DJ, composer, producer. His souls are many and today they are rediscovered in a new guise beyond that of Boss Doms: that of BELLADONNA+, a return to the techno

Coco Rebecca Edogamhe’s Endless Summer 

Lecce-born, Nigerian-born Coco Rebecca talks about how she got into acting and the success of the Netflix series Summertime

Andrea Dodero has a one-way ticket to his dream

Andrea Dodero used to call himself an «actor famous in his flats» and now he is starring in movies alongside Denzel Washington

This Week

Milena Mancini: I feel alive on stage

Interview with the actress Milena Mancini, who returns to cinemas with the film “Another Ferragosto” by Paolo Virzì, and at the theatre with the monologue against violence against women “Sposerò Biagio Antonacci”


Mattia Carrano, become actor by chance, plays twins in Prisma, cult series of Prime Video

Alessandro Fella is taking the world (but his heart is always in Milan)

Alessandro Fella: make sure to remember his name, because you’ll be hearing about him a lot

Gaia and the Art of Being Yourself

From X Factor debut to projects for the future: interview with Gaia, artist with a free spirit


Interview with Vinicio Marchioni, Italian actor starring in “I leoni di Sicilia”, “Un altro Ferragosto” and “C’è Ancora Domani”


A young actress making her way in the world of cinema. She is now out with three new films: “The Cage”, “Nuovo Olimpo” and “Una Madre”

This Month

Simone Liberati, from the Armadillo of Zerocalcare to “Casa Muccino”

Actor Simone Liberati opens up about his career and says he is ready to work on his next projects

Eugenio Mastrandrea: “I love how unpredictable life is.”

Meet the new Italian face who is gaining international fame with the Netflix miniseries ‘From Scratch’ and a role in ‘The Equalizer 3’

The Art of Wine

The Art of Wine, a special issue entirely dedicated to the world of wine, seen through its interactions with art and design

Nicolas Maupas, a delightful oxymoron

Dreams, ideals, doubts, fears… MANINTOWN interviewed one of the most promising young actors of the Italian new wave

When talent meets opportunity: Giacomo Gianniotti

MANINTOWN interviews the actor who is famous for his role in “Grey’s Anatomy” and now plays Diabolik in the film about the famous thief

Carolina Sala, a pragmatic dreamer

MANINTOWN meets the young actress to talk about the film she stars in, her passions, and the determination that drives her to acting

Giancarlo Commare & Vittoria Schisano, Proud to Be Themselves

A morning with the actors who report that “you should be yourself and always welcome the other, listen, open up”

An actor in constant transition: Matteo Oscar Giuggioli between urgency and curiosity

Interview with the 22-year-old Milanese actor, who starred in the film ‘Suspicious Minds’ with Amanda Campana

Amanda Campana, competitive, conscious, determined (and beautiful)

Let’s know more about the beautiful Tuscan actress, winner of the Next Generation Award for her role in ‘Suspicious Minds’



A fashion story of high sensuality, including underwear, lace and décor pieces

Rosa Chemical, (musical) bipolarity elevated to an art form

In conversation with the rapper from Grugliasco, who will be among the artists competing at the next Sanremo Festival

Sean Teale, the “enemy” of Romeo and Juliet

Manintown interviews the English actor, one of the protagonists of an atypical reinterpretation of the Shakespearean tragedy

Giuseppe Allocca

A shooting that anticipate some of the biggest trends of A/W menswear, like oversize suits and redesigns of the classic suit

Summer in the City

Model and professional skater Aaron Douglas Nielsen “performs” clothes and accessories from the Ten Minutes To Moon latest collection

Jozef Gjura

The 28-year-old actor interprets for Manintown the most diverse stylistic moods, from total leather looks to sophisticated vintage ensembles in his own way

A new music journey for Riki

Interview with the former ‘Amici’ contestant, a rising name in the Italian music scene, who has just released the single ‘FERRARI WHITE’

Haroun Fall

The 26-year-old actor, in front of Davide Musto’s lens, shows off contemporary casual style must-haves such as a bucket hats, oversize suits and chunky sneakers

Italian cinema has never been so cool: Giancarlo Commare

Photographer and Talent Director Davide Musto Production and styling Alessia Caliendo Grooming Kemon Location Teatro Brancaccio Roma Special thanks to Romeow cat bistrot Photographer’s assistants Dario Tucci, Riccardo Albanese and Valentina Ciampaglia Stilyst’s assistant Andrea Seghesio COVER total look COVER – Valentino Giancarlo Commare was recently awarded at Venice 78′ with the Next Generation Awards

Lorenzo Richelmy and the art of transformism

Eclectic actor, atypical Italian with an international career. Unexpected nerd and traveller, Lorenzo Richelmy stages the art of transformism for “Youth Babilonia” issue

Ryan Cooper, enthusiasm and dedication at work and in life

New York-based model and actor Ryan Cooper, after several roles in series and films, will participate in the upcoming dramedy “You Are Not Alone”

New rising talent: Baltimora

He is only 21 but his “cute little riff” already has a long story behind it, that began in high school years and culminated on X-Factor stage

Aka 7even, rising star of the Italian urban-pop scene:

His main influences include Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, but his signature style is actually quite personal

Dreaming of being a singer-songwriter: Fulminacci

“I’ve always dreamt of being a singer-songwriter. For me it’s one of the real things that comes closest to being a superhero”

Music with an artsy twist, unveiling Gemello

That’s a long love story between two different kinds of art, rap and painting, i.e., between Gemello and Andrea Ambrogio

Music, Art & Culture: the incredible talent mix of Ema Stokholma

Morwenn Moguerou (a.k.a. Ema Stokholma) is a radio host as well as a TV host, writer, DJ, singer and painter

Charisma meets talent: the rise of Giacomo Ferrara

“Regardless of how charismatic or ‘strange’ a character might be, it is essential to find stories that have a reason to be told”

A story of women’s empowerment, the new wave of Italian cinema: Maria Chiara Giannetta & Matilde Gioli

Two actresses at the peak of their career, standing out as absolute stars of their shows in the 2021/2022 season

Talent as a discipline: the story of Francesco Motta

One of the best-known singer-songwriters on the Italian music scene, Motta earned the prestigious award ‘Best Album of the Year’ with the album “Vivere o Morire”

Oh so pretty

In front of Davide Musto’s lens, Luigi Bruno plays with fashion pieces like micro tops, blouses, studded blazers and leather accessories

The (in)visible thread of Francesco Gheghi

Our interview with a promising young actor, who in only a few years has already worked with some of the most famous Italian actors

Discovering the savvy angel Anna Ferzetti

The actress has created a significant space for herself in the world of entertainment; her filmography including few selected projects

Matthew Zorpas, the first “digital” gentleman

Read our interview with the founder of ‘The Gentleman Blogger’, a platform that is a benchmark for men’s lifestyle

Music, psychology, fiction and cinema: the different faces of Laura Adriani

Big eyes, intense gaze, a nervous physicality but with a touch of a dancer’s grace that makes her different from the classic stereotype on which most actresses of Italian scene are modeled, always slaves to a conventional idea of sensuality: this is Laura Adriani, Roman and yet looks a bit like some French girls, wearing