You love to travel, to discover new cities and the hottest places. At the first chance to take a holiday from the daily routine, you book a plane ticket, head out for an adventure. Or nearly. You know that technology and innovations are essential for your comfort and enjoyment while traveling. We’ve gathered a few tech toys just for you.

SleepPhones. It looks like a headband, created by the USA-based AcousticSheep. It plays the music of your choice to help you fall asleep: whether it’s a particular song or soothing sound. It is priced at $39,95 USD.

Lifestraw.Created by Swiss company Vestergaard Frandsen, it is a device that allows you to filter any water thanks to the presence of porous fibres the size of 0,02 micron. There are different models: from 26 Euros for the “personal” Lifestraw to 104 Euros for the “family” version, all available through the company’s webshop.

Scrubba.It is portable anD ecologically friendly washing machine, made up of a foldable waterproof sack that you fill with a small amount of water, a drop or two of detergent, and of course, your dirty laundry. Then just place Scrubba on top of a hard surface and scrub the closed bag from the outside. The product is sold by the Australian company of the same name on their official website for $55 AUD.

Modobag. Halfway between a trolley and a scooter Modobag is a motorized suitcase created by the eponymous Chicago-based start-up. A bag the traveller can drive simply by sitting astride it, it reaches a speed of 13 kilometres per hour and will be sold starting in early 2017 at a price of $995 USD (price varies per style).

Thermacell. Travelling in the coldest months of the year? Then you might enjoy the useful and original products to keep you warm, by USA-based Schawbel Technologies. Available online for around 65 Euros.

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