New rising talent: Baltimora

A keyboard sits behind him in the studio where we are having our interview. Edoardo Spinsante turns around and improvises the Baltimora riff so I can hear it: he is only 21, but that “cute little riff”, as he calls it, already has a long story behind it that began in his high school years and culminated on the stage of the talent show that boosted his popularity. And the rest is history.

Baltimora X Factor
Total look Salvatore Ferragamo, earrings Radà

From the first CDs his uncle gave him as gifts when he was a child, to the nights spent writing to overcome unease and insomnia, up to that roar after his second live performance at X-Factor (“When I realised that I should stop beating myself up and thinking that I wasn’t good enough”). Nowadays, Edoardo is an overflowing river. He tells me about his debut EP, “Marecittà”, and is already talking about the next one – how wonderful the adrenaline is at the peak of one’s creative phase.

Baltimora Italian singer
Sweater Alexander McQueen, trousers Maison Laponte, earring Radà, shoes Marsèll

Baltimora album
Total look Dolce & Gabbana, earrings Radà

Baltimora ep
Total look Moschino, earrings Maison Laponte


Talent Baltimora

Editor in Chief Federico Poletti

Text Chiara Del Zanno

Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Simone Folli

Photographer assistant Valentina Ciampaglia

Stylist assistant Nadia Mistri

Grooming Alessandro Joubert @simonebelliagency

Location TH Roma Carpegna Palace Hotel

Opening image: total look Dolce & Gabbana, earrings Radà


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