HOROS: Kai Dunkel’s new collection

HOROS like a dance through mysterious underworlds that lead to a non-place where everything can happen. This is the background that Kai Dunkel, the founder of the homonymous German brand launched in 2015, has selected to present his collection called HOROS for the Fall/Winter 2017-2018. Kai Dunkel can be identified by his unique and innovative cut, characterized by contrasts and different materials put together. All the items are made in German, and the brand’s ultimate priority is the quality of design and tailoring. The purpose of Kai Dunkel is to bring fashion to further level, creating urban styles, that look behind, anticipating future trends. The fascinating stories told by his collection contribute to create a developing cosmos, in which the person is absorbed. The designer, together with the director Nico Meyer-Brenkhof, has chosen the fashion film as the means of creative expression for his collection, confirming, one more time, the interdisciplinary vocation of the brand, which is articulated through various forms of art. Kai Dunkel’s characteristic element is contrast, expressed by structured black items with strong controlled seams that manifest confidence and authority, alternated with white fabrics which, on the contrary, represent man’s vulnerability when he lost control. The continuous transformation opens the doors into untold destinations and new possibilities that create a fluid sequence of unexplored spaces. The strong contrasts underlined by layers of different fabrics give the collection its unique and distinctive character. The design’s quality and tailoring techniques are an added value for the collection, designed in order to protect those who wear it against unknown dimensions.

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