Alessandro Fella is taking the world (but his heart is always in Milan)

Many people have noticed him in the successful TV shows Il paradiso delle signore or La compagnia del cigno; his skill and charm have not left the public and critics indifferent. Most recently, he had the leading role in the film Il punto di rugiada directed by Marco Risi and in the TV series Maria Corleone, where he plays the key character Luca Spada. Without forgetting his important role in the second season of Monterossi on Prime Video. We’re talking about Alessandro Fella: if you haven’t yet done so, make sure to remember his name, because you’ll be hearing about him a lot.

His presence in the main cast of the second season of Barbarians on Netflix added something to the work of Oscar-winning director Stefan Ruzowitzky. Italy loves him, and the rest of the world is also about to. In the meantime, we’ll see him at the next Turin Film Festival thanks to Folle d’amore: Alda Merini, the new film by Roberto Faenza.

Alessandro Fella. Total look Etro
Total look Etro

«Chasing happiness lets you evolve, always»

The Milanese poet said that the best revenge is happiness. How do you see happiness?

My relationship with happiness is complex, evolving, and sometimes contradictory. I believe that happiness is a bit like an engine because life is a constant search for moments of happiness: every time you think you’ve found it, it changes and you chase the next moment. I also think that happiness can’t have a single definition, it evolves with us and our perception of it changes as life passes. Chasing happiness lets you evolve, always.

What about revenge?

I haven’t got time for revenge, I think it’s useless. I think that all life experiences can be a source for improvement, for self-reflection.

Merini lived in Milan after graduating from the International School, after which she studied at the Internationale de Thèatre Jacques Lacoq in Paris, without ever forgetting ‘her’ Cinisello Balsamo, where she was born…

Cinisello Balsamo is home for me. When I go there, my family takes top importance and I forget about everything, the pressure and problems fade away. In general, my years in Milan have been the most wonderful and carefree years of my life. I have a photo in Piazza Duomo at every age, I like to go back there every time I’m in Milan, especially at night. When I sit in front of the Cathedral at night with the square empty, it helps me to refocus, I can see my whole life pass before my eyes.

Total look Emporio Armani
Total look Emporio Armani

Alessandro Fella: «I don’t feel like a very famous person. I chose to do this job for my own personal growth, everything else is a ‘plus’ for which I am grateful»

A lot of study and many different experiences have led you to success: what has it been like becoming famous? How do you continue to manage it?

I don’t feel like a very famous person. I chose to do this job for my own personal growth, everything else is a ‘plus’ for which I am grateful.

What is really important to you?

Family is the most important thing. 

How would you define yourself?

I’m not sure. I always try to live my daily life with humility and gratitude.

Alessandro Fella. Total look Etro, shoes Hogan
Total look Etro, shoes Hogan

Strengths and weaknesses?

My strengths include perseverance, gratitude, and transparency. As for the weaknesses, the biggest one is my inability to celebrate my successes. I demand a lot from myself and this, if taken to the extreme, doesn’t let me see things clearly and serenely. I’m trying to improve this aspect.

What scares you?

I’m afraid I won’t be able to spend enough time with the people I love. That’s why I go home to my family whenever I can.

Where will we see you next?

I have several projects, films and TV series coming out, as well as an international series on motorcycling produced in Finland, Ride Out Avails, which will be released in 2024.  

We can’t wait to see them.

Total look Tod's
Total look Tod’s


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