#Candidshot: La campagna pubblicitaria di Alberto Guardiani

The new Alberto Guardiani advertising campaign for the collection A/W 2016/17 it’s on air: the shots are entrusted to the photographer Byron Mollinedo that keeps the story “Candid Shot” already started in the summer season.
The idea is that of a group of friends during a Saturday night party, which end in a funfair, a metaphoric place of leisure and timeless for the encounter between past and present.
The new collection Alberto Guardiani A/I is a mix of vintage and glamor, glitter ’70s, the audacity of the 80s and a contemporary attitude directed to the functionality and testing.
The shots tell a winter collection suffused with light and reflective surfaces that blend between the bright lights of the rides, creating a hypnotic mix of visible suggestions, in which the shoes seem themselves to become gears in an endless game.


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