue (Greece), and frequently writes cover stories for Grazia (France) and Elle (Australia) to name a few. Her connection with the fashion world has always been strong.

She tells us she wanted to be a fashion designer when she was growing up and would like to work more with designers, so our next question is a must:

 In fashion who are the designers and the styles you love more and why?

Ha! Dolce & Gabbana- she sighs in awe; you can tell she loves the brand. 

 Valentino, she says with a determined voice. I just spotted this dress and I am contemplating getting it. It is red, my favorite color. It has ruffles. I love feminine touches and Valentino (as well as Dolce & Gabbana) understand women. In America, I love Oscar de la Renta, though his cuts don’t quite line up with my body. I love Akris, the Swiss designer. But I love Dolce & Gabbana best—all those flowers!

Susan’s tone takes a higher pitch, her enthusiasm about fashion and design is taking form and her answers flow with confidence and passion.

“I love flowers. I love anything that is quite feminine. 

I also like a slightly more formal design. New York is formal. Los Angeles is far more casual, even in business meetings, which takes me a little time to get used to every time I go.”

Brands have soon enough realized the value of teaming up with your expertise as an astrologer. Which are the brands you have collaborated with?

Oh, so many! Dior (Lady Dior handbags), Apple, Furla, Veuve Clicquot, Chanel, Guerlain, Clarins, Lancôme, Chopard, Mac Cosmetics, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, to name a few. You will note many French brands—I would love to work with more Italian brands! I am half Italian—my father’s side is Sicilian. (Susan’s mother’s side of the family is German.)

From fashion to beauty and beyond: she has also been the ambassador for beauty company Fresh, owned by LVMH since 2015 and the Edition Hotel in Miami.

Blending astrology in brand collaborations is a very unique and effective way to reach the audience and it can be extremely creative. 

From January to March 2020, for instance, Bloomingdale’s flagship store in New York City will feature an Astrology Zone boutique curated by Susan that will offer selected unique items from menswear to women’s apparel to jewelry, tech, and design to even baby clothing with astrological theme, signs, and symbols. These collaborations are curated in detail by Susan as well as Bloomingdale’s fashion directors. It is massive branding operations that can involve at times the talent of 30 people! 

Favorite cities?

I love Kyoto, I want to go to Sugarloaf Mountain in Brazil, I want to go to Sicily, and I am dying to go to Milan as I have never been. I love Rome and have spent a good amount of time there. It’s time to see Milan!

Must have when you travel?

My jewelry. Moisturizers and my masks. I love La Mer and all the masks from Fresh part of LVMH. I’ll use some other company brands too but Fresh has the most amazing masks. I love the Black Tea mask, the one called Rose Hydration, the Honey mask, and the Lotus Youth Preserve mask and Vitamin Nectar mask. They are all superb.

Favorite Fragrance? 

Alien by Thierry Mugler, it is all flowers. I also like Bal a Versailles by Jean Desprez, it is a gorgeously soft and powdery scent with some hint of vanilla. It is an old French perfume.

We then dove into the specifics that you all have been wondering about:

What lies ahead for all of us for the rest of the year? And in 2020? 

The news is: according to Susanit looks pretty good! 

Make sure to follow us as we are planning a big story and a stylish horoscope 2020 in collaboration with Susan, which we will announce the end of the fall. 

But let us read Susan’s forecast for the upcoming months: 

Best dates for business in the remaining part of 2019? And for Love?

With no hesitation almost without me being able to complete the sentence she states December!

 SM: December. December is phenomenal. It starts with Dec 15thJupiter trines Uranus. A trine aspect is one of pure harmony. Also, mark the date! I love Dec 27: Jupiter conjuncts the Sun: the luckiest day of the year. It will not happen again in a different sign until 2021.  

What should we do in those lucky days, if you could give us advice.

 Plant a seed. Start a relationship or a business. Take an important trip for Taurus for instance. Cancer? Decide about a relationship, and if you are in love, commit to marriage. Every sign will be affected in different ways. I am writing a large book on the Year Ahead 2020, and there is too much to say here!

 We are planning on a story for the what is in store for each sign in 2020 as well as talk in-depth about signs and styles, I would like to give our readers a preview of what we have in mind:

 Which is the most stylish of signs?  

Leo and Pisces, although Libra is the arbiter of taste. Leo, you see they want to make a grand entrance, while Pisces like to mix vintage with new designs as they do not want to look like the next person next to them

 Which one the trendiest? 

Gemini, definitely and they do brilliant things with accessories.

 The more classic?

That’s definitely Capricorn. Think, for instance, Princess Kate…

Scorpios love black. They like simple, classic lines so that they can mix and match and feel almost as if they have a daily uniform that they need not spend too much time thinking about.

 Aries doesn’t like frou-frou, they want sleek lines, striking but beautifully cut

Virgos are perfectionists, so for Virgo, God is in the details. Virgos understand excellent fit and have long ago made friends with their tailor.

Pisces and Cancers are romantic. Sagittarius is on the move, and they demand comfort.

Taurus loves classic things made of beautiful, tactile fabrics.

Libra is the arbiter of taste and they love being up to date on the latest styles.

Aquarius, they do not need social approval—they don’t follow trends, they start them.

With so many eclipses and one remaining due in December and while we wait for your wonderful year ahead of publication and our 2020 astrology story in Manintown January, can we give some brief but very juicy forecast for our readers for the last months of 2019? If you had to give one word of advice/caution which one would it be? 

December will show us what 2020 will be like.

Aries: You can look forward to a major career breakthrough.

Taurus: Travel. Long-distance travel or the decision to go back to the university for an advanced degree

Gemini: Gemini will be the recipient of plenty of money and it will not emanate from a paycheck but rather from a bonus, commission, royalty or outside cash, like venture capital. 

Cancer: Marriage! Or Cancer may get extraordinary help from a business partner, agent, manager, publicist, accountant, and similar type collaborations. 

Leo: fine, enviable work assignments also advances in health and fitness

Virgo: Virgo has the finest romance aspects in 2020. If Virgo wants a baby, she can have one this year. Her creativity will also reach new heights. 

Libra: Home and real estate shines for her.

Scorpio: Contracts and luck with clients with some short distance away. The key to Scorpio’s success will be in how well they communicate with others.

Sagittarius: Finally—2020 will be a huge year of financial reward. 

Capricorn: This sign is the celestial favorite this year and will get a cornucopia of goodies. They are entering their once-in-12-year Emerald Year, where one grand wish comes true. 

Aquarius: Aquarius will get help from VIPs behind the scenes. Aquarius will prepare for 2021 this coming year, their Emerald Year. They must start to detach from obligations or associations they no longer find useful or interesting. 2021 is their big year.

Pisces: Friends and joy from groups to which they belong. This also includes work on a charity or humanitarian effort—this is where so much of Pisces happiness lies. 

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In memory of Carlin Dunne, a Ducati’s champion

“Everything was ready. After weeks of waiting, test sessions, frantic hours of preparation, emotions, despair and excitement, all those sensations that create the thrill of competition, finally Sunday.

The checkered flag greeted your departure, and you accepted the invitation to the challenge. Gas wide open, knee on the ground, and off, curve after curve. They were 156 in total, and you made 155 of them. Perfect, without any burrs, fighting against the chronometer that, meter by meter, was decreeing your success, that of the team that had worked and dreamed with you in the long days of preparation for this race. 155 curves out of 156, only one was missing. Only a few meters and you would have crossed the finishing line as a winner, conquering that laurel that belongs to you, for which you fought, you made sacrifices, you gave your life. You would have registered the new race record. You could have enjoyed media and public applause. You would have conquered the place in Olympus and definitely written your name in the history of this race. Well 4 times you ended up as a winner, but this would have been special, absolute! That damned off, that absurd fatality, that mocking and bad fate. Why was your triumph denied? Why couldn’t we all enjoy your success? Why?

Before leaving, in one of the many interviews you released, always accompanied by that smile that will remain indelibly present in all of us who knew you, to the journalist who asked you if you aimed at the record, you replied: “Certainly. But if the mountain does not agree, the record is not made … “. Today, those words sound like an ominous prophecy, but they confirm the great respect you had for this challenge and for this granite colossus that, with your bike, you climbed and faced, curve after curve. Did the mountain win? No Carlin, you won, my friend. You won the “Race of Clouds”. You won the biggest challenge, the one that consecrates the heroes. The tribute that all the participants, the competitors, the most aggressive opponents, wanted to give you at the end of the race, was the confirmation of how much Pikes Peak was yours and how much you belonged to this race, to this mountain that had conquered and kidnapped you and of which today – and forever, you will be part of. Now you are in those clouds that protected the top when, before leaving, you looked at the much sought-after goal. This race is yours. The mountain is yours. The story is yours. Thanks Carlin, we will miss you so much. ”

These are the words with which Francesco Rapisarda, Director of Communications of Ducati, honors and remembers champion Carlin Dunne. He leaves us as a generous champion who in the same spirit of giving had documented the preparation for the race in a series of videos, which remain in memory of his determination and of the joyous and special person he was. This is his last video, filmed the day before the race.

The next day, on June 30, 2019, Carlin left us a few meters from the finish line of Pikes Peak, ready to set a new record, he leaves us as a champion, due to a hump, as described in the words of the friend and colleague of the Ducati “family”. Exactly like a family member, Carlin Dunne was loved by everyone.

Carlin Dunne ran with the number 5. During the annual Superbike event at Laguna Seca from 12 to 14 July, Ducati chose to celebrate the 25th birthday of the 916 by unveiling a version of the Panigale V4. Thus, was born the Panigale V4 25th Anniversary 916, unique and made in a limited series and numbered with only 500 units.

Jason Chinnock (CEO of Ducati North America) and a long-time friend of the champion, announced Ducati’s decision to dedicate the number 5 of the Panigale V4 series in honor of Carlin Dunne. The number 5 of the Panigale V4 series has been “withdrawn” from the market and will be auctioned to dedicate the proceeds to the collection of funds to offer support to Carlin’s mother. In addition to the auction, Ducati has created a GoFundMe initiative, again in support of the mother.

Finally, on July 14th, the Racing-Ducati Team raced the Superbike at Laguna Seca with the number 5 on the hull of the official bikes of Alvaro Bautista and Chaz Davies and with a special livery inspired by the bike presented. Victorious on his new Panigale V4 R, the same day Chaz Davies also announces the donation to the auction of the race suit in honor of Carlin. Ducati and fans are a united and faithful family.

 Ride in Peace Carlin!

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The Caesar of Instagram: Gianluca Vacchi

For those who do not know (how can you not?) who Gianluca Vacchi is, we invite you to take a peek at his Instagram profile which lists 13 million, yes MILLIONS of followers.  This year in May he has been honored the GRAND PRIX at the World Bloggers Awards in Cannes. The WBA (World Bloggers Award) is the world’s first ever awards ceremony for the best bloggers worldwide. Gianluca Vacchi was this year’s star nominee and received the event’s top prize. As he enters the lobby of the gorgeous Four Seasons Downtown, we know from his smile and great energy that it is going to be a pleasant and fun interview.

The 52-year-old influencer has become famous for his “always chasing the sun’ (his words) lifestyle, his ability to be fitter than fit and his will and success at reinventing himself as DJ and music producer. He has collaborated with Luis Fonsi and Yandel amongst others, starred in the music video of J. Balvin’s ‘Mi Gente’ and has in only few years boomed in a new career as a performing DJ in key clubs worldwide.

1. If you were a historical figure… Who would you be?   And why?

GV: Caesar or Attila the Hun.

MT: Why Caesar? Why Attila?

GV: Because I like to think big and conquer. I am in a hurry to conquer the world and achieve goals that I impose on myself as an endless and consistent measure of my own talents. I feel good about myself when I know I am fully utilizing the talents I have been blessed with. I also feel good when I know I made the best of what is one of the most important assets in my life: “TIME”. I also like to think that there should still be an animal instinct in a man, something somewhat primitive.

2.Sea or mountains? Your favorite destination.

GV: Both. Sea and mountains. I was a professional skier in Cortina. Skiing was the training ground for my competitive spirit. I’m also a solar type. I would say that my job nowadays is to “chase the sun”. I am just joking but I like both actually.

MT: If you had to choose a destination today, where would you go? What would you choose?

GV: I can’t stay in a place where there is no sea and sun. Maybe I would choose Los Angeles for its creative environment and the weather. I have a house In Miami and I feel content there. It is a place that is like my personality. It is full of Latin Americans whom I like a lot.

3.Let’s talk a little about fashion. In Gianluca’s suitcase: three accessories/items of clothing or gadgets that you cannot do without.

GV: definitely clothing: Jeans, a T-shirt and a tuxedo. These 3 items for sure.

4.Let’s talk about work. Which is something that many people want to know. What is your career about?

I’m certainly an entrepreneur at heart. It is part of my DNA. I still have an automated machinery company of which I own shares and sit on the board of directors. I am also thinking of what to do in the next two to three years, but I don’t know yet. As I said I am an entrepreneur at heart.

5. Let’s talk about your career as a DJ? How is it going?

 GV: it’s going super well

 MT: You just came out with a new single correct?

GV: yes, I came out with a new single. I produce a lot and I enjoy being a musical director, I do not use software as many young DJs do. I have many ideas, so I give input on what melody is to be used. So far I have played in amazing locations around the world.

6. You are considered a Web star, how do social media influence your life?

This a delicate question. We live in an era where there is a real life and a virtual one, then there are people who separate their virtual life from real life and represent themselves differently in both lives. For example, when you and I take a picture here and we say we’re in Sydney, no one will argue. They believe it. You can only succeed if your real life and your virtual life “overlap” and therefore coincide. You have to show who you really are. I’m not influenced, I’ve always lived like this even 20 years ago, I’ve always been out of the norm …

7. Gianluca Vacchi: Eccentric or Extrovert?

GV: probably both, but certainly anti-bourgeois. The Bourgeois tend to impose respectability and conformity as the way to live, and I do not support that.

8. What advice would you give to those who want to break out in the world of social media?

Whether it is in the world of social media or real life, if you do not have real talents, you can’t break out. You don’t have to invent something special to be on social media. On social media I think you are successful when you are successful in life. Being fairly anti-conformist for example is important, just as dreaming very big is very important. There is no virtual success if there is no real success.

9. How many tattoos do you have?

GV: Probably more than 120.

MT : That’s a lot. Can you identify the most important one and why?

GV: definitely the portrait of my father. Each tattoo has its own meaning and is connected to someone or something important in my life. For instance one of them is a fragment from a letter from a friend, another one is my aunt’s portrait.

10. The cities or locations that are for you a source of inspiration

GV:Definitely New York, which is an incredible place. An electric city, a city that gets inside you and makes you feel you are alive. Though I love it, I can’t stay in NY too much because it feels like time slips out of your hands. Everything moves so fast in this place.

11. What is next for Gianluca Vacchi?

The next step for me is to start a third life. In my first life I worked as an entrepreneur, in the second one I became a DJ and in my third life it could be that I become an actor. ’We’ll see. The secret lies in being open to always reinvent yourself.

We are pleasantly interrupted by a fan who enters the lobby, a distinguished gentleman who works on the NY Stock Exchange approaches us and asks Gianluca to be able to take a selfie with him. You can read delight in his face, the delight of a fan meeting his social media hero. He also confesses that he has grown his beard to imitate Gianluca’s and that he loves and dances to his music. Right there and then we witness the power of being a social influencer, we decide to leave it this way and with a smile and a note of absolute optimism we wish Gianluca Vacchi a third life of absolute success. (ndr)

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Belize: a place to discover

A jump from the United hub in Houston, Texas, and about 7 hours flight time from New York, Belize is a wonderfully centrally located destination from the United States.

Traveling to Belize from Europe is certainly a longer journey, but we recommend it, at least once in your life, perhaps through New York or Miami as ports of entry.

Jungle, Mayan temples, caves, warm and turquoise waters, atolls, sunshine and great food make it truly an irresistible destination. This time we decided to explore two of the main cayes, or islands: Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye.

Caye Caulker: the paradise of divers.

Caye Caulker can be reached by boat or plane from Belize City. To date it is still a rather unknown destination. This emerging destination is perfect for divers and travelers looking for an authentic experience away from the usual beaten tourist trail. The island moves to the rhythm of its motto “Go Slow” which clearly reflects the atmosphere of the city, its rhythm and its wonderfully relaxed nature. Despite having an accommodating pace, it offers a great variety even for the active traveler: the coral reef is superb and there are lots of wonderful excursions organized by local businesses to choose from.

We chose to dive with Frenchie’s, we planned the few days with some training classes and various local dives and we enthusiastically joined in their weekly planned journey to explore the Blue Hole.

The Blue Hole is one of the most exciting and “must dive” places for experienced divers. It is a gigantic marine sinkhole made famous by Jacques Cousteau who declared it one of the top five diving sites in the world. Diving in the Blue Hole is exciting, it doesn’t disappoint and it is certainly never a boring experience.

It is interesting that this portion of the sea is not really blue at all, at least not under its surface. Devoid of aquatic plants and the usual tropical marine life that so fills the surrounding cliffs, it is a geological adventure, a marvelous and suggestive scenario of monochrome stalactites full of underwater wonders.

A few nautical miles later a stop in paradise is lined up. Half Moon Caye is remote, isolated, green, sunny, a splendid gem, an emerald surrounded by an infinite sea of ​​turquoise. The perfect escape for dreamers.

On the way back from the underwater trip it is impossible not to stop at the pier at Frenchie’s to taste the dish of coconut curry with shrimp from chef Kareem, the best on the island. Street food in Belize is widespread and genuinely fabulous.

Ambergris Caye, the luxury escape for a dream vacation.

After getting your fill of aquatic adventures, diving with sharks and turtles, waking up at 5am, rum-flavored sunsets and days full of sports, it’s time to relax at Ambergris Caye’s Victoria House, the Belize’s largest island, and made famous under the nickname of the “Isla Bonita” by Madonna.

Entering the curated green rooms of the Victoria House it is inevitable not to feel an immediate happiness that only the tropics can give to sea lovers. We promptly decided to embrace the hotel rituals: the morning yoga class and the spa session. The Spa is really not to be missed. Ask Roxanne, the manager, for advice on organic body scrubs from the local product body and their personalized massage packages. Our choice was a two-hour treatment including a coffee body scrub, an energizing treatment for skin rejuvenation and a spectacular massage with local organic coconut oil. The villas and casitas of the Victoria House Resort and Spa are managed by a dedicated staff. The oceanfront resort is also equipped with a state-of-the-art water activity center with scuba gear, kayakers or snorkelers. Its suites and casitas with their Mayan hammocks that swing in the ocean breeze give the resort a quiet, authentic and smooth atmosphere.

The island itself is a wonderful surprise. Ambergris Caye and its vibrant city of San Pedro is charming, colorful and refreshing, with a variety of different accommodations possible. Taking advantage of the golf cart rental, we promptly set off on an adventure to explore the pristine areas of the island by discovering the beauty of Secret Beach. About four miles north of the city and three miles to the west Secret Beach is a delight for lovers of clear blue waters. Semi-submerged wooden tables where you can have lunch or drink to keep cool while socializing with the locals. It is a semi-discovered beach untouched by progress: only a few colored cabanas and no electricity. Leaving Ambergris Caye and Belize is certainly a difficult greeting.

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It is not a regular Friday night in New York City when Chanel transforms a women only co-
working space (the Wing) in Soho into a fabulous all immersive Coco Club an exclusive
“mademoiselles only” club inspired by the traditional men’s only social clubs.
Following the notion that “what is good for a man is better for a woman”, maison Chanel
envisioned a pop up club that takes what is best from men’s lifestyle as an inspiration and makes it even better for a woman. The borrowed from the boys lifestyle concept has turned out in fact to be a real winning and star studded launch event in the Big Apple.
All of this to celebrate the Boyfriend watch a fabulous and elegant Chanel designed watch with a masculine flair.
Interlocking C’s at every corner and motivational quotes inspired by the legend Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, the club is a really full immersion Chanel experience, a Shangri -la and a corner of heaven for the luxury loving fashionistas of the iconic brand, be men or women.
At the entrance the check in staff greeted each and every guest with a personalized membership gold card to be complemented with a personal photo taken in an exquisitely decorated space and fun photo booth.
Inspired by the celebrated Chanel Boyfriend line, the whole concept space is a true tribute to the legendary Coco’s signature style. A beauty room filled with dreamy make up by Chanel and puffy feathery stools to be pampered on, a library filled with monogrammed Coco stationery, pool tables, ping pong tables, a café serving themed items like a girl’s club sandwich and a girl’s club sandwich and a locker room in which even the towels have been specifically styled in timeless black and white, and a numerologist: did you know that Coco was fascinated with numerology?
The floor of course is set on the iconic no. 5 in an elevator on Mercer Street.
Ultimately a wonderful success for the launch and a lovely reminder on how men’ s fashion and lifestyle can inspire women’s fashion and lifestyle, just like Coco would forsake the long gown and feathers remainders of the old siècle fashion for more practical men inspired streamlined and designed for elegant practicality modern outfits. Creativity at its highest it’s a wonderful thing to share and borrow.
Infin, bravo Chanel encore and toujours!

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Power to Imagination: Lenny Kravitz for Dom Pérignon





The words are true to their message about the “Assemblage” opening party in Chelsea, New York City, last week where Manintown was there to witness the vibrant happening. Dom Perignon sponsored and hosted the event rich in milestones for the creative division of the heritage maison. With Lenny Kravitz as its new creative director there is indeed much to celebrate! The 54 years old multi-talent not only is planning to design a special edition for the illustrious champagne maison in 2019, he has also launched his new album Raise Vibrations.  The collaboration with Dom Perignon stems out of Kravitz’s friendship with Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy and it is a liaison promising outstanding and unique high creativity and inspiration. It cannot be otherwise when you name as creative director a talent of multi-disciplinary nature as Kravitz. Not only a solid world renown legendary rock icon, Lenny Kravitz is an artist at 360 degrees who transcends the barriers between creative disciplines, mastering them all from music to art, design, photography as well as art direction. We have had the opportunity to meet him and his wonderful entourage of inspiring friends, including timeless beauty, Academy Award winner and woman entrepreneur Susan Sarandon. The atmosphere and the attendance could not have been more vibrant.

At the center of this memorable event is the celebration of friendship, creativity and human interactions immortalized by the camera of Lenny Kravitz. Not many probably know that Kravitz is a talented, avid photographer since the age of 21 when his father (a correspondent for CNBC News) gifted him with his very first camera.


“Assemblage” the exhibition of Macro Photographs depicts a single evening dinner starring various different unique personalities in the field of creativity and across the board of age range from the young talented Alexander Wang to a more mature star as Harvey Keitel. (Zoe Kravitz, Susan Sarandon, Benjamin Millepied, Hidetoshi Nakata, Abbey Lee). The photographs in black and white are penetrating the walls almost coming out of them to touch the souls of the audience with the intensity of their group and single portraits. A powerful interpretation of the souls of these characters through the lenses of a wonderfully precise talented photographer and his Leica. It is a symphony of smiles, glares, natural poses and penetrating beautiful personalities where the interaction acts as catalyst to the creation of a new powerful creative source. The exhibition will be open to the public until October 6th in New York and to the delight of us all will also tour the World in 2019.

“I am fascinated by the process of making things” says Lenny Kravitz and we cannot wish him and us all to be delighted by his creations more and more in the years to come.


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Born in United States and raised in China, Victor Li graduated Parson School of Design to then launch together with Claudia Li his own brand that had its debut recently during New York Fashion Week.
It is a project that sees eastern and western influences come to harmonious fusion, inspired by the world of the arts and cultures the designer has come in contact with throughout his several trips around the world, from Ny to Asia passing by and touching in considerable ways Italy as well. The collection presents a mix of clothes from the most formal to casual looks, suitable for leisure and perfect for traveling. The lines are simple and the details become the focal point on which attention is focused, such as the bow that is applied on jackets, trenches and shirts, in a next generation revisitation of a gentleman’s pocket pochette. Simple lines and comfortable wearability for a total look that ranges from white to beige and brown through pink and gray. Great attention is given to the choice of the finest fabrics, selected through careful research in Italy, France and Japan.

ritratto VICTOR LI

On the occasion of his presentation, we met him in New York to learn more about his journey.

Tell me more about your background.How did your love for mens fashion start?
I was born in U.S. but grew up in China. I was very into the arts, and started taking drawing classes when I was a child. I knew I would do something art-related in my future career but wasn’t sure if it would be as an artist or a designer. I came back to the U.S. in my junior year of high school and started to narrow my focus. I attended the pre-college fashion design program at Parsons and an art program at Cooper Union which confirmed my love for design. I later received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parsons.

Who is your favorite/ inspirational designer?
Miuccia Prada. For me, Prada is wearable art.

3 adjectives to describe your fashion
Next-generation menswear, sophisticated, unique 

Where do you see yourself on 5 years?
Business and design are equally important for me. I hope to create a culture of men who will appreciate and enjoy my work and my hope is to continue to build on that with each collection. In five years, we are hoping to have a loyal customer base around the world who is shopping with us season after season.

How do you see the menswear is evolving?
I design for myself, and those who can appreciate feeling comfortable in high quality clothing –men who appreciate a garment, and the details within it like our carefully sourced Italian and Japanese fabrics. I want to give a fresh perspective on what some of the young generation wants to wear aside from their everyday streetwear. 

You have jetsetted the world, where is home? Your favorite city?
Home is where my family is, but my life is in New York. My favorite city is Tokyo.

Let’s talk about the collection: what inspired it and how do you choose the fabrics?
Since this was my first collection, it was very personal to me, and I was designing for my own closet. I travel quite a bit and I wanted this first collection to be filled with key pieces that work well for that lifestyle –pieces I would pack and wear on a summer trip. Practical pieces but a little more dreamy than traditional.

 Why did you launch it in NY?
Because I am an American and we are a New York brand, located in New York.

We spoke about your favorite collection piece: the trench coat. Where did you draw the inspiration to design it from?
For this season we played with the knotting detail and layering. For me, a lot of trench coats feel a bit mature for the younger generation. I am trying to make the trench coat more fun and younger.

Something fun: if you could choose to dress a celebrity of today…
Timothée Chalamet

Fashion is ?
Fashion is Lifestyle. Fashion is what you choose to wear, what you choose to put in your suitcase when you are travelling.


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In New York, for Men’s Fashion WeekCFDA, Cadillac House and Assouline came together to create a special Tribeca edition of a Las Vegas Casino Night in the heart of Soho to celebrate the launch of NYFW. Inspired by Assouline’s book “Poker, The Ultimate Guide”, Jonathan Meizler, from Title of Work, reinvents a casino night and ambiance bubbling with fun and dare filled poker and black jack tables. A full immersion experience in the “dare greatly” campaign by Cadillac; a full force collaboration of ground breaking and inspiring trend setters. Upon arrival the guests were greeted with a cocktail and a chip to play with custom made cards, as they entered the location that had been magically transformed in a casino with video screens portraying cheeky queens and kings with a daring attitude. CFDA’s designer Jonathan Meizler’s of NY based label Title of Work launches his newest collection, “Dirty Words” which is dazzling and refreshing, cheeky and yet endearing.  Title of Work is a menswear accessories collection which integrates the worlds of art, fashion and architecture. Meizeler shocks and provokes with unexpected elements and choice of material.  Neckties that dazzle, men’s jewelry that mesmerizes. We invite you to check it out! A wonderful collaboration, an astounding design set and catchy collection. We “dared  greatly” attending and we were pleased to do so.