In the mood for Milan

The photos by Davide Simonelli that you can see on this page, exclusively for Manintown, are inspired by the films from the golden decades of auteur cinema, from the 1960s to the 1990s. The work, as the author explains, is also a personal homage to the flawless style of the director Wong Kar-Wai, who is praised for the emotional strength of his films, also conveyed – and perhaps above all – by their visual elegance, with colour palettes designed in every detail and a masterful use of lights.

Milano fashion shooting

The Chinese model Jun Lai, one of the most interesting new talents in modelling, poses before the photographer’s lens. Dressed from head to toe in black, with figure-hugging jackets, skinny jeans and tartan skirts, he moves from sunny exteriors to the interiors of a vintage building in Milan, where his total black outfits clash with the light pink shade of the walls, instilling some charisma and charm into every shot.

male Brave Models 2022

Milano editoriale moda

Milano moda shooting

cinematographic editorial fashion

Manintown fashion editorial

Manintown model editorial


Model Jun Lai @Brave Models

Photographer Davide Simonelli

Make-up and hair Rachele Faggian


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