Two photographers with a sleek authorial flair, specialized in portraits of great intensity, join forces for an editorial exclusively published by Manintown.
For “Halite” (this is the title of the four-handed shoot by Anthony Pomes and Sébastien Marchand), both artists pictured Amaury, and the images are showed side by side in a specular way, as in the diptychs of classical painting.

The sporty clothes chosen for the shooting, designed by Marine Serre, Solid Homme, Rufskin and Ouest Paris, emphasize the sculptural physique of the model, focusing on stretched shapes, transparencies and perforated knit textures, thus enhancing the expressive allure of pictures that are the (marvellous) backdrop for the waves and rocks of a cliff overlooking the deep blue French sea.


Photographers Anthony Pomes & Sébastien Marchand

Model Amaury Bent @Bananas Models

Opening image: parka Solid Homme


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