La Niña: Music Gives Everything Meaning

The Italian singer-songwriter La Niña in art, Carola Moccia in real life, debuts on TV in the new Canale 5 series La voce che hai dentro (The voice you have inside).  She plays a young trapper making her debut in a Neapolitan record company, because music always drives everything in her life. Her debut on the screen could only be inextricably linked to an art that she defines as «the end in itself that fills my existence with meaning». She discovered it thanks to her father, a musician and singer-songwriter who took Carola with him to clubs when she was little, so she could listen to his music.  

«My life has always had a soundtrack and music has always called to me. I decided to really listen to it only around the age of 12, when I wrote my first song. I picked up Dad’s guitar and that’s it, I had no idea it would become my new daily bread. My father tells me that I often said I wanted to become a doctor, but then the music got the best of me. On the other hand, as the Greeks said, art makes eternal and transcends temporality».

La Niña
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La Niña: the path from the degree in history and philosophy to the album Vanitas

After classic secondary school studies she chose to continue at university, obtaining a degree in History and Philosophy from Federico II University of Naples, while collaborating with musicians such as Jovine from 99 Posse and Roberto Angelini. That’s also when she performed for the first time on the TV show Gazebo. Next she moved to Milan, then London, then back to Italy where she currently splits her time between the Lombard capital and her hometown, Naples. A place that inspires her and that increasingly becomes the fil rouge of her music.

In fact, in March 2023 she released her album Vanitas produced by Sony Music/Columbia Records, featuring eight new songs with urban and tribal rhythms, Mediterranean melodies, hypnotic verses and explosions of rhymes, accompanied by refined instruments such as a frame drum without bells, a romantic 16th-century guitar, a marxophone and the daring experiments of the most current electronics.

«Every day that I choose to write new music is a turning point, I feel successful simply for this choice I continue to make»

The album was immediately acclaimed by critics, although neither her debut in 2019 nor this new album have been what she considers the turning point: «Every day that I choose to write new music is a turning point, I feel successful simply for this choice I continue to make. I don’t think I’m destined for turning points, I imagine my career as an ascent, but in a straight line». Among new projects, experiments and her successful debut as an actress alongside Massimo Ranieri and Maria Pia Calzone in La voce che hai dentro – for which she composed the music and the soundtrack – what remains clear in La Niña’s vision is a single desire: «To continue writing many records and have many new dreams, possibly unattainable».

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