AdeJosh, music as an escape from reality

Interview with the UK Afroswing rising star that has already released his latest EP “All For Me”

A new musical project: chiamamifaro

A warm voice, a sweet smile and a timbre without equals: Angelica Gori has demonstrated that she has all the right cards to become an artist

From DJ to modelling: the other side of Andrea Damante

As a model, influencer and television personality, Andrea Damante has long been focused on his career as a DJ and music producer

This Week

Behind the Talent Factor: the worldwide success of Luca Tommassini

With his over-the-top and captivating personality, the all-around artist successfully reached the forefront of showbiz thanks to his creativity and immense talent

Art direction & More: the revolutionary talent of Laccio

Emanuele Cristofoli’s artistic direction is characterised by an innovative, ever-changing touch, whether it is music, theatre or television

From movies to music, a new debut for Sergio Ruggeri

In his songs this Roman artist tells us everything he feels and felt, digging deep into toxic relationships, narrating them and framing them

Dive into the rap scene, the success of Highsnob

Michele Matera is one of the most successful artists on the Italian rap scene. After the experiment of the duo Bushwaka, he embarked on a solo career

A multifaceted & unconventional artist: Hu

Her stage name, taken from the Egyptian divinity who is neither man nor woman, reflects her individual style, fluid and free from boundaries

Facing reality, the musical vision of Bresh

Andrea Brasi, alias Bresh, manages to convey peaks of self-reflection, social analysis, and a brave model of masculinity in his artistic output

This Month

Fragile but strong: Mr. Rain

A rapper and beatmaker, his numbers alone speak of his great success: 12 Platinum records, 6 Gold and sold-out concerts

Dare to be yourself, the different shades of Gianluca Ginoble

An opera singer best known as being one of three members of Il Volo, Gianluca is a baritone whose deep, soft voice immediately stood out

Tananai the new musical phenomenon adored by the new generations

After having participated in Sanremo, Alberto Cotta Ramusino quickly becoming one of the most popular artists among youths

Songs must have a touch of restlessness: the secret according to D.whale 

“In the end, only the songs win. This is so simple that is only understood by a few”

From the winter tales of Navigli to the success with music: COMA_COSE

Different but inseparable, complementary to one another, there is no Coma without Cose nor Fausto without California. But who is this magic duo?

Music Stories: the alchemy of Darrn

We chat with DARRN a new rising music band, born in Rome in 2015, who recently launched the new EP “Chimica”

Gathering of Strangers

From Manchester to the world: the rise of indie rock