The new distillate created by the Watson siblings embodies important values such as sustainability, quality and elegance

Connections of art and wine: the new artwork by Elisabetta Benassi for the Antinori Art Project

For more than six hundred years, the Antinori family has linked its name to excellence in the art of wine and the finest tradition of patronage

The beyond-restaurant of Motelombroso: affinities & contrasts in harmony between space & matter

A former late 19th-century canal house on the Naviglio Pavese, full of history, art and design, dedicated to Food, Wine and Otium

This Week

Il Borro: an Enchanted Place Out of Time

In the Val d’Arno area, the relais owned by the Ferragamo family intertwines fashion, wellness, wine, art and nature

Art, Nature, Irony: the Artistic Design of Marcantonio

Interview with one of the most charismatic figures on the interior design scene, whose work succeeds in connecting man and nature, art and design

Studio Fuksas Bubbles for Nardini Grappa

In Bassano del Grappa, a futuristic building by the two Italian architects encapsulates a story that began in 1779

Trieste Karst, three wineries and a gastronomic destination not to be missed

From Kante to Skerk, from Vodopivec to Maxi’s restaurant, the must-visit addresses in the Adriatic region

The revival of extra virgin olive oil, between craftsmanship and signature design. The case histories of Frantoio Muraglia and Olio Lamantea

The story of two Apulian companies that have combined tradition and innovation to create a very distinctive style

Madeira, wood and warmth for a wine for sailors

History, evolution, varieties and producers of a wine that has very ancient roots, dating back as far as the 15th century

This Month

The Mediterranean journey of Malvasia

Discovering the many kinds of this grape variety in Italian Peninsula, from North to South

Vine design: bonsai trees in Montalcino, an idea by Francesco Illy

Bonsai was born in Montalcino, a time-defying Sangiovese that ties its roots to this region in an peculiar way

Tuscany Coast to Love: what to do, where to sleep, eat, and wineries to discover

There are many activities that can be connected to a winery visit on the Tuscan coast, including relaxation and local gastronomy

Benjamin Zidarich’s “stone” wines, a return to the origins

Between stone vats and vines growing on soil rich in Karst stone, the winery’s wines are a product of excellence from the Karst region of Trieste

Caiarossa, the winery that combines geodynamics, feng shui and biodynamic agriculture

Caiarossa, a reality that combines the principles of geodynamics and feng shui with those of biodynamic agriculture, has been located in Riparbella since 1998.

Craft beers from stale bread, the new green trend spreads through Italian master brewers

Focus on new Italian craft beers that combine territoriality, raw material circularity, and social sustainability (too)

The world of wine in a glass: Maximilian Riedel

Riedel CEO trace his journey and the evolution of the wine glass industry in recent years

From Catania to Etna: what to do, where to sleep, eat and wineries to discover

The Sicilian city is the starting point for an exciting journey to discover the wonders of the volcano

The importance of being a cap: Nomacorc Ocean

How Marc Noel made Nomacorc leader of the cork stopper industry


New Enology Frontiers: Wine Aged Underwater. The Story of Pierluigi Lugano, ‘Lord of the Abyss’, from School Teacher to Inventor of a Method that is Changing the Seven Seas

The owner of the Bisson vinery is the man behind the revolutionary new wine ageing technique

The Art of Wine

The Art of Wine, a special issue entirely dedicated to the world of wine, seen through its interactions with art and design