Today’s true gentleman, with Marco Cartasegna

Do gentlemen still exist today? Or are they simply a legacy from the past? We asked the founder of the blog “YourGentleman”Marco Cartasegna, who, after a successful career as a model and studying International Management, returns to his first passion: fashion. Thus, in 2015 he launched his blog, where he writes about his own personal style, elegance and his original creations.

“The gentleman today,” says Marco, “doesn’t exist as he did in the past century. Society has evolved, for better or for worse I’m not sure, but it certainly has changed. In this context, the new gentleman should often as possible to maintain ties to the values of the past, both in the most significant aspects of life and in everyday actions. He should always keep his word, not accumulate debts, respect women, even with small gestures like opening the car door for his better half…”

What are the modern gentleman’s passions and style?

“A gentleman’s passions can be varied, the important thing is to do what he loves with elegance and simplicity. He can even be elegant while playing rugby. The gentleman’s style is totally personal in his daily life, but he must respect etiquette when it is required. For example, it is unacceptable to show up at a black tie event in an “alternative” look.”

In light of speaking today’s gentleman, Marco interprets for MANINTOWN three looks from the Herno Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Collection. As Marco says, “the contemporary gentleman should adapt himself to the challenges of modern society by keeping his essence deeply rooted in the values of the past that inspire every daily act.” A philosophy in line with that of Herno, a company established on the shores of Lake Maggiore as far back as 1948. The brand skillfully combines tradition and innovation, intuition and creativity in every garment to accompany today’s chameleon-like man throughout every moment of the day.

For a walk in the park with his dachshund, Marco has chosen the classic 7 denier ultralight bomber. This down jacket combines functionality and aesthetic style: its padding is half fine goose down and half technical down, which adds waterproof protection, essential for the harsh winter. The insertion of goose down prevents excessive puffiness by assuring a slim fit and by enhancing the shape without adding visual weight. The collection is available in a range of energetic colors, of which Marco has chosen bright ochre. The perfect garment for gentlemen passionate about sports and the outdoors.


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