Casa Italia chooses Vodka Ciroc to rock the nights in Rio 2016

CÎROC®, Ultra-Premium vodka distilled from grapes, will be the luxury spirit that will animate the events of Casa Italia in Rio 2016 Olympic Games. At the exclusive location of the Costa Brava Clube, the vodka bottle with the unmistakable blue colors will be the host with a cocktail dedicated to Italy that evokes the flavors and fragrances.
The cocktail, created by Fabrizio Widgeon, Ciroc Brand Ambassador, has three color levels: from deep red to white candid pasteurized egg white, through green basil decorating the glass, all mixed with guava and two Italian special products: the Sicilian lemon and the young Primitivo.
The contamination between Brazil and Italy of Ciroc cocktail interprets the spirit of Casa Italia, summarized in CIAOLA ‘, a word born from the crasis of Italian and Portuguese greeting’s as a sign of welcome and momentum towards each other.
4.5 cl of Ciroc vodka
3 cl Sicilian lemon juice
2 cl guava puree
7.5 ml of pasteurized egg white
3 cl of young Primitivo
Pour Ciroc vodka, lemon juice, guava puree and egg white into a cocktail shaker. Shake well. Pour into a highball glass previously filled with ice. Add the young Primitivo and garnish with a sprig of basil.

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