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Gianluca Ginoble is a child prodigy from Abruzzo: an opera singer best known as being one of three members of the trio Il Volo. He began singing at the age of three and had already participated in a talent show at the age of fourteen, where he met Pietro Barone and Ignazio Boschetto, with whom he founded the group Il Volo shortly thereafter.

Gianluca Ginoble il volo
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Il volo Gianluca Ginoble
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Gianluca is a baritone whose deep, soft voice immediately stood out, earning him a large following of fans on social media with whom he shares moments of his everyday life as a singer. He is still part of the group today, which is currently preparing for a world tour in the US and Canada.

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Il Volo baritono
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Shirt Saint Laurent from Antonioli.eu, jewelry Vitaly


Talent Gianluca Ginoble

Photographer Leandro Manuel Emede

Styling Nick Cerioni

Stylist assistants Michele Potenza, Salvatore Pezzella, Noemi Managò

Make-up & hair Mara De Marco


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