We are in the Hollywood hills, where at first glance, everything seems to proceed peacefully, the usual Californian daily routine, sunny palm trees and blue skies. Even though Los Angeles is generally considered a paradise on earth, the perfect environmental refuge for every generational need, the birthplace of “relaxation” & “cool”, in California, it is important we say that Californians rarely relax at work. If we analyze a city of 16 million, made up of almost 200 neighborhoods, we can easily discover that people’ activity is similar in every way to that of the ants/anthills bees/hives, in which millions of beings work incessantly.

All this to get you to our photoshoot’s set where everyone is busy, some organizing the photographic equipment, the lights, the make-up , the looks, the wardrobe, the location, and above all (even if no one mentions it) the catering provided with the right mix of vegan, healthy and fast food burgers, all waiting for the arrival of the talent, the VIP, which in our case, is one of the new faces in Hollywood, the 20 year old, curly black hair, Wyatt Oleff, accompanied by his entourage, including his artist mother Jennifer – who has followed his career since he was a child – as well as executive producer of his short movies as an actor and director.

Total look Versace
Total look Versace

For those who don’t recognize him, his credits include the blockbuster franchise Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2 as young Peter Quill in; followed by Stephen King’s IT 1 and 2; Netflix’s I Am Not OK with This, as well as in the latest Apple’s TV+ series City on Fire. We sit between wardrobes changes for a chit chat surprisingly thoughtful, with a kindness and speed not suited to his generation. 

You started acting at 5 years old. Why so young?  

I’m not sure I can remember exactly why I made this decision, but knowing the passion I have and the enthusiasm I’m capable of, it seemed like the right thing, and yeah, it’s nice to be able to change my personality every time I chose a different project. The most difficult thing was leaving Chicago, where I was born and raised, the best city in the world, winter weather aside (laughs). First I moved to Los Angeles, and even though it looked like paradise on earth, as time went by, I discovered that it is a difficult place to make friends because everything is so far away, scattered. Now I live in New York, and since I love pizza, it’s a good place to be! (laughs again)

Is it difficult to be a professional actor when you have to go to school? 

To be honest, yes and no. Sometimes you gotta go to auditions, so you miss the last two hours of class that I absolutely had to make up for the next day. Besides that, my ‘job’ required memorize the lines, prepare for the character… it wasn’t always easy, because then it becomes a profession. But deep down, you realize that the real problems are others, so I didn’t feel like I was overdoing it. I think I had a pretty normal childhood, aside from being in movies and TV.

Wyatt Oleff: «Growing up on sets was the best training I could get.»

What was it like growing up in this world? 

Acting from an early age taught me a lot about how the entertainment business works. Many people go to acting school, or film school and I thought I would do the same. But every job I booked, all the directors and writers I worked with, told me that I didn’t need it, because since I grew up on sets, that is/was the best training I could get. The set is my education. Working on so many different types of projects, cinema, television, independent films have made me who I am, and who I want to be, professionally speaking, of course, it’s a different way of growing up, but I like it, I don’t know anything else, I don’t want to do anything else.

Wyatt Oleff
Total look Dsquared2, ring Lag World

How do you see your professional growth? 

I was very lucky to have influences from incredible people I worked with like Andy Muschietti or Jonathan Entwistle, uniquely talented professionals. There are other people who have inspired me and who helped me grow as an actor and have been very collaborative, thanks to them I have always had the way to express my voice, to be creative beyond reciting a dialogue and purely technician of my work. I am a strong advocate of team collaboration, because as an actor I rely a lot on directors, and understanding and sharing their work ethic and the way they approach rehearsals and filming is important, because I want to be sure to give them my best and get as close as possible to the vision of what they are trying to get from me.

Possible to see you behind the camera in your near future? Direct a movie?

Absolutely. I’m very interested in writing and directing. Now I’m very focused on acting, at this moment I know I’m not ready to take on the responsibility that a film or television project requires. I don’t think I can handle it, it scares me too much. 

«For us GenZ, in addition to the problems of other generations, we have to deal with something that is very close to my heart»

Speaking of fears… What is your biggest fear?

Of losing who I am, losing my identity, the idea of ​​not being able to recognize myself is a horrible thought. I know that a lot of my fears are rooted in trying to figure out why what I do matters. To relieve tension my team suggested me to do some yoga and meditation, and this is how I do it, even if I can’t meditate alone yet, I have to be guided because I can concentrate better. The idea of ​​being still and… ‘not thinking about anything’… terrifies me. But it’s nice when the meditation is successful, because I feel able to step back and say, «Okay, maybe I shouldn’t worry about this thing, this THING, whatever it is… it’s not that important».

Do you think it’s the result of generational fear? 

 Yes, especially for us, post boomers, Millennials, Centennials, GenZ… any other label you want to give us… Given that by definition, a generation is recognized every 25 years, and even if as for every generation there is no precise sense of guidance on how to behave… for us GenZ, in addition to the problems of other generations, we have to deal with something that is very close to my heart, namely the environmental issue, life itself, survival…

Big words, I know, but there are almost 8 billion people on this planet, and it seems like no one is really doing anything, starting with industries and corporations, and for me it all causes a lot of pressure, knowing that is impossible to solve climate change’s issues all at once. Beside that…I have not mentioned yet insecurity, mental fragility, post-Covid problems… all pressures that, together with my peers, I feel very much and which I know generate many insecurities. 

Total look Sandro
Total look Sandro

Who inspires you as an actor? 

At the top of the list I put Bryan Cranston because he is capable of conveying, of ‘capturing’ you with just his eyes, his look is worth a thousand words, I would like to be able to express words with his magnetism. When I see him acting I understand where he wants to go, and by studying him I hope to be able to do so in the future. In New York while filming City on Fire I rewatched all of Breaking Bad and felt very inspired by his interpretation. OMG! 

Apart from acting, do you have any other passions? 

Yes, I would like to evolve more as an artist, work on graphic novels, video games and storyboards. I like to draw, I like to create art. My mother is an artist and very much understands the ups and downs of being creative. I am truly fortunate to have someone who has always supported my aspirations. In our family we are all artists, even if in different ways: my grandfather, my mother’s father, who I call Pappy, has an extraordinary hand, when I was little we always drew, we have several albums of drawings that we created together… perhaps the DNA was passed to me during those years. 

«A film that I will always watch, and could watch every day, is La La Land. I don’t know why, there’s something about that movie that makes me feel good»

What do you do for fun? 

Being an actor I have lots of time on my hands, so I just go out with friends, hang around, especially now in NY. What else? Normal stuff, I draw, doodle, play guitar, I’ve always played the piano and music is very important to me, I love Radiohead, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead. My father is always trying to make me discover different musical genres, being still ‘very young’, I have decades of backlog that I have to listen to! You can thank him for my eclectic musical taste. Lately my favorite musicians are Billy Joel and the band Black Country New Road. Lately I’ve been listening to The Men I Trust an indie band, they’re fantastic, they made it on their own, their songs reach your heart. 

Fav film?

A film that I will always watch, and could watch every day, is La La Land. I don’t know why, there’s something about that movie that makes me feel good. It’s a beautiful adventure. Inspire positivity. 

Fav video game of the moment? 

I’m playing the new Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom a lot, which takes up most of my free time. (laughs) 

Fav TV show that impressed you? 

I’m watching Maniac, as flawed and twisted as the human mind. Scary, but very beautiful. It requires your attention a lot. 

What are you reading right now?

They recommended Annihilation to me, a disturbing blend of horror and science fiction. I’ve just started it and yes, there’s a film, but I’m one of those guys who prefers to read the book first. 

Total look Ferragamo, ring Lag World
Total look Ferragamo, ring Lag World

Wyatt Oleff: «Fashion is the way I express myself, the way I feel inside, how I want to show people my state of mind»

What’s fashion for you? 

Easy answer, fashion is the way I express myself, the way I feel inside, how I want to show people my state of mind. Using everything that perhaps other generations didn’t have… I often change my mood and as such sometimes I feel flashy, other times I want to disappear, it’s all over the place. Just look at this wonderful shoot. 

How would you define your style?

Mix & match, it varies from high fashion designer pieces to small treasures purchased at second hand’s stores. Even in/with my style I define myself as eclectic. But if you ask me what’s my fave garment…I absolutely love high-waisted pants and cowboy boots.

A role you would like to do? 

Anything ‘auteur’, perhaps a film in Europe, a creative collaboration in a small, motivating film that makes you think, that reaches someone and maybe changes some people’s lives… is it too much to ask?

Wyatt Oleff
Total look Marc Jacobs


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