Unveiled to the American market during the car show in Los Angeles last November, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio represents a real step forward in path toward revitalising the Alfa Romeo brand. To describe it best you have to resort to a linguistic balance: elegant arrogance. This innovative crossover SUV is indeed the perfect incarnation of style, sportiness and an Italian aptitude for muscle. Not surprisingly, the model chosen for the honour of this launch was the Quadrifoglio, a 3-litre twin turbo 510hp petrol engine developed with the help of Ferrari, capable of powering this beast up to 285 km/h, accelerating from 0 to 100 in 3.9 seconds and taking a lap at the Nürburgring in 7’59.” Carbon-ceramic brakes? Of course. No competitor in its segment can boast similar numbers, so not surprisingly the Stelvio has immediately earned the sincere approval (and admiration) of both the public and the press.  The car will arrive on the European market around February, listing a 2.0-litre engine offered both in petrol and in diesel; a more urban, less sporty version than the Quadrifoglio, but by no means less attractive. The innovative value of the Stelvio is exclusive to its engine; the car is built based on Giorgio, Alfa Romeo’s platform on which the Giulia model is based, which boasts outstanding performance in terms of lightness, dynamics and safety, performance results that earned it the recognition of Euro Car Body 2016. Quality, advanced technology and good design are the traits that determine the success of a car and its brand today and in the future; the Stelvio possesses them all. Forward we go.

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