We saw Giulia Bevilacqua as Anna Gori in Distretto di Polizia; alongside Francesca Inaudi and Enrico Silvestrin in Come trovare nel modo giusto l’uomo sbagliato; among the leads in the film Tiramisù, Fabio De Luigi’s directorial debut. And again, in the role of the maid Teta in Il principe di Roma, a film with Marco Giallini presented at the Rome Film Festival 2022; with Alessio Boni in the cast of the Rai series Il metodo Fenoglio, playing the character of Serena Morandi.

Giulia Bevilacqua, an actress, mother and lifelong movie buff, aspired from a young age to a career in acting. The dream was kept in a drawer for a long time until, after finishing high school, her encounter with the Experimental Center of Cinematography changed her life. The renowned Roman school will be a true stepping stone for Giulia; a starting point toward a bright future in the world of the small and big screen. 

The actress is now among the performers in Leonardo Pieraccioni’s new film Pare parecchio Parigi, released in theaters on January 18, 2024. Giulia Bevilacqua, alongside Chiara Francini, Nino Frassica and Pieraccioni himself, stars in a comedy inspired by a touching true story; a narrative that smacks of family, of mended relationships, of words never said. On the occasion of the film’s release, we had a chat with the Roman actress, a determined and dreamy woman just like Ivana, the character she plays.

Total look Valentino, collant Philippe Matignon
Total look Valentino, collant Philippe Matignon

«A lot of my childhood memories are related to acting, the passion I had for masquerading, playing characters»

You boast an important career in film and television. Where did your passion for acting come from?

My love for acting started when I was a child. Many of my childhood memories are related to acting, the passion I had for masquerading, playing characters, imitating them, spouting poetry, telling jokes, entertaining. The excitement I used to get from seeing my family members laughing or being moved lit me up and made me feel happy. So I continued to follow this passion by involving my friends in home shows that were surreal and funny. I began to see movies and love some actresses, dreaming of one day being able to do this beautiful work myself.

I had all the video tapes of the Trio and knew by heart the lines of Marchesini, who was absolutely my myth. Then as I grew up, duties, school and rationality kind of pulled me away from the dream, which I had locked in a drawer. When I finished high school I enrolled in college, and right around that time something happened, I felt a pull. I opened that drawer and decided to pursue that dream. I left my course of study, enrolled in the Experimental Center of Cinematography and made my passion become my job. And it did! And this is perhaps the thing that makes me most happy and proud of myself.

Your film of the heart? What about a “movie legend” you esteem and feel a kinship with?

It’s hard to say just one. Certainly the ones I’m very sentimentally attached to are really the first movies I saw as a child. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Irma the Sweet, Pretty Woman, light sentimental comedies. Then I grew up and the movies I loved are so many, varied and very different: Dramma della gelosia, La grande guerra, I soliti ignoti, Pulp Fiction, La finestra sul cortile, Il laureato, In the mood for love… A movie legend, I’ll be trite, has always been the wonderful Monica Vitti. Or the great Meryl Streep. Able to go from comedy to drama while always remaining believable, magnetic and very good.

Giulia Bevilacqua among the protagonists of Pare parecchio Parigi: «We did nothing but laugh in this film»

In Leonardo Pieraccioni’s new film Pare parecchio Parigi you play the role of Ivana. What kind of character is she? Do you identify with her?

Ivana is a beautiful character whom I am very fond of. She is good, down-to-earth, optimistic, a bit of a child. At the same time, however, she is also very determined; she is committed to the realization of her father’s dream by ingeniously creating cute little theaters to make people believe that it was all real and that they were really going to Paris (and not running around inside a riding school like hamsters in a wheel). Ivana is a true dreamer. I put so much of my own into her (apart from the Tuscan accent!).

While filming on set, was there a particularly funny moment that you remember with a smile?

In this film we did nothing but laugh. Leonardo, Chiara and I were together every day, locked in a camper, elbow to elbow. In the breaks between takes, like two real sisters we would put poor Leonardo in the middle, making him tell us whatever and then teasing and rebuking him when he told us about the shenanigans he had done. Those moments really brought us together, and made this film a journey within a journey. I would start with them again tomorrow.

«Pare parecchio Parigi is a film for dreamers»

Three reasons to convince audiences to go to the theater to see Pare parecchio Parigi.

This is a special film that speaks to the heart. It is a film about family, about the unspoken, which if they are then said will untie any knot. It is a film for dreamers, in which you will laugh, be moved and identify, because the characters are wonderfully flawed as we all are and as relationships with people we love often are. You will laugh, you will be moved and, why not, maybe once you leave you will want to have a chat with your sister, or with that person with whom you have never clarified (this was one of the many messages I received from viewers of the film that really moved me).

Total look Brunello Cucinelli, shoes Roger Vivier
Total look Brunello Cucinelli, shoes Roger Vivier


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