There are few actors who, at only 21 years old, can claim a CV that proudly stands up next to those of more adult colleagues with more emblazoned careers. Aurora Giovinazzo undoubtedly belongs to this category. Volcanic, exuberant, full of talent and with that enthusiasm that characterises (or should characterise) her age. She took her first steps in the world of entertainment when she was just eight years old, making her television debut with Caterina e le sue Figlie alongside an eternal Virna Lisi. Only a year later she made her entrance in cinema with Immaturi and later with the sequel Immaturi – Il Viaggio.

«I’d never want to convey the notion that I had a difficult childhood because I worked. There’s no need to make things bigger than they are», she says immediately. «I had a very eventful, out-of-the-ordinary childhood. I always went to school, played sports, and acted simultaneously, with little free time left. From an early age I always understood that if I wanted to do one thing, I would have to give something else up».

And this being accustomed to giving things up, decided with maturity and tenacity, has brought her to achieve great results. In only a few years she has earned a part in various productions, dividing her time equally between TV and cinema and ranging between the most colorful genres.

Total look Moschino
Total look Moschino

«Freaks Out was a unique experience, and from there I realised that I wanted to pursue this path at all costs»

It’s almost impossible to mention all the roles she has held over the years; from the drama series Il peccato e la vergogna to Furore, up to the ambitious Dog Years on Amazon Prime Video. One role that represents an important piece in the puzzle she is creating is certainly Freaks Out, the second directorial work by Gabriele Mainetti (following the resounding success of They Call me Jeeg). «I saw it as a great opportunity, a stepping stone. I felt one emotion after another, with stimuli coming from every direction, that set was magical. It was a unique experience, and from there I realised that I wanted to pursue this path at all costs», Aurora says dreamily.

«Gabriele gave me a chance to start a hypothetical career with that role. And from that moment on, fortunately, the path has been uphill. Full of passion, dedication, study and sacrifices», she adds.  

She received her first nominations for some of the most prestigious awards in Italian cinema thanks to Freaks Out, from David di Donatello to Nastri d’Argento. And the career which until a few years ago she had considered ‘hypothetical’ is now more alive and rewarding than ever.

Aurora Giovinazzo. Total look Moschino, sunglasses Spektre
Total look Moschino, sunglasses Spektre

Aurora Giovinazzo’s new films and projects

The coming months will be full of news for Giovinazzo, who will play a leading role in three different films. «This is a very exciting time for me, full of study and expectations. I can’t wait for these projects to come out, sometimes I struggle to keep my curiosity at bay. I was lucky enough to work with so many wonderful people who were enthusiastic about the work we were doing», she proudly declares.

The first to debut is called The Cage and will come to the big screen in an all-female sports-action movie. «Giulia is at the centre of the story as a potential MMA star who, after a fight that ended in tragedy, left the world of mixed martial arts. Paradoxically, she feels caged when she’s outside and tastes true freedom after leaving the MMA octagon», she reveals. A film that cost her a particularly heavy physical effort. «It was particularly demanding to make this film. Physically, I worked constant hours a day every day and being a sportswoman I gave all of myself in the realisation of the character of Giulia», she said.

From 1 November she is on Netflix with Nuovo Olimpo, a film directed by Ferzan Ozpetek that premiered at the Rome Film Festival. «The character I play is called Alice and she is a volcano of energy, as well as the protagonist’s best friend. She will remain by his side for the rest of her life, hand in hand. Between the two there is a friendship that goes beyond love. The film spans several decades and seeing my face transform years in a few months was particularly moving», Giovinazzo reveals.

Total look Tommy Hilfiger
Total look Tommy Hilfiger

Aurora Giovinazzo: «Ferzan gave me the opportunity to play a beautiful role, fundamental for me, for my career path»

The actress shares her gratitude for having worked in a film directed by Ozpetek. «Ferzan gave me the opportunity to play a beautiful role, fundamental for me, for my career path. I learnt so many things on set and one thing I will always carry with me is the love that Ferzan managed to convey on set every day», she reveals dreamily.

Then it will be the turn of Una madre, directed by Stefano Chiantini, in which Aurora is called upon to play a complex and challenging character. «It is a film that deals with important issues that should not be underestimated and unfortunately are always topical», Giovinazzo anticipates, «it is an all-female film, centred on the story of a girl who does everything she can to manage to live a more or less dignified life and always finds herself on her knees because of the adversities that life unfortunately ‘offers’ her.

Deva, the character I play, is an extraordinary girl full of strength, who sacrifices her life for the good of those around her. I owe Stefano so much for this role. It is a hymn to the power that every woman has inside her». There is still room for dreams in Aurora’s magical universe. «I would like to do and live many things, I hope time and circumstances are on my side», she replies with wisdom and balance.

Total look Maison Nencioni, sunglasses Spektre
Total look Maison Nencioni, sunglasses Spektre
Aurora Giovinazzo, total look Tommy Hilfiger
Total look Tommy Hilfiger
Total look Diesel
Total look Diesel


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