Paolo Luban, The Man Behind The Tie

 If there’s one accessory that defines masculine elegance, it is surely the necktie. Few, or rather very few, men escape the symbolic grip of the tie, possible to fasten in no less than 84 different ways because, François de La Rochefoucauld wittily expressed “the knot is to the tie as the brain is to the man.” Binding tightly, that is, both literally and figuratively, is the man and this accessory. Emphasizing the concept of masculine elegance is Loïc et giL. New, and yet already iconic. Sleek, but unobtrusive, this very new brand born in 2015 boasts Italian manufacturing, Swiss origin, and a creative spirit. Go behind the sharp elegance of this accessory to reveal the ideational passion of Paolo Luban, a former manager from Geneva with an impressive business background, who is also a profound connoisseur of art. Luban injects this passion into every style of tie he creates, hiding in the folds of the perfect knot are references to François Morellet, Enrico Castellani quotes and implications of Klaus Staudt. MANINTOWN met up with Paolo Luban to find out more.

How would you define a tie?
It is the most immediately visible accessory on a man who is dressed formally. From this perspective, it is very important. It’s also the item that allows the man to personalise and enliven his outfit the most. From a universe of potentially vast styles and colours, with aesthetic “wiggle room” greater than that offered by other accessories.

Do you have a favourite fabric?
Printed silk. For Loïc et giL, which focuses on originality of design and colours, it is a must.

Who is your muse for elegant menswear?
I don’t have any in particular. A few bloggers I follow have that natural class and a great capacity to combine the various elements of their look in an original way, for example like Guillaume Bo and Defustel. Among well-known fashion icons I have always admired Lapo Elkann.

You are one of those rare entrepreneurs who marries art and fashion- will you continue down that road?
[smiling] I definitely think so, those are my passions

Which men do you hope to dress with your ties?
All those who care about how they look. And all those who think their personal style can be amplified. Or at least a little bit…

What is the target market for your creations?
Mostly European countries, after all, my taste and aesthetic was born in this cultural and geographic context.

What are your projects for the future of the brand? What direction will it take?
In the near future, the goal is to make the brand and its styles as well-known as possible. The other challenge in the coming months will be to create new styles that continue to reinforce the strong identity of Loïc et giL.

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