From movies to music, a new debut for Sergio Ruggeri

Sergio Ruggeri is a handsome Roman and all-around artist that we have been able to appreciate as an actor in several TV series and movies. But now we are here to learn about the new side of Sergio, the more introspective side as a singer. He has always been passionate about music, and we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy this passion song after song: the first was “Testate”, then “Farmacie” and finally “Patatrac”, which are all part of an EP that will complete his album to be presented in the summer.

Sergio Ruggeri artist
Sweater MRZ, pants Versace Jeans Couture, sneakers Antonio Marras, earring Nove25

His attention and cinematographic care can especially be seen in the videos that accompany all three songs, where he tells us everything he feels and felt, digging deep into toxic relationships, narrating them and framing them in his own way.

Sergio Ruggeri songs
Shirt and leather pants Desa 1972, boots Bruno Bordese, jewelry Nove25

Sergio Ruggeri Farmacie
Total look Antonio Marras, earring Nove25

Sergio Ruggeri Baby
Total look Iceberg X Kailand O. Morris

Sergio Ruggeri ep
Vest Di Liborio, cargo pants Antonio Marras, earring Nove25, leather bracelet stylist’s archive


Talent Sergio Ruggeri

Editor in Chief Federico Poletti

Text Fabrizio Imas

Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Alfredo Fabrizio

Photographer assistant Valentina Ciampaglia

Stylist assistant Federica Mele

Hair & make-up Laura Casato @simonebelliagency

Hair & make-up assistant Chiara Crescenzi @simonebelliagency

Location Novotel Roma Eur

Opening image: sweater MRZ, earring Nove25


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