The Art of Wine

The New Vertical by MANINTOWN

After the pilot issue launched during the last Wine Week in Milan, we are proud to announce the first The Art of Wine, a special issue entirely dedicated to the world of wine, seen through its interactions with art and design. To lead such an ambitious project, we asked Andrea Amadei sommelier and gastronome, radio and TV author, to develop together a new editorial format and communicate this sector with a more engaging and curious slant, discovering many excellences throughout our country. So, the first collectible issue of 120 pages was born, describing a beautiful scenery with multiples voices, from the north to the south of the peninsula, thanks to many authors, journalists and experts led by Andrea for the first issue, which will also be released during the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

To convey a more artistic and emotional language, we worked with the illustrator Jacopo Ascari, who created three extraordinary artworks for the cover of the special issue, the map of Italy with some of the most interesting areas on this issue and the back cover, which interprets in a dreamlike and overjoyed atmosphere Destination Gusto, food&wine e-commerce dedicated to the our local excellences of taste.
With this magazine – edited by Andrea Amadei – we wish to offer a series of hints and alternative routes in our rich wine and food scenery, thus giving voice to producers, realities, areas and characters to discover.

Enjoy your journey!

Federico Poletti, Editor in Chief MANINTOWN – Massimo Pozzi Chiesa, General Manager MI HUB Agency | MANINTOWN

Wine in Town

How do you combine a wine insert with a magazine about fashion and new talents? The answer is simpler than you might think. Wine appeals to all people sensitive to beauty because it is one of the world’s greatest beauties. Human beings paint together with nature turning something as extremely perishable as a bunch of grapes into a beverage with a potentially decades-long life, evolving and gaining value over the years. In this perspective, it is not so different from a silk dress born from the secretions of a tiny silkworm.

MANINTOWN believes in the allure of wine and what it stands for, from its most convivial and univocal soul to the luxury and elegance that have turned it into one of the major capital (and consolation) goods today.
For the following six editions (published for Vinitaly, Salone del Mobile and Milano Wine Week), readers will find The Art of Wine attached to MANINTOWN, a compendium devoted to the nectar of Bacchus and its connections with the worlds of art and design. Each issue will tell about wineries that have linked their work to that of painters, designers, sculptors, artisan architects and musicians. Places and bottles to discover, taste and collect in the cellar.

We will present all the trends in the industry, with interviews with leading personalities, the most visionary projects and the stories of the pioneers who have changed the world of fine drinking. Art and design are based on imagination and design skills. Therefore, we will give space to process innovations and the most curious systems of vine cultivation that mankind has designed over the centuries according to the landscape around him.
We will also take a look at hospitality and modern cuisine with extra virgin olive oil, spirits and craft beers, that complement the culture of the sommelier and enrich the experience of reading and good food.
We will focus on Italy, the country where we live in and that we could never stop discovering. Every issue will include a destination beyond the border for the thirst of travelers who want to go further travelling with a corkscrew, of course.

The contents are written by journalists, sommeliers, communicators and industry insiders, invited to write about what fascinates them most. Freedom and sincerity are essential to wine storytelling. For this reason, sponsors will always be quite distinct from editorial contributions within this magazine. Advertising can support us but no financial interest will prevent us from writing about what we believe in.
Last but definitely not least, the language employed will be as simple as possible, engaging and understandable, as wine belongs to everyone. It has colors but no party, it has roots but can reach everywhere, it has gender but no sex. It is one of the greatest beauties in the world and can be there for everyone.

Happy reading!

Andrea Amadei


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