Spring Summer 2024 trends in new editorial: You Never Could Have Been a Good Lover

Bonding. A fascinating enantiosemia, a word that, surprisingly, expresses two mutually opposite meanings. Affective relationship involving mutual loyalty or restriction of individual freedom: this is the bond, a profound term when you think about it, capable of eliciting a feeling of union and conjunction, or, on the contrary, of total closure. Relationships between people are a complex, ever-evolving mechanism, a set of bonds between the supportive and the toxic. On the one hand, the freedom to express oneself for who one is without fear of repercussions; on the other, the inability to act and show oneself according to one’s own will.

Reflecting on the theme of connections, the Spring Summer 2024 fashion editorial by MANINTOWN aims to propose a remedy to break that toxicity that often immobilizes. Between feathers, flashy accessories, bright colors and masks, this image-based narrative aims to spur people to speak openly about their own challenges, triumphs and struggles to inspire others; create meaningful connections and help break stereotypes that limit individual freedom. All of this goes by the name of “empowering,” a word with one meaning: to bring together and not divide.

Spring Summer 2024 editorial
Left: suit, face jewel and bag SARAWONG, shoes OGR, earrings Lag World, rings WHOAMI, gloves and hat stylist’s own
Right: suit Alberto Zambelli, shoes Minacapilli, earrings Lag World, bag and rings WHOAMI, hat, gloves and body accessory stylist’s own
Trench coat Alberto Zambelli
Trench coat Alberto Zambelli
Spring Summer 2024 editorial
Suit Alberto Zambelli, shoes Minacapilli, rings WHOAMI, socks, gloves, hat and body accessory stylist’s own
Spring Summer 2024 editorial
Dress DAVII, earring Lag World, necklace & rings WHOAMI
Spring Summer 2024 editorial
Dress & shoes SARAWONG, chocker Minacapilli, earrings & rings Lag World, rings WHOAMI, gloves and socks stylist’s own


Concept & Make Up Artist Luisa Arnone

Photographer Federica Borgato

Stylist Olympia De Molossi

Hair Federico Iannone

Model Viktoriya & Lorenzo – Indastria Model

Assistant Lucrezia Ficetti, Alessia Actis, Rajana KK, Lucilla Gavi, Noemi


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