Tananai the new musical phenomenon adored by the new generations

After having participated in Sanremo, Alberto Cotta Ramusino quickly becoming one of the most popular artists among youths

Talent as a discipline: the story of Francesco Motta

One of the best-known singer-songwriters on the Italian music scene, Motta earned the prestigious award ‘Best Album of the Year’ with the album “Vivere o Morire”

From the winter tales of Navigli to the success with music: COMA_COSE

Different but inseparable, complementary to one another, there is no Coma without Cose nor Fausto without California. But who is this magic duo? One half of the musical duo is Fausto Zanardelli, aka Fausto Lama (a name that came from a rhyme about the actor Lorenzo Lamas). Bearded with a sailor’s hat on his head,

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Music Stories: the alchemy of Darrn

We chat with DARRN a new rising music band, born in Rome in 2015, who recently launched the new EP “Chimica”. How did you meet? We met in two different moments. The first to know each other were the two producers [Cristian and Den- nis], through a mutual friendship, at the age of 18. We both

Gathering of Strangers

From Manchester to the world: the rise of indie rock. The Manchester based band were indeed five strangers who gathered in the city in September 2015 to begin their musical study. Hailing from Birmingham, Scunthorpe and Carlisle, over the next 3 years Conor Rabone (23 vocals) Tom Wingate (22 guitar) Bruce Higgs (23 bass/keys) Peter Crampsey (24 drums) and Andre Ilkiw (22 guitar/bass) all came from different