Il Borro: an Enchanted Place Out of Time

As children, we were raised listening to fairy tales or watching dreamy cartoons. The most engaging fairy tales usually began with a tale of an evocative, enchanted place. With this article, we wish to make you all readers travel with your mind to the heart of Valdarno Di Sopra, more precisely to Il Borro.

First, we will make you see the true intrinsic value of the place you are about to read about. This is an asset that cannot be quantified in stars.
Today our life is extremely hectic, as if we were perpetually in a hurry. Thanks to new technology, the world of work has changed the shape of society and our personal and emotional sphere. Our grandparents experienced a “slower” reality: less travel, fewer events and a reduced interpersonal network. It is safe to say that the elderly people, at this pace of life, had access to a significantly higher quality of life than today’s young generations. One can access many advantages provided by progress, but the speed of everyday life has caused a strong form of frustration, followed by a great desire to escape from society.

Il Borro wine resort
The cellar of Il Borro (ph.Valeria Raniolo)

What is then the best solution to escape mentally and physically from this stressful stream? A short stay at a wine resort can serve as a personal enrichment, but more importantly, it can be a secret weapon to overcome hard times that strain our nervous system. Indeed, the cases of burn-out are increasing tremendously. Now, it is time to return to the Tuscan tale.

The most beautiful wine resort in Italy owned by Ferragamo

Once upon a time, there was a couple (a group of friends, a family, you may choose the protagonists) who had been struggling with tension lately, arguing and becoming slaves to routine and smog. One day, this couple looked at each other in the eye and booked a weekend away: suitcase, car, some classical music and straight to Il Borro, the most beautiful wine resort in Italy owned by Ferragamo. No, it is never a coincidence that fashion, wellness, wine, art and nature are closely connected!
When arriving to Valdarno, beauty already fills your eyes. Can you imagine how a welcome with special attention can fill your heart as well?

This is a thousand-year-old village that attracted the attention of Ferruccio Ferragamo in the 1990s. Ferruccio himself, with his family, chose to embrace this project in 1993 to highlight its history, traditions and excellence. The core values at the basis of the concept still are today: authenticity, respect for the environment, culture and enhancement of local entities. We will not talk about history because it is much more exciting to observe it walking through the “Vino&Arte Gallery” located above the cellars, where you can have a real journey through history from the Medici to the Ferragamo’s works of art by Picasso, Chagall, Mantegna, Goja, Warhol and many others.

Il Borro hotel
Il Borro (ph. Francesca Pagliai)

A sublime combination of history and quality

The title “an enchanted place out of time” can explain how hard it is to put into words such a sublime combination of history and quality. A long avenue of Holm oaks can turn into a journey back in time to the Tuscan Grand Ducal era thanks to the Aie del Borro: peculiar buildings that, following meticulous restoration and architectural recovery work, show their distinctive features. In the suites, the design is consistent with the concept: an elegant and understated aesthetic language is matched by the quality of materials and the selection of colors in harmony with the beautiful landscape from the windows. Geometric gardens of aromatic herbs dance amidst the flora-rich countryside.
Currently, there are a number of luxury establishments that stand out in the hospitality industry in Italy and abroad, but how is Il Borro one of the kind?

A perfect cross-section of food and wine excellence closely linked to the area

In 1995, Ferruccio Ferragamo had an intuition. He was a true pioneer of the wine estate with the restoration of vineyards. As early as Renaissance times, Valdarno was considered an ideal area for quality wines. Relevant zoning work, ground analysis and continuous research, with the selection of wines and the tour of the cellar, give guests the chance to have a unique wine experience.

The Val D’Arno is historically favored by pedoclimatic conditions that make it the cradle of excellent vines. The subsoil, marked by geological eras of water passages, has the perfect texture due to sandstone (pietra forte) along with the clay component and native vines such as Sangiovese or international ones such as Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon manage to grow there, thus creating a strong territorial identity. Since 2012, thanks to the incorporation of key procedures of biodynamic agriculture, all chemical procedures have been erased in favor of an increasingly sustainable production chain.

Il Borro wines
Il Borro Wines (ph. Lorenzo Cotrozzi)

An immersive moment in the wine world at 360 degrees

Guests, among the experiences offered, can book a visit to one of Italy’s most fascinating signature wineries, a tasting of organically certified wines and, of course, a tour of the vineyards. The term tour is reductive: the wine-lover, guided by professionals, can experience an intense and immersive moment in the wine world at 360 degrees. Indeed, guests can taste a perfectly balanced marriage of art, architecture, wine and nature.

We should not only mention the organic approach that supports Il Borro’s green philosophy, but also the experimentation with amphora winemaking (an ancient winemaking method), which marks another strong link with history.
It’s best not to anticipate the organoleptic profile of the wines and olive oil or the gourmet creations of the two dining establishments within the borgo because it would be a great surprise for those who haven’t had a chance to enjoy a stay in this Tuscan wonder yet. Executive Chef Andrea Campani will surprise everyone through his exploration of the Tuscan culinary tradition. Osteria del Borro and Tuscan Bistro provide a perfect cross-section of food and wine excellence closely linked to the area, thanks to the search for quality raw materials combined with taste and creativity.

Il Borro Tuscan Bistro
Il Borro Tuscan Bistro (ph. Linda Vukaj)

Cooking classes, sports, spa treatments and much more

We suggest to take more than a few days to enjoy this heavenly place because there are countless activities to do and they all deserve attention: cooking classes, horseback riding, sports, outdoor excursions, spa treatments, wine experiences and, last but not least, activities for children if you have a family. The cocktail class can be a different and amusing opportunity to learn something new: an experienced bartender will guide you in the creation of two cocktails and you will end with an excellent aperitif thanks to the quality of all the raw materials.
The guest can set up, together with knowledgeable and friendly concierges, a personalized stay according to his or her needs, tastes and passions.

Those who have little time can give priority to the wine/art route that is an international source of pride.
This is why you have read about fairy tales so far: Il Borro is the place where daydreaming is possible, where the majesty of the grapes can honor the history and tradition of Tuscany, an Italian excellence in the world.

Il Borro vini
Ph. Lorenzo Cotrozzi

Opening image: a view of Il Borro wine resort (ph. Francesca Pagliai)


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