A new musical project: chiamamifaro

A warm and enveloping voice, a sweet smile and a timbre without equals: Angelica Gori, the daughter of Cristina Parodi and Giorgio Gori, has amply demonstrated that she has all the right cards to become an artist, and can easily shake off the annoying label of “child of”.

Chiamamifaro music
Dress Oblique Creations, choker Absidem, earring Barbara Biffoli

On social networks, especially Instragram, Angelica is so popular that she’s also known by her pseudonym Gispia, a nickname given to her by her family which she has remained quite fond of. “Addio sul serio” is her new video, which accompanies the single released last December by Columbia Records/Nigiri. “Pioggia di CBD “ is her new single.

Chiamamifaro songs
Dress Beatrice .B, earring and bracelet Barbara Biffoli, choker and rings Invaerso, necklace Ami Mops

Chiamamifaro ep
Jacket Nolita, dress Gianluca Capannolo, necklaces Ami Mops, sandals Kallisté

Chiamamifaro album
Choker Absidem, necklace Barbara Biffoli, top and pants Silvian Heach, shirt Martino Midali, sandals Bruno Bordese


Talent Chiamamifaro

Editor in Chief Federico Poletti

Text Marco Marini

Photographer Marco D’Amico

Fashion editor Valentina Serra

Make-up Giorgia Palvarini @simonebelliagency

Hair stylist Giacomo Marazzi

Location Giuliano Cairoli Garden (Socco di Fino Mornasco, CO)

Opening image: dress Oblique Creations, choker Absidem, earring Barbara Biffoli


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