Facing reality, the musical vision of Bresh

He doesn’t have heroes, nor does he want them, because the real world is not the one Disney showed him when he was a kid. Perhaps that’s exactly where the disenchantment that he brings to his lyrics starts: Articolo 31 would sing that life isn’t a movie, and Bresh tells us once again that it’s not time for myths and legends, that we can’t even believe the ancient Greeks anymore.

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There were instead three people in his life that made him who he is today: his parents and De André. “I see virility in a man like him, in his awareness”, he confides to me while talking about his social role models, about his latest album “Oro Blu”, and about the people that raised and inspired him.
When people refer to him, they use the term “cantautorap” (singer-songwriter-rapper), a term he doesn’t particularly like, and he does have a point. However, it is a fact that Andrea Brasi, a.k.a. Bresh, manages to convey peaks of self-reflection, social analysis, and a brave model of masculinity in his artistic output. And that is one of the most powerful sides of his music.

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Editor in Chief Federico Poletti

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