MANINTOWN to launch multifunctional studio space, ‘Manintown + Progetto Nomade’ in Milan

Where fashion, culture and art abound.

MANINTOWN prods to new ventures: in the heart of Milan’s metropolitan centre, the menswear and lifestyle platform powers the ‘Manintown + Progetto Nomade,’ a pioneering concept where fashion and design combine one another with the search for novelty and design excellence, along with storytelling. The project was born thanks to the union of two realities: on one hand MANINTOWN magazine, which explores menswear ever since 2014, founded by Federico Poletti; on the other, the PROGETTO NOMADE, a new travelling container inspired by the likes of art, design and the collection of 50s pieces by Christian Pizzinini and Antonio Lodovico Scolari. From this creative synergy, a new exhibition format has developed, burgeoning a narrative that’s curated in visual design by art director and brand strategist Cecilia Melli.

MANINTOWN + PROGETTO NOMADE GALLERY wants to be a prime meeting point, a small living area in the center of the city of Milan, where fashion, craftsmanship or design enthusiasts will meet, likewise industry insiders. The space will host Italian and international talents who will be able to exhibit their productions, but also have networking opportunities thanks to presentations, small happenings and targeted appointments. 

August 2020 will see the launch of MANINTOWN’s e-commerce space, giving change to fashion brands (both emerging and non) and push digital access to retail horizons, encompassing both menswear and womenswear labels. “By combining the strength of the already renowned digital platform with the functionality of the e-commerce platforms and the exhibition space, we can better serve brands in an omni-channel approach,” remarked Francesca Riggio, Executive Brand Strategist Director at MANINTOWN.

The Progetto Nomade, however, has created the space and shared it with MANINTOWN, wants to consolidate the experience of the Palazzo dell’ Elefante della Torre in Salento, where exhibitions and events related to art and the design will enable a solid continuity to the projects and experiment with refreshing promotional approaches.

MANINTOWN’s Editor-In-Chief Federico Poletti concludes: “This space was born in the name of inclusion, giving a voice to new realities that will not only be put on display, but also told in a different way following a phygital vision. From month to month the Gallery’s program will be enriched by creative appointments, scheduling new pioneers and small events. A new phase has now taken place in Milan, city which has always been dynamic and fruitful in cultural initiatives.

Philanthropic Fashion: Designers Support Scholars (And Beyond) Through Free-Of-Charge Lectures

As times of upheaval couldn’t get worse and all hopes seem to dim, the fashion industry knows how to get hold of the quickest solutions. On this occasion, the Alexander McQueen’s Sarabande foundation has consolidated in the making of free lectures on the subjects of art and fashion, as the world rolls in self-isolation. 

Titled The Sarabande Sessions, the free-of-charge classes are set to broadcast talks from household such as Thom Browne, Tim Walker, Molly Goddard, and A-COLD-WALL*’s Samuel Ross – and that’s just to name a few.

The first session, on March 27, featured a dialogue between Oscar-winning designer Colleen Atwood and acting mogul Eddie Redmayne. Classes start everyday at 5 pm DMT and run until April 9. 

The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 31 March
Camp: Notes on Fashion. Andrew Bolton in conversation with Liam Freeman.

Wednesday 1 April
A-COLD-WALL*’s Samuel Ross in conversation with Bunny Kinney

Thursday 2 April
Grayson Perry

Friday 3 April
Script to screen: How to get your films made with Olivier Kaempfer, Amy Jackson and Fiona Lamptey.

Saturday 4 April
Get your film seen: How to market your film with Bunny Kinney, Saam Farahmand and Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith

Sunday 5 April
Jake Chapman in conversation with Mark Sanders

Monday 6 April
Juno Calypso

Tuesday 7 April
Maggi Hambling OBE in conversation with James Cahill

Wednesday 8 April
Thom Browne in conversation with Tim Blanks

Thursday 9 April
Tim Walker in conversation with Molly Goddard

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Fausto Puglisi to launch first menswear capsule collection for the nonconformist hero at Pitti Uomo

Fausto Puglisi embodies the new generation of Italian New Wave designers that has captivated the world. His Pitti Uomo debut will see him show his first ‘For him’ capsule collection and the women’s Resort 2017 collection. Puglisi’s name is linked to sensual looks, impeccable tailoring and the bold contrasts of designs that are the coming together of his Italian origins and his fascination with all facets of American culture. Puglisi’s designs are the grammar of maximalism and decorative artistry applied to everything, from jeans to evening dresses, punctuated with a pop spirit, as revealed in the unpublished sketches that show the designer’s looks next to models of Greek statues or in poses that echo a classical beauty reworked in his distinct decorative language.

MANINTOWN went to learn more about the new menswear project from the designer himself.

Where did the idea for a menswear capsule collection come from?
The transversal nature of males and females and the concept of androgynous fashion have always been in my soul. The concept appeared as early as the 70s, when men were already buying women’s oversize garments. So the idea for this new adventure, a capsule collection made of very special pieces, came from the first proposals.

What kind of man did you have in mind?
I want to pay tribute to the beauty and nobility of the male and to the freedom of the hero who is not afraid to express his desires and unleash his inner demon. I took the ideals of the Greek male and reworked them in a contemporary spirit. The man of my collection dismisses the conventions of bourgeois good taste, has a personality full of contrasts and knows how to balance contradictions, the simple person as king.

Talking about your personal journey and contrasts, which cities do you feel closer to?
New York City is where I feel at home and where anything can happen, but I also love the energy and passion of the Mediterranean culture, from Naples to Istanbul, by way of South America. But also places like Miami, where at South Beach you can see a surprising variety of men.

What does fashion mean to you?
I believe that fashion is a highly creative craft, almost an art form, especially when communicated in a specific language. Fashion is also a social more that is a clear indicator of the mood of the society we live in.

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