A story of women’s empowerment, the new wave of Italian cinema: Maria Chiara Giannetta & Matilde Gioli

Dresses Giorgio Armani

Maria Chiara Giannetta and Matilde Gioli are two actresses at the peak of their career, standing out as two absolute stars of their shows in the 2021/2022 season.

Maria Chiara Giannetta style
Headpiece The Beatriz, dress Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Maria Chiara Giannetta exceled in the role of Blanca, in the RAI 1 series of the same name that topped audience viewership numbers, closely followed by her co-hosting the Sanremo Festival with Amadeus on Friday evening, where her elegance and charm made her shine. She is currently busy shooting “Don Matteo“, where she’s again working with her ideal acting partner, Luca Argentero.

Maria Chiara Giannetta Blanca
Maria Chiara: jacket, shirt and skirt Dior, boots Bruno Bordese; Matilde: shirt, dress and rings Dior, boots Bruno Bordese

Matilde Gioli was the protagonist of the first two seasons of “Doc – Nelle tue mani”, another RAI1 TV drama which reached record-breaking numbers in viewership (more than 30% of the audience share on average per episode). She is currently at the cinema with the new comedy by Fausto Brizzi “Bla Bla Baby”. But we already knew all about her beauty, as well as her always-ready wit.

Matilde Gioli fashion
Maria Chiara: dress Gianluca Saitto; Matilde: dress Amen, shoes Le Silla

Maria Chiara Giannetta serie tv
Maria Chiara: headpiece Ilariusss, top and pants Etro, choker Casa Bruni Bossio, necklaces Barbara Biffoli, shoes Le Silla; Matilde: headpiece The Beatriz, bra Wolford, skirt and belt Michael Kors, ring Casa Bruni Bossio, shoes Mario Valentino

Two strong women discuss themselves, Northern and Southern Italy in its various nuances, always with the right dose of irony.
They are both united by a great passion for nature and horseback riding, a sport that they first got acquainted with precisely because of their acting.
Two women who are the true embodiment of female empowerment are the true embodiment of female empowerment.

Matilde Gioli film
Matilde: headpiece Ilariusss, dress Max Mara; Maria Chiara: headpiece Pasquale Bonfilio Hats, dress Max Mara


Talent Maria Chiara Giannetta & Matilde Gioli

Photographer Davide Musto

Fashion editor Valentina Serra

Text Fabrizio Imas

Ph. assistants Valentina Ciampaglia, Giacomo Gianfelici

Fashion editor assistant Federica Picciau

Hair stylist Alessandro Rocchi @simonebelliagency

Make-up Giulia Luciani @simonebelliagency

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