Baku, the lady of winds


A territory rich of different climates and landscapes, where religions and cultures have amalgamated to create something magical. Desert lands, forests and mountains over 4,000 m, from the city of antique charm as Sheky or Baku, new emblem of architectural and cultural growth. We talked with Andrea Uliva and Marco Catelani, two young Italian winemakers who opened a start-up right here, in Baku, a city that runs faster than European cities which looks and doesn’t lose the oriental charm that distinguishes it. In Baku, if you are tourists, travelers or if you want to stop, fall in love with the skyline will be inevitable that blends with ancient buildings and you will incur the charm of so much hidden culture at every corner. An indispensable destination.

Tell us your story…

The winery was working for offered me this adventure: relocate to a far land and create a company from scratch. I was 28 and I thought it was a dream and I decided that Mark, who knew from university was the best partner. Today, after six years, Fireland Vineyards has grown tremendously and we are manufacturers of 19 labels, from base wines to high-quality wines.

Difficulties and advantages of living here?

Language, cultural differences, different work rate are difficulties that become advantages for those who are able to adapt to a very different country from their own. Baku gives a unique rhythm to those who live there: for us young people, the growing cities adapt to the strength and flexibility we need. This is why I like to live here!

Any tourist advice?

Baku is a continuous mix between modernity and ancient. The waterfront is beautiful, but also the hill overlooking the city, where there are the Flame Towers is breathtaking. Then the old city, with the Maiden Tower, the old streets…What I love about this city is the fusion between the Islamic world and the Russian one, in the style and traditions.

Restaurants or places where to go?

The old town for traditional restaurants, like Tendir. Here on Sunday you can go eat the omelette and tomato, with the typical bread, fresh from the oven by the old women of the city…a delight! The Bacchanal in Port Baku for a glass of wine or on Wednesday to the small Room in the center.



  • Old City (Icheri Sheher) UNESCO Heritage
  • Palace of Shirvanshah
  • Maiden Tower, so-called because apparently never conquered by force
  • Flame Towers
  • Skyline
  • Waterfront
  • Karavansara, restaurant, once frequented by antique travelers along the Silk Road
  • Yashil Bazaar o Taza Bazaar
  • Heydar Aliyev cultur center, by the archistar Zaha Hadid
  • Fountain Square

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