Dreaming of being a singer-songwriter: Fulminacci

He was born Filippo Uttinacci in 1997, but is now known by all as Fulminacci. Filippo debuted with his first album in 2019 and earned the Targa Tenco for Opera Prima, as well as the MEI Prize. He first became popular with songs such as “Tommaso” and “Borghese in Borghese“, and then in 2021 the general public discovered his music thanks to his participation at the Sanremo Festival with “Santa Marinella” in the Champions category. Soon after he released his second album, “Tante care cose“, which confirmed that we were dealing with one of the most promising and talented singer- songwriters of the new generation.

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“I’ve always dreamt of being a singer-songwriter”, he says during our interview. “For me it’s one of the real things that comes closest to being a superhero”.

Yet the beginning of his story was rather random, and with a hint of shyness that makes him smile today: “I didn’t even realise that I would be able to do this job. Truth is, I wrote my first album without knowing I would later release it, without any sort of pressure, marketing logic, or artistic comparison. It was only after writing a few songs that I realised there could be something there, thinking: I’ll play them for my girlfriend and my parents, so they can tell me what they think. And it worked out well, because they liked them”.

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