Haroun Fall

Haroun Fall (26 years old actor of Senegalese origin, known for his roles in successful films and series such as ‘Zero’, ‘Cobra non è’, ‘Arrivano i prof’, ‘L’amore strappato’) poses for Manintown magazine, nonchalantly making his own the must-haves of the dégagé style, with casual and street accents, that go for the most today.

Haroun Fall actor
Total look Louis Vuitton

In these pictures taken by Davide Musto, we see him dressed in over suits and monogrammed bucket hats by Louis Vuitton, knitted waistcoats, tailored pants and checked jumpers by Moschino, denim dungarees and chunky trainers by Dolce&Gabbana. Haroun shows a remarkable eclecticism, which allows him to dive – and stand out – into any situation.

Haroun Fall interview
Total look Moschino

Haroun Fall serie
Vest and pants Missoni, shoes Doucal’s

Haroun Fall shooting
Denim dungarees and sneakers Dolce&Gabbana

Haroun Fall Netflix
Total look Louis Vuitton

Manintown cover
Vest and pants Missoni, shoes Doucal’s

Haroun Fall fashion
Vest and pants Missoni, shoes Doucal’s

Talent Haroun Fall

Photographer Davide Musto

Stylist Stefania Sciortino

Ph. assistant Valentina Ciampaglia

Make-up Iman El Feshawy @makingbeautymanagement

Location TH Roma – Carpegna Palace Hotel

Opening image: total look Louis Vuitton


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