Horoscope for June 2021: Stars & Styles

Curated by Francesca Romana Riggio

Text by Astro Coach Massimo Giannone

Illustrations by Maria Lombardi


“Passion is everything. I desire the smallest things so madly, as well as the biggest ones. I have no peace” – Gabriele D’Annunzio

In a song by Domenico Modugno “Nel blu dipinto di blu”, the singer wants to convey energies and lightness through colors and notes. All dreams disappear at dawn and lead to look at the stars and fly. In a part of the song, he describes his enthusiasm like this: “I flew happily higher than the sun and even more, while the world was slowly disappearing over there, a sweet song was playing only for me…”. This song was probably written by the singer with Franco Migliacci on one of the saddest days of his life. That indicates that from a drastic event and pain, authentic marvel can rise. 

Dear Aries friends, when situations around us tend to afflict us or prevent us from looking at the future, we need to be overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and desire to do. It is in the difficult phases that we can implement our winning ideas and great projects. 

Love: by removing negative thoughts and believe that you can improve your condition. It is necessary to find a way to discuss and have dialogues being willing and avoiding closing yourself off. 

Career: Saturn in Aquarius will give you a sort of wisdom dictated by experiences of sacrifices that you have made over the last few years. Ongoing changes require high focus and desire of stimuli. An amazing path is taking place.

Your Path is: ENTHUSIASM

In Greek culture, the word enthusiasm expressed physical or mental excitement. You were pervaded by a deity that made you crazy somehow. Platon distinguished the enthusiasm associating it to divinities: Apollo led to prophetic delirium, Dionysus led to mystic delirium, the Muses led to poetic delirium, and Afrodite to love delirium. A sort of disconnection from reality, the divinity led the individual to a non-rational dimension where the reason does not act and superior energy took over. Actually, through a flow of energies, what is incomprehensible can turn into reality. 


“Understanding human beings is intelligence, understanding oneself is wisdom” – Lao Tse.

A sentence in Matthew’s Gospel impressed me: “Those who want to save their life will lose it, those who will lose their life for my sake will find it again”. This leads to me a reflection: one can rise from its ashes only through sacrifices and pain. This is the path needed to purify the soul and lead it to a gradual evolution until it reaches an immense light made of beauty and purity. 

Even Dante Alighieri, in his works, tells us about a similar journey: the human being must know the hell to reach heaven. Only through the knowledge of evil, he/she can reach goodness. Jung, a famous psychologist, states that it is not enough to know many books to become a psychologist, but it is necessary to observe with your own eyes the dynamics around us, from the most hideous to the most beautiful ones. I remember my father’s quote: “The path will give you the right experience.”

Dear Taurus friends, with wisdom and depth of soul, you will be able to change yourself drastically. It will be a difficult path. Through the pain, the experiences will lead you to personal growth and empathy towards others. Only those who have crossed such routes can understand and donate with their essence. 

 Love: you will experience a phase of self-criticism and search in your soul for the reasons why things happen in your daily sentimental life. You will be sympathetic towards those who love you, even if they are in the wrong. Like a wise old man, you will listen to them and with a smile, you will demonstrate your closeness. 

Career: with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, you will be able to have the right vision to act and understand your colleagues’ needs. You will adopt a far-sighted vision and you will support people in need. 

Your Path is: EMPATHY

With empathy, the ability to pick up the deepest values, and the right attitude towards yourself and others, you will balance your daily tensions. Through a deep reflection, you will reach a state of mind that enables you to connect with other people recognizing their emotions and accepting their points of view. In this way, you will understand the meaning of everything.


“Each man confuses the limits of his sight with the limits of the world” – Arthur Schopenhauer. 

In a poem by Gerald Parks, an American poet and writer, he wishes to overcome the obstacles, and he writes: “People are provincial: their province is the world[…] and the sea and the sky are the only borders.”People often adjust to their environment and establish borders conventionally. However, they should change their point of view. 

Dear Gemini friends, an important phase has started. Astral energies, the node in the sign, and Mercury, the supporter of your communication, will stimulate your mind and lead you to the essence of things. A new vision, a path of purification, a light that will make you grow, dream and build destinations rich in harmonies.

Love: you will have a deep vision of the behavioral dynamics around you. You will try to get rid of tensions and attitudes of addiction to the people you love. Through such awareness, you will make steady and constructive your relationship. 

Career: You will set limits and with assertiveness, you will manage your professional relationships and won’t allow your colleagues or bosses to take over. You will somehow impose your rights. With kindness, you will make other people respect you. “Each man confuses the limits of his sight with the limits of the world”, claimed Arthur Schopenhauer, a German philosopher. 


During this phase, you need to get rid of what you don’t need. Don’t allow others to bring their burdens into your soul. To do so, you need to set limits that don’t have to be overcome by others’ needs. 


“The most powerful factors of distraction are emotions: everything that arouses strong feelings catches our attention” – Davide Goleman

Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist, stated: “Be careful and you will be happy”. Carefulness leads the individual to find solutions and the keys to success. Focusing, we train our minds like athletes do when they challenge their potentialities going beyond the limits to achieve their goals. Focusing on goals helps find solutions and makes our life easier. Listening to our senses and our creativity, our abilities will increase, letting go of negative thoughts that limit our potentialities. With gratefulness, values, and virtue, individuals will find a way to solve and raise their spirit to personal growth. 

Dear Cancer friends, with Venus and Mars in the sign, you will have the chance to make significant changes in your life. Intense energies, taste for beauty, and right emotions will lead you to long-desired dreams. It will be necessary to have a clear vision of what you want and focus on your goal.

Love: by removing usual schemes and useless attitudes and forgiving past events, you will be able to identify the repetitive aspects of your relationship. Meditation is a good path. 

Career: Mars will give you energies. Make the best use of this phase. Through high concentration and a far-sighted vision, you will develop paths of great professional satisfaction. A new successful stage is starting. 

Your Path is: FOCUS 

Staying focus on your goals helps you understand the dynamics to follow in every aspect of your life. Not only does an unclear vision waste our time but it also makes us live situations that could be avoided. It is important to have clear ideas ut don’t get distracted by immediate needs. Through calm and focusing on your goal, you will head in the right direction and achieve the best results. 


“When you wake up in the morning, remember that being alive is a privilege: breathing, thinking, loving” – Marco Aurelio.

Through a positive mind, it is possible to turn negative events into opportunities. According to Louise Hay, all our thoughts create reality. So, we need to reschedule our thoughts to have a more harmonic manifestation of reality closer to what we desire and in line with the energies around us. Have you ever heard about the law of attraction? We emanate thousands of thoughts during the day, and the negative ones often take over. It is necessary to believe firmly in what we desire to change the dynamics of what is wrong in our existence. In this way, cosmic energies will help us fulfill our dreams. 

Dear Leo friends, Saturn in Aquarius will put you in front of choices. Willpower will be necessary to achieve your goals. 

Love:  your partner needs a clear vision of what you desire. You have to satisfy the desires of those who love you to evolve your relationship. You will experience emotional growth. 

Career: you will be able to make your thoughts change course. You will be altruistic and understand others’ limits. Be essential and your autonomy will grow.


 Feeling nervous about the problems to face won’t help you find the right solutions. A positive and proactive attitude is necessary to improve your life’s quality, firmly believing that there is a solution to everything. It is essential to observe everything from an optimistic point of view, trying to remove negative thoughts. 


“I consider those who overcome their desires braver than those who conquer their enemies because the hardest victory is the one against yourself” – Aristotle.

Observing things with the eyes of the soul puts us in contact with the world of energies that lead human beings to a reawakening, peace, serenity, and above all, a clear vision of the self.

In Greek culture, Dionysus is a divinity, the son of Zeus, Bacco for the Romans, connected with the plants’ lifeblood. This divinity is also connected to flourishing, abundance, vineyards, and wine. It is told that he fell for a young human boy. After a vision of the boy’s death, he decided to protect him from his mortal condition. But, for every human being, death comes. His vision became the truth: Dionysus found the boy’s corpse in a field. He started crying and leaned on his stick. From his tears, a plant grew, it started twisting around the plant, and fruit with the shape of his tears grew, the grape, symbol of hope and prosperity. This legend teaches us that from pain, a possibility can emerge. 

Dear Virgo friends, Neptune opposing your sign indicates a difficult path that will lead you to growth and a new dimension of life. Taking painful routes, you will reach your destinations and the fruits of what you desire. 

Love: through understanding and higher awareness, you will be able to give the right advice to those who love you. Instead of judgment, you will be sympathetic.

Career: you will be tired, you will have to manage people and complex situations. However, you will have the right boost to help and convey values to people you collaborate with. 

Your Path is: ELEVATION  

It is time to make a deeper evolution. Physical and material understanding is not enough. You need to go back to the essence of everything. In this way, you will have the chance to overcome your negative aspects and fulfill your reality properly and harmoniously. You will have new lifeblood to face every field of your existence in a new way, deeper, without fears, but with great understanding and awareness.


“Those who teach their children respect for the environment and love for animals are building a better future” – Rinaldo Sidoli. 

In a song by Michael Jackson, “Earth song”, the singer explains that we have to understand the injuries we have caused to the Earth, listen to the screams in pain and do something to respect the environment, the seas we are destroying. It is necessary to understand that the Earth gives us its fruits, but we have to preserve and respect it. We have to turn our mistakes into quality. 

Dear Libra friends, you have to respect yourselves and understand that if you hurt yourself, you hurt the environment around you. The mind tricks you, intelligence and kindness will help you. 

Love: you can be live happily, removing negative thoughts that afflict you. Try to transform them through new awareness. Do not create a reality based on self-punishment. By changing energies, your daily life will bloom again. 

Career: with Saturn in Aquarius, excessive reasoning might prevent you from picking up the best fruits of this phase. Anticipating too much to avoid dangers might actually make you live pessimistically and it might block your professional initiatives. Face your daily life positively and try not to put off too much.

Your Path is: PRESERVING

It is often to find signs that say: “Do not pick up flowers, leave this place clean” If we create a harmonious relationship with our surroundings and respect the environment, we create harmony and feel in tune with universal energies. 


“It is the repetition of statements that leads the other to believe. And when belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen” – Muhammad Ali. 

According to Aristotle, persuasion is the art of leading people to take actions they usually would not take. In this way, society leads us to an idea, an opinion, a purchase. Those who are thirsty for knowledge, resist more to persuasive stimuli. 

Dear Scorpio friends, Uranus in Taurus will push you to make some changes. Be sweet and quiet when imposing your will, try to give as many explanations as possible. 

Love: strategies will not bring many results, but if you adopt an empathic attitude towards your partners, you can persuade them. Repete them that you need their support.

Career: you have to express your intentions clearly with your colleagues to persuade them, using a persuasive and sweet tone of voice. With Pluto in Capricorn, you will be able to handle any difficulty and turn the tables in your favor. 

Your Path is: PERSUADING

You need to lead others to reflect if they do not want to take part in unknown initiatives. Through convincing and sincere communication, you will be able to conquer sympathies. 


“A heart that searches, feels that something was missing; a heart that lost, knows what it was deprived of ” – Goethe.

Concerning research, Plato states: “Those who love philosophy live pursuing their occupations, but always staying true to the philosophy that makes them intelligent”. A journey to seek the truth in our daily life to reach a destination that, like Aristotle said, has to be the greater good, not only for ourselves but also for the community. 

Dear Sagittarius friends, With Mercury and Gemini, your words will have much weight. It will be necessary to dose them with intelligence and search for the right ways to follow, being transparent with the other. In this way, you will avoid criticism and tensions.

Love:  the need to find new balances in your relationship will encourage you. You will be able to open yourself clearly and gently to those who love you. You will foster harmony, enhancing understanding and sharing. 

Career: your need for growth will be satisfied by the hunger for knowledge and your innate curiosity about following dangerous paths, but they will lead you to success. Reward other people’s ideas as well. 

Your Path is: SEARCHING 

It is in curiosity and research that people follow paths to find explanations and answers. We have discovered and understood the world since we were children. Don’t stop being curious, even though obstacles distract you, because life is a constant discovery. The impossible can become possible. 


“Everyone is looking for someone to blame,”- Tom Waits. 

Assign to everyone what he/she deserves wisely means recognizing the merit. Socrates was one of the first martyrs because of his ethics and morality. He was sentenced to death owing to his belief, but he conveyed many teachings that are still modern today for their depth. His works are unique. Nowadays, those who create content, a song, or whatever, are protected by law, through copyright, a necessary regulation due to the new technologies, the Internet, and social media. It clarifies someone’s property and is a form of respect for those who produce, create, write something. 

Dear Capricorn friends, Venus in opposition might increase your ego and lead you to boast too much about things that do not belong to you. A form of sadness and melancholy might lead you to make mistakes. To avoid it, the path is sincerity and clarity by giving everything the right value. 

Love: excessive confidence in yourself might lead you to unfair attitudes towards your partner. Always wonder yourself before acting: is it right? In this way, you will be aware of the fairness of your actions and you will be honest with yourself and others. 

Career: you have to understand what the priorities are and identify your limits. If you cannot fulfill a project, accept your limits. Give the right value to what you have to do. Maybe delegate your tasks to other people. 

Your Path is: ASSIGNING

Each person is unique. By respecting the individuals and the community we create a harmony that gives an interpretative vision of who created something. In short, recognize your problems and do not blame others. 


“Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which the human being rises over earthly things” – Tommaso da Kempis.

Catharsis is a Greek word that describes the action of getting rid of conflicts and suffering through the re-elaboration of experienced traumas, like purification. Only through an understanding of the reasons why we suffer. A journey to our past can untie the knots and we can free ourselves from burdens that prevent us from being serene. Even contact with nature can help in this terms, being surrounded by the beauty of nature. If it is not possible, it is recommended to have plants in the environment where you live, they help focus, alleviate stress, and purify the air. 

Dear Aquarius friends, Saturn in the sign, will lead you to responsibility and practicality. You will need something new, a spiritual rebirth. You will be very careful about your choices and select people with who you share your daily life. 

Love: you will need to rebuild relationships. Some cycles ended, but the path is slow. The stars are on your side. If you are single, you will experience a phase rich in bright spots. Couples will find harmony.

Career: you will know what to do, but there will be challenges to face. You will be able to handle any situation with your innate sensitivity and grace. There will be pleasant news for the young people of the sign.

Your Path is: PURIFYING 

A path of mental cleansing is necessary. You accumulated heavy energies and thoughts, you faced situations without any help: that has not made your path easy. You should try techniques of breathing or meditation to enjoy positive energies. 


“Intuition is the voice of angels and it should not be ignored. Listen to your intuitions, pay attention to your instinct, inspirations, ideas” – Neale Donald Walsh. 

According to Plato, intuition was the immediate knowledge and it allows to reach supreme truths. In a song by John Lennon, “Intuition”, the singer describes how it is possible to travel through intuition. The lyrics say: “Intuition takes me there/ Intuition takes me everywhere/ Well, my instincts are fine/ I had to learn to use them in order to survive”.It is an innate sense in human beings through which it is possible to predict and prevent events.

Dear Pisces friends, with Jupiter and Neptune in the sign, your skills will increase thanks to the stars. Jupiter, the planet of luck and success, will bring serenity and satisfaction, and Neptune will lead you to change your reality through imagination and creativity. 

Love: you will overcome your anxieties through instinct and curiosity that will protect you by anticipating events. Some doubts might delay this process, but you will set out for an amazing period of inspiration. 

Career: a sort of geniality will inspire you, you will intuit how to relate with your colleagues, you will influence professional events. However, emotions will prevail over rationality. This is a great phase for investments.

Your Path is: INTUITION 

Understanding in advance how to move is a priority of this phase. A unique instinct will accompany you. Use the first instinct, without thinking too much, otherwise, you will risk making mistakes. 

Horoscope for May 2021: Stars & Styles

Welcome to Stars and Styles, our monthly horoscope appointment, with the guidance of Astro-coach Massimo Giannone, renowned astrologer. Gifted with exceptional sensitivity, he reads with a methodical eye and interprets with the gift of intuition. Giannone has literally conquered the heart of Italy, starting from Milan, the capital of fashion and publishing, with his fixed appointments on Il Sole 24 Ore and Gioia.

His method has also conquered the high-end fashion industry, which has led him to be the protagonist of fashion events and promotional tours throughout Italy for brands such as Maliparmi and Prairie. His approach, far from generic, enters the psychological and soul aspect of the personalities linked to the zodiacal sign, with a perceptive interpretative key that is aimed at providing advice for rebirth, rebuilding.

Experiences are teachings, if you learn to grasp their directives, your life can change completely” says Massimo Giannone.

Curated by Francesca Romana Riggio

Text by Astro Coach Massimo Giannone

Illustrations by Maria Lombardi

Aries – During childhood, curiosity gives children a chance to joy and be surprised in front of any new opportunity in their daily life. They are free from social restrictions and fears that prevent people from facing new situations. To overcome events that afflict us, we should look at reality with children’s eyes, which turn a problem into an opportunity through their purity of soul. 

Dear Aries, your emotional state is not fulfilling. Many external events and your state of mind not willing to share might increase stress. Be proactive and try not to fill your mind with negative thoughts. 

Love: some family situations make your soul nervous and they might lead you to arguments or misunderstanding with your partner. The time has come to overcome this feeling and win over tensions through lightness. 

Career: you need more stability and the current situation is not giving you balances but a pessimistic view that could affect your fixed professional results. Try to communicate without getting angry. 

“True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it the presence of justice”, claimed Martin Luther King. 

Your Path: constantly living under mental pressure prevents us from helping each other and finding the necessary ways to rebalance our daily life. We should behave freely and without the logic that forces us to face things immediately: we should wait for better times. Rigour increases tensions. We have to imagine evolving in other situations, thus crossing the threshold of a new becoming, more harmonious and proper for us. 

Taurus – Romanticism was an artistic and cultural movement in the 18th century, but it is also an emotional, passionate, and dreamy state of mind that can arouse emotions and create unforgettable atmospheres through gestures and self-manifestation. Observing reality with such a feeling turns every situation into an emotional vibration. 

Dear Taurus, with Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in the sign, you will convey emotions and strong feelings through your sweet and sensitive words in every aspect of your daily life. Focusing on giving and understanding, you will attract positive energies that will make you happy.

Love: your words to the people you love will vibrate with emotional and intense vibrations that will arouse strong feelings in your partner. You will create a dreamy and romantic environment full of passions and moments to share. Your desires will be satisfied and you will receive valuable attention. 

Career: with Jupiter in Pisces from mid-month, your need for something new will be satisfied by glad and unexpected news. You will overcome obstacles thanks to your instinct, letting you jump at any opportunity. 

“To say the word Romanticism is to say modern art – that is, intimacy, spirituality, color, aspiration towards the infinite, expressed by every means available to the arts”, claimed Charles Baudelaire, a French poet. 

Your Path: You have to look at your daily life without any filter and live it as if it were a fairy tale that teaches that everything can be turned into an occasion to challenge yourselves. With a romantic and dreamy attitude, you can turn everything into a new wonderful reality. 

Gemini Many Greek gods’ personalities can be used as metaphors to explain how we can face situations in our daily life. An interpretation to overcome rooted convictions and improve ourselves, thus beginning a new path that can give us new tools and goals. 

Dear Gemini, with Mercury and Venus in the sign, you will have the right way to communicate and convey your emotions, ideas, and the beauty in you through the comprehension of others’ needs. 

Love: the dialogue will be your trump card. You will be able to convey lightness and the right emotions to your beloved ones, you will face misunderstandings with your partner with closeness and a strong sense of protection. Young people and single ones will experience maturity in the soul and will have the enthusiasm and desire to act. 

Career: it is time to look at the future with more trust and responsibility. Nothing has to be casual, your objectives have to be clear. Evaluate everything before giving consent, dedicating yourselves to your necessities, and giving more value to your time. Neptune in Pisces might distract you. Avoid vices and any excess. 

“If understanding is impossible, knowing is necessary”, claimed Primo Levi, a writer. 

Your Path: we try every day to understand the daily experiences that improve us. The universe is loving and it gives us the right way through experiences. Don’t persist in going your way and accept that everything has its solving time. 

Cancer When dealing with a challenge, finding the right energetic strength means understanding and adapting to universal laws. 

The lyrics of the song “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay are inspired by a famous painting by Frida, a Mexican paintress, appreciated for her optimism. The song talks about kings, knights, and missionaries, it has many religious references and a tendency to give an optimistic vision of life, even when facing cruel events.

Dear Cancer, with Mars in the sign, you will have great energies to face your daily life, but you will need a balance and you will have to overcome those feelings that might not make you take opportunities when they come. 

Love: a depth of soul, a tendency to intense passions, and the right way to relate to those you love will make this phase great. Try to give them trust and transparency and reassure them. 

Career: you will be able to manage any obstacle with determination and there will be a lot of them. The stars suggest joining rigor and emotions. 

Your Path: energy is responsible for animating the material. To do any task, it is necessary to dose the energies, make them in tune with what we want to do. Avoid excesses and wastes. Our reality is energy and it is the basic element of everything in the universe. Dosing it means using it in the right way. 

Leo – Some mythological figures indicate a path in front of risks. Cyclops, for example, had reduced vision because they had only one eye in the middle of the forehead. They suggest that risk cannot be calculated: you cannot know how it will happen, but only the damage that it might cause. For example, we do know the disruptive power of catastrophic natural events such as earthquakes, but we do not know how and when they occur. The only way is the prevention to cushion the potential problem. So, it is no point feeling bad before the events, it is necessary to deepen your knowledge and try to do your best to avoid being caught unprepared. 

Dear Leo, there will be many difficulties and problems to face. Opposing Jupiter and Saturn are indicators of challenges, but with the right vision and good prevention, you will find a way to soften the obstacles and find good solutions. Don’t be anxious and nervous, concentration and an optimistic spirit will help you. 

Love:  it will be necessary to tolerate some annoying attitudes of your partner. Instead of reacting impulsively, try to explain your hard moments and your need for harmony and serenity to handle this phase. 

Career: you don’t have to make the mistake of overlooking difficult situations, but you need a long-term vision, avoiding causing further tensions and disappointments in your professional field. 

“The best ideas do not come from the reason, but a lucid, visionary madness”, claimed Erasmo of Rotterdam, a Dutch theologist and philosopher. 

Your Path: The right vision in every aspect of our daily life makes us open towards others and leads us to clear and friendly dialogue and the right way to face obstacles and difficulties. Finding the right vision also means solving everything that afflicts us, the path to our peace. 

Virgo – St Augustine teaches that patience is when we tolerate every evil and through which we can reach benevolent paths for us and the environment around us. Those who are not patient have energy that prevents them from improving and they often suffer. Being patient leads the soul to a more light future, understanding the temporary nature of events and that time will reorder things. 

Dear Virgo, fear and impatience might lead you to make mistakes that are hard to solve. Peace and calm are the most appropriate ways. Tolerating and waiting will lead you to serene in front of future situations. 

Love: opposing Venus, Neptune and the Sun will lead you to a dark spirit. You will struggle to understand your partner and you will be afraid of making mistakes that you won’t be able to solve. You need to trust your partner and avoid problems and concerns. 

Career: there will be a lot of occasions to take. Don’t let emotions take over you, take control and try to distinguish and separate your mind from your heart. Confirmations will come and you will find a way to work at your best. Breath deeply and wait for the right moments. 

“Don’t do good to others if you don’t have the strength to handle ungratefulness”, claimed Confucius, a Chinese philosopher. 

Your Path: patience is one of the greatest virtues. It makes us act at the best moments. It gives people the maturity to face any aspect of life. Moreover, caution reduces risk factors. In this way, you can overcome anxieties and disappointments caused by what you do not know, thus reinforcing willingness. 

Libra – In Greek mythology, the myth of Aracne is popular. Aracne was a young lady who had the art of weaving. She competed against the goddess Atena, known as a great weaver, to weave the best fabric. Aracne won the competition and the goddess herself had to admit the beauty of Aracne’s fabric. However, she got angry about losing and punished the young lady: she had to hang on a tree forever and could not weave with her hands anymore, but with her mouth. She turned her into a spider. Aracne was condemned because she was better at weaving than the goddess Atena. Anger and lack of sensitivity blind people. Despite your major position in something, there is no need to be presumptuous, just be grateful for your talents.  

Dear Libra, benevolent Mercury will lead you to deep dialogue and high intellectual stimuli. You will have the chance to attract the desired opportunities, but great humility is necessary.

Love: with sweet and comprehensive words, you will encourage your partner and the people you love, you will lead them to serenity and the solution for their fragilities. In this way, you will improve the couple’s intimacy and your family relationships. 

Career: at work, you need to be sensitive to your professional partners and colleagues. Avoid tensions and arguments. By expressing your necessities clearly and gently you will create relationships based on fairness and transparency. 

“Sensitivity is the most elegant and precious dress intelligence could wear”, claimed Osho, a spiritual mentor. 

Your Path:  Being sensitive to those we love leads us to control our instincts and a different way of reacting, because, through understanding, the ability to judge is higher and closer to others. Don’t be indifferent but sympathetic so that you will be appreciated for this behavior. 

Scorpio – Perceiving without rationalizing is a heart’s quality. It allows people to pick up early the events, waking up from an illusory reality. In a song by The Sun, “The opportunities I missed”, the lyrics invite us to understand that it is always possible to choose, the essence of everything is LOVE, with which we face every aspect of our life. An invitation to believe in our strengths and understand that negative events can turn into an opportunity for personal growth. 

Dear Scorpio, Mercury in Taurus in the first days of the month and Uranus in the sign suggest acting with a depth of heart in every field of your daily life. A word uttered with your heart cheers up others’ souls and will make you avoid deterrent impulses. 

Love: to keep serenity in your couple, the stars suggest listening to your emotions but also being careful not to let them take over. Prevent instincts from taking control with complicity and kindness.

Career: Jupiter will stimulate your creativity. Thanks to a far-sighted vision, you will enjoy stability and a deep critical sense. In this way, you will avoid pitfalls. Moreover, if you add your heart to your initiatives you will get respect and gratifications. 

“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides”, claimed Audrey Hepburn, a British actress. 

Your Path: expressing ourselves through our heart and not our mind leads us to a wonderful path, making us realize if a person or a situation is right for us. Our heart knows already the future helping us take the right way. 

Sagittarius –  In a song by Fabrizio de Andrè “Fragile friend”, the songwriter describes the defeat of those who chose the role of judge, moralist, and libertarian. A part of the song says:” I could cross liters and liters of coral to reach a place called Bye-bye”. A reflection of the artist, dictated by his pain of not understanding his limits. 

Dear Sagittarius, with opposing Mercury and Venus, your words and feelings will experience a sort of fragility because of great sensitivity and achieved maturity.

Love: dialogues will be a bit lively and confrontation will not be easy. Others will not understand you easily and you will receive criticisms or unfair attitudes. Be kind and maybe postpone the dialogue when the phase is more harmonious. 

Career: you might receive annoying news that will make you anxious. You should listen and be accomodating. Young people of the sign will have to accept criticism. 

“The strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its fragility”, claimed Paulo Coelho. 

Your Path: go beyond your limits, overcome your necessities to be closer to the people we care about. It is a great act of love that purifies your soul and gives valid tools to build harmonies. 

Capricorn – There are different ways to approach demons inside of us. They have a powerful impact on us, so it is necessary to recognize them to face them in the best possible way. Each of us experiences emotions differently from others. A positive and intense way is to overcome fears and guilt. Then it is necessary to remove negative emotions gradually, trying to overcome waves of anger. 

Dear Capricorn, with opposing Mars, you will have an energy drain, a sort of dissatisfaction that might cause negative emotions and extreme attitudes towards those who love you. You have to change your way of acting to avoid situations of instability. 

Love: sadness and misunderstandings are too painful for you, you will feel misunderstood and ignored. You might no longer handle the environment around you. The solution to these situations is self-control. 

Career: at workyou will be a bit tired and demotivated because situations struggle to take off and also because you thought you would achieve some rewards earlier. Rather than grieving, try to make the best use of your chances and time, maybe by investing in training. 

“First of all, the emotion! Only after understanding”, claimed Paul Gauguin, a French painter. 

Your Path: to overcome your emotions and avoid making mistakes, you need to stop a moment to reflect and find control of the situation through techniques such as meditation. You have to consider what is useful and positive for you, learning to recognize events before they happen. 

Aquarius – In Greek mythology, the myth of Apollo and Daphne is well known. Daphne was Gea and Peneo’s daughter, she was a nymph who decided to give up on love. Apollo fell in love with her, but she asked for help from her father to escape from the temptation of love and she turned into a laurel tree: a transformation to overcome human limits and ascend to win pain. 

Dear Aquarius, with Jupiter until mid-month and Saturn in the sign, you will overcome your fragility through a process of sublimation. It is necessary to evolve from caterpillar to butterfly, even though it will imply some sacrifices. 

Love: some news will come, but you will not get things easily. You need to overcome anxieties and accept Saturn’s teachings. Through coherence and strong will, you will be able to manage your fragility. 

Career: you need to have a lot of grit. You have to win apprehension with a lucid vision and determination. Avoid being influenced by others’ limits and try to move on confidently. Your ability to reason will help you. 

“Pain has some limits, but apprehension doesn’t, because we grieve for what we know has happened, but we fear everything that can happen”, claimed Plinius the Elder, a philosopher. 

Your Path:  when we feel troubled, we need to put aside painful thoughts and turn our minds to positive memories. It is necessary to avoid unclear situations, otherwise, concerns and fears increase. Being calm and peaceful helps find serenity. You will grow to achieve maturity that will lead you to clear skies by overcoming your barriers. 

Pisces – A song by Achille Lauro, “Rolls Royce”, talks about an unquiet life, where it is difficult to be carefree. It talks about people dealing with excesses, drugs, overcoming human limits, people who did not manage to handle their success and have chosen a path of no return to a lack of respect towards themselves. Fragility and fear lead human beings to self-destruction or self-punishment. 

Dear Pisces, Neptune is the planet that in astrology represents dreams and fantasy, but it also indicates vices and extremes such as drugs and addictions. In your sign, it can indicate a brilliant vision out of traditional canons. However, you do not have to go beyond the extremes, it is necessary to have control. Love and respect yourselves and others.

Love: excessive sentimentality can lead to dissatisfaction if you do not have that love returned. Rather than hurting yourself with negative thoughts, play with your imagination and avoid imposing your will. 

Career: intuition will be high during this phase. You will be able to reason and have a great future vision. Stay away from prejudice and if events are too repetitive, avoid excesses of judgment. 

“If all the year were playing holidays, to sport would be as tedious as to work”, claimed William Shakespear. 

Your Path: self-doubt and fear of risks can lead to excesses. A middle course is preferred. Create harmonious connections with self-respect and respect for others. 

Horoscope for February 2021: Stars & Styles

Welcome to Stars and Styles, our NEW monthly horoscope appointment, with the guidance of Astro-coach Massimo Giannone, renowned astrologer. Gifted with exceptional sensitivity, he reads with a methodical eye and interprets with the gift of intuition. Giannone has literally conquered the heart of Italy, starting from Milan, the capital of fashion and publishing, with his fixed appointments on Il Sole 24 Ore and Gioia.

His method has also conquered the high-end fashion industry, which has led him to be the protagonist of fashion events and promotional tours throughout Italy for brands such as Maliparmi and Prairie. His approach, far from generic, enters the psychological and soul aspect of the personalities linked to the zodiacal sign, with a perceptive interpretative key that is aimed at providing advice for rebirth, rebuilding.

Experiences are teachings, if you learn to grasp their directives, your life can change completely” says Massimo Giannone.

Curated by Francesca Romana Riggio

Text by Astro Coach Massimo Giannone

Illustrations by Maria Lombardi

Aries“Personality is like a charioteer with two headstrong horses, each wanting to go in different directions.”, Martin Luther King.

Consistency and personality will be the motto for this month as you share your plans balancing in every area of daily life.

In The Great Gatsby, directed by Baz Luhrmann, tells the story of an aspiring writer named Nick, who is in a psychiatric hospital to treat alcohol addiction. During a visit, Nick recounts with difficulty his arrival in New York and a man who fascinated him with his qualities, but he struggles to express himself. The doctor advises him to write this story with characters of dubious morality that somehow give him lessons. Here he meets Gatsby.

Gatsby is a business tycoon who holds beautiful parties at his estate every weekend, and Nick is invited to one of these parties the two become friends and live many gimmicks together. The film ends with Gatsby’s death and realizes that he is his only true friend and that he was the only one who knew his truths. Nick stands in the deserted house and thinks about his predisposition to Hope, rowing his thoughts toward a present that no longer leads to the past.

Dear Aries friends, a great lesson has been learned by you, and that is: we are today and tomorrow and not yesterday.

Love:  you will have a new style in expressing your feelings, with more depth, and with beneficial Saturn, you will reach unexpected goals and high balances in your relationship.

Career: excellent organizational skills and good vision will make this phase exceptional, both in earnings and in relationships with others.

Your Path: a profound transformation is taking place in your soul and personality. You will refine your ability to perceive. You will control your instincts and know how to act sparingly and powerfully. However, do not look back and rejoice in the future. If you cannot express yourself, write what you think.

Taurus“Passions are not virtues, but natural impetuses: they are not acquired by free acts but precede human speech. They do not perfect the soul, but perturb the heart and alter the semblance”, Salvator Rosa.

“Impetus” is a bursting force, an uncontainable determination that affects people in front of it. In contrast, there is “caution”: the control to better manage this force aroused by Mars and Uranus.

Angela Hewitt, one of the most famous pianists, begins every performance with an extraordinary impetus, virtuosity, and high control of her instrument. She suggests to the audience enthusiasm, a great desire to wait for the silence to manifest with the applause the joy and the passion transmitted. A journey through the notes emanated with a mastery that creates a fantastic dimension, unique, indescribable.

Harmonies that lead to freedom, to not thinking in immersing oneself in vibrations that, despite the rigor and coldness of the execution, leave room only for astonishment and wonder.

Everything, even impetus and, rigor can, if managed well, create perfect harmonies. The secret is to dose and not be won by extremes, by passion.

Dear Taurus friends, with Mars and Uranus in the sign receiving antagonistic energies from Venus and Mercury, the control to be adopted will be on the verbal and emanation of your feelings.

Love: some aspects are emerging, and they do not work in your relationship. This does not mean that it will be necessary to make impulsive and drastic decisions. You can overcome crises if you control your emotions and manage your nervousness.

Career:  in work, Uranus gives you creative skills that will allow you to win colleagues’ trust and implement solutions to obstacles with grit and determination.

Your path: every experience comes in our lives to teach us something. An obstacle can turn into an opportunity if you choose the best reaction. The most appropriate path for you is the reliability that your sign represents: but also the wait, give time to those who love you to get in tune with you.

Gemini“In all affairs it’s a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.”, Bertrand Russell.

In a song by a famous Italian group formed in 2002, Modà, “If you could not die,” part of the melody talks about certainties. “If you could keep more promises. And in return, have the certainty, the roses will bloom without thorns. If you could not die…”

It’s a beautiful meditation of a vision of a different world, an imagination of a world where we give more sense of beauty to what surrounds us. Nothing is for granted, not even the sun’s warmth, and in this understanding have in return the certainties, which we often lack in our existence.

In an imaginary world where we understand everything that surrounds us, we can create a new vision. A world with a new idea allows us to realize what was wrong and what was not letting us enjoy the beauties that are already a reality but that our needs had obscured through our limitations.

Dear Gemini, with benevolent Jupiter from May, you are moving towards new visions, new perspectives, solid points, and certainties that will be part of your daily life.

Love: with the node in the sign for the whole year, you will emanate great depth in the relationship, you will observe every aspect of your relationship, and you will know how to act decisively towards those who love you, evolving the ties in a more intense level.

Career: you will have an evolutionary path: the futile will be opposed to the essence, the necessary things, no impulses, and a lot of consistency, affirmation, and professional solidity will be the natural consequence of this growth.

Your path: you gain high growth, through understanding past mistakes, you move toward an era of certainty and solidity. However, the goals achieved are also the results of our history. Nothing is lost, not even the negative experiences, because it is through their understanding that we advance towards more beautiful, more pure shores.

Cancer“The gifts, believe me, captivate both men and Gods,” Ovid.

Buddha taught that generosity is a practice that not only benefited others but gave joy to the souls who practiced it. Through this path, you can offer material goods, teachings, help in difficulties and advise a pathway suitable for others. It is a discipline that allows you with reasonableness to understand what is acceptable and not. It also lets you comprehend patience and concentration because, through this discipline, a positive force-feeds and grows within us. 

It is a journey for the soul, through which you will understand that vibrations make us and, if we are not in the right frequencies, we transmit things that then cause discomfort, tension, unhappiness. 

Dear Cancer friends, astral aspects give positive indications. Still, they need some help: it is necessary to seek the right harmonies and to understand that improving ourselves will improve the world around us. 

Love: you will be able to unite in one body with your loved one. Transmit the right values and eliminate bad habits. These are the causes that have made for a long time your history fluctuating and without solidity.

Career: gifts that you never thought you had will emerge, a renewal with the help of Neptune in Pisces, which will stimulate your creativity. Efforts will be necessary, never lose heart and continue in the struggles. Practices will not be lacking.

Your path: giving to oneself is one of the most complex experiences because the thought of not deserving afflicts many souls. Deep awareness is needed to reach the dimension of gratification, then everything that seemed impossible becomes a reality because we create events and give them a volume. 

Leo“We have not journeyed across the centuries, across the oceans, across the mountains, across the prairies, because we are made of sugar candy.”, Winston Churchill

The work of the shepherd is one of the most ancient in the world.

In ancient tales and paintings, they are a symbol of serenity and peace.

Even in mythology, we speak of them as loved by gods for their strength and beauty; one of these Aci, a Sicilian shepherd, even made a nymph refuse the love of a Cyclops. Neptune admiring the young man, turned him into a mountain that flowed a stream to rejoin his beloved water nymph.

In reality, however, this profession is very hard, filled with many privations, difficulties, and much commitment to face the daily hostilities.

Dear Leo friends, there are many hostilities to face with Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus in opposition. But with commitment and willpower, you will be able to get the better of obstacles.

Love: there will be no lack of solidity in the couple. You will have to help those who love you with tolerance: however, eros will be high. Try to be hostile or to manifest dissent. It would only feed the tensions.

Career: alas, a lot of pitfalls. Colleagues and unexpected situations can put a strain on your serenity. With commitment and dedication, especially without being pervaded by fears, you will find a way to overcome everything.

Your path: through one’s determination, it is possible to reach unbelievable achievements by holding firmly to one’s principles and attitude: each individual can overcome himself and get to unimaginable goals. Everything is possible with commitment, like a good shepherd who observes nature’s cycles and harmonizes with it.

VirgoLove should dare everything when it has everything to fear. Bernard-Joseph Saurin.

A song by Malika Ayane opens with: “You can go where you want, against the tide or never risk following footprints if you lack air.” 

And ends with: “There’s no laughing however I go The veracious friendliness how hard is it to think about it never dare is to ask you how are you.”

We can build a whole life out of habit, and it eventually manages to take possession of us. It is necessary to give depth to the things we live; otherwise, life itself loses meaning.

Daring and endangering are a content of our life that gives depth, in love but also our every moment, daring to go beyond the void or non-action, makes us friendly and maybe ask “how are you?

Dear Virgo friends, with Neptune in opposition, a sort of spiritual goodness could pervade you. A lack of creative vision and an emptiness built up with habits should be fought with daring, avoiding useless escapes.

Love: it will be necessary to understand how to relate to the loved one: avoiding putting them in difficulty with an attitude lacking understanding. It would be better to comfort them with kindness and support. 

Career: your perseverance will reward you, pay attention to oversights, and maybe check your work several times. It would help if you also prepared the ground for the following months: the stars recommend further training.

Your path: overcoming one’s fears leads to unexpected victories, overcoming events, and situations that are not easy to resolve. Finding the strength to dare gives opportunities, new paths that lead to overcoming risks, a stubbornness that often has a constructive ending.

Libra“Take life lightly, for lightness is not superficial, but gliding above things, not having weights on your heart.”, Italo Calvino.

Grasping what happens with lightness and a positive spirit helps us to go beyond that veil that is always present before us, the uncertain and unknown future.

Through great determination, every expedient can be faced with depth. This way, we also understand what superficiality is, and we can be more careful without leaving anything out.

We struggle between the superfluous and what is truly useful for us. We can drive away negative thoughts to build a reality devoid of judgment and aware of our infinite possibilities.

Dear Libra friends, after so many unpleasant events, the stars will be benevolent with you. Tension and worries will ease with favorable Saturn and Jupiter, but you will have to give your inner self lightness and choose paths free of judgment and unnecessary ballast.

Love: many of the signs will live a phase of intense emotions. The clouds experienced will be driven away by unanimous bursting and joy, through which you will involve your affections. There is great news for singles around mid-month.

Career: you will have a profound vision of what to do and manage with a good dose of ingenuity the tasks that will be entrusted to you. Even in relationships, you will be able to advise colleagues and acquaintances who will appreciate your help.

Your path: carry in the soul the difficulties with a positive attitude gives the opportunity to acquire a more harmonious vision of events, observe them from a different plane, and find a light that leads towards the solution. Seize opportunities.

Scorpio“Your confidence in the people, and your doubt about them, are closely related to your self-confidence and your self-doubt.”, Kahlil Gibran.

The writer Sibilla Aleramo, in her book “Una donna” (A woman), tells how difficult it is for women of her time to assert themselves in a male chauvinist world. An awareness of how the traditions, the roots, prevent the equality of rights, the traditionalist man wants his partner dedicated to taking care of household chores, children of the kitchen, thus depriving her of alternatives, of her realization in the social contest, to follow their passions.

An autobiographical book where she decides to leave her husband and her son to follow her path and fight the relationship’s constraints. 

Ideals of affirmation and dignity give her the strength to fight traditions through awareness: an initiative that brings suffering and the freedom to manage her inclinations.

Dear Scorpio friends, settling down to situations will not help: it’s all very well to accept, but you must also have the strength to emerge from the doldrums in which you live. The accumulation is never positive. From time to time, it is necessary to assert your needs, perhaps gradually and not as an impetus, to avoid the risk of being extreme.

Love: you have accepted something that was not right in the relationship for a long time: many of the signs have come to limits that were no longer able to withstand, up to the point of breaking or cold and detachment. In this new path, the energies are favorable: you must not give way to the others’ bad habits to take over in your daily life.

Career: Uranus in Taurus is not favorable. Many difficulties to face but innovating you will overcome any problem.

Your path: the inability to react to events gives a kind of fatigue, a desire not to act, an apathetic attitude because tired of living the same dynamics. It is necessary to change course, find new stimuli, revive the inner strength to drive away from the pessimism that could pervade you. There is a solution to everything. Just trigger the right mechanisms. Start from power and will, which you do not lack, Scorpio.

Sagittarius“The future is a door, the past is the key.”, Victor Hugo.

In the Zibaldone, a manuscript of thoughts and philological questions, a sort of diary of his ideas written for fifteen years, Leopardi tells of his reflections far back in time. Studies he had previously made and then modified and corrected in the following time even many years later, with a new lucidity, new experiences.

“Reason is the enemy of every greatness: Reason is the enemy of nature: nature is excellent, Reason is small”…(Zibaldone).

In short, a man will be great if illusions can not win him. In nature, there are no contradictions; everything is natural, and so should be the great man.

Dear friends of Sagittarius, it is useless to rehash past stories. It is necessary to turn your gaze to the future, drawing inspiration from past teachings and winning the soul’s contradictions through the experience gained.

Love: with the Favors of Venus, you will give liveliness and warmth to your relationship. Your needs will be reciprocated by those who love you, and the chemistry will be high, syntony, and omens of a unique path, with some boredom in the family. 

Career: ideas will lead you to achieve rewarding goals, talent is not lacking, and you will conquer partners and colleagues with enthusiasm and vision as a leader; tendency to new professions in contact with nature.

Your path: past events are in some way the history of our lives: they must cease to exist in our daily lives and must be taken as teaching. We are today and tomorrow.

To implement our needs, we need to shed our old clothes and sew new ones, suitable for the situations experienced at the time, perhaps using the same clothes and making them liveable in the present day.


“One never reaches home, but wherever friendly paths intersect the whole world looks like home for a time.”, Hermann Hesse.

Songs often talk about feelings and emotions, give us a thrill and the notes, and make us reflect in front of care of kindness. 

Among these, one has particularly struck me, as I think it has struck many hearts, That’s What Friends Are For, a song revisited by Dionne Warwick, the famous soul singer, and other famous singers for a very important humanitarian cause, the fight against AIDS. The song won two Grammys, and the proceeds were entirely donated to research on this unknown disease. An act of love that touched my soul, the union for a shared feeling, gives rise to an immense strength.

Dear friends of Capricorn, a high ability will flow in your Ego and help you express your depth and enlighten you, rediscovering new and valid feelings.

Love: your insecurities will be alleviated, you will discuss and find the past’s determination, no longer chase what you do not need but give value to what is required. Joy and happiness of the couple are also coming for singles.

Career: great originality and an excellent practical sense seasoned with common sense will bring you to the realization of dreams long pursued. Fortunes and unexpected earnings will make this phase even more magical.

Your path: courtesy and kindness are very intense emotional tools. They trigger pleasant vibrations towards those around us. A magical dimension is created, in harmony with every element around us, and like a cheerful dance, it infuses joy.

Being amiable conquers, gives comfort and security, leads to serene shores of our existence, discharges non-beneficial energies, and gives hope. Every action is not done for oneself but others, with generosity, help find new paths for those who do not have the vision.

Acquarius“The good opinion others have of us is never as good as the one we have of ourselves.”, Roberto Gervaso.

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, said that we must use Reason and not trust the senses that deceive with a false view of reality.

In his poem “Parmenides,” he tells of the physical world’s multiplicities that are illusory.

The poem describes his encounter with the goddess of Justice when she shows him the way of opinion that leads to appearance and verification that leads to wisdom. None of us ultimately, if not a deity, an enlightened being, possesses the truth. Evaluations, given the many possibilities, turn out to be questionable.

Dear friends of Aquarius, with Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn in your sign, you will have the opportunity to live an unforgettable month, but beware of your judgments. The tendency to isolate yourself from those who do not have a vision similar to yours, the experience of diversity, is an excellent opportunity for comparison and not negative energy.

Love: the complications recede, but you will need to fill an emptiness that has taken over in you. You will have an excellent vision of the situation. It is necessary, however, to allow others to explain their motivations. It is a beautiful phase for those who are looking for a new relationship.

Career: you will know how to manage the tasks entrusted to you with harmony, but you will have to do well and avoid imposing your will. Same luck bestowed to those looking for new occupations, with excellent chances.

Your path: opinions are the subjective interpretation of a fact. In the absence of absolute certainty, they can be true or false or even absurd, and they often have to do with beliefs rooted in us.

It is important to have opinions, but it is also necessary to carefully evaluate the situations in which you express an opinion. Even if you are in good faith, you should never act with impulse because it clouds the truth

Pisces“The great revolutions in human history can be identified in the discovery of fire and that of the wheel. The next one will be when he learns to use logic.” Antonino Zichichi

Palamedes, a Greek mythology character, is remembered for his extraordinary intelligence and his inventions: the concept of the year, seasons, months, and even military tactics. 

His inspiration led him to extraordinary events, where intelligence had the upper hand over cunning, a struggle between two thoughts, the traditionalist one and the creative and inventive one.

Dear friends of Pisces, with Neptune in the sign and Uranus in benevolent Taurus, you will be able to show your creativity. With resourcefulness and depth, you will face the daily dynamics thanks to an eye towards the future accompanied by a great desire to change course through the intelligence that distinguishes you.

Love: this phase turns out to be harmonious, joyful, and full of satisfaction, the only drawback being some tension with family members. Evolution in your relationship takes place more and more and will lead you to unthinkable emotions.

Career: at work, you will need to deepen relationships, the situation is not understandable, which could disturb your organization. Just do things gradually, and everything will be fine.

Avoid excessive spending, and avoid taking away security.

Your path: inventiveness is the ability to configure situations and solutions with ease and a sense of opportunity.

An ingenious stunt can lead people to something that does not exist and can result in various areas of everyday life. Reflect, after a while, act.