He unleashed a true frenzy when, after the recent Presidential election in the USA, he tweeted a plea to marry an Italian girl and become, as such, a de facto Italian. Undoubtedly witty and humorous, the American volleyball player Maxwell Holt is also gutsy; fans of the sport remember the most recent Olympics where in the game against Italy he heroically blocked the shots of his direct rival Ivan Zaytsev.
Holt is not only the captain of the USA national team, but in 2016 he was also awarded the title of US Player of the Year, all while playing in Italy for one of the most loved and admired championship squads, Modena Volley. The athlete caught our attention. Checking out his social media accounts, for example Instagram, we see he has other passions besides volleyball, such as music, thus we decided to interview him and make him the feature of a photoshoot in pure MANINTOWN style. Welcome to the world of Maxwell Holt.

How did you start playing volleyball and when have you decided that it would become your job?
I started playing volleyball when I was very young. I started playing just for fun and up until I was 15 I didn’t really play at a competitive level. I also played other sports like basketball baseball and soccer.

You play in an Italian team. What have you learned to love of our country?
The first thing that you realize when coming from the USA to play in Italy is how much volleyball is loved here. We don’t have a volleyball league in the U.S. (just college) so to be able to come here and play at the highest level in the best league in front of the best fans in the world is amazing. Of course there are many other beautiful things about Italy that is nonexistent in the U.S. The country itself is breathtaking and every city is rich in history. I can’t forget the food. Especially here in Modena is world class.

Can you give a suggestion to those who start playing football for the first time?
Divertirti! It’s a beautiful sport and truly a team effort every time you play.

The 2016 Olympic Games. Which is the memory that touches you the most and is there a moment, a feeling or a particular anecdote of this edition that you want to share with us?Winning the bronze medal is a memory that will forever stay with me. The whole olympic experience itself is truly incredible. Being on the greatest stage with the greatest athletes in the world and just feeling that energy around the city of Rio was the best experience of my life.

The most important moment in your carreer?

Talking about style, what can’t lack in your closet?
I have a bit of a problem with shoes. For as long as I can remember I have been crazy about shoes. It started with just sneakers, like the latest pair of Air Jordans, and has evolved to many different types of kicks.

What is synonymous with style, according to you?
I am a fan of simple style. Probably 80 percent of my wardrobe is either black or dark grey. It is rare to see me in a flashy color.

You have been the protagonist of a precise media event. We’re wondering what does touch you in a woman, which characteristics would have your dream girl?
(Laughing) Well I guess the most important quality in my ‘dream girl’ would be that she is a kind person with a good heart. Then she has to love music and would be ideal if she played and instrument. I’m not so picky.

Which passions do you have, other than volleyball? Checking your Instagram, you seem very connected to music…
Yes I love music. I have been playing guitar for over 10 years and I would say that is my passion other than volleyball obviously. My favorite thing in the world is going to see my favorite artists or bands live in concerts. After volleyball I would love to do something involving music somehow.

Your role models, your personal eroes?
My mother and father. I’m incredibly thankful to have had the two of them work as hard as they have to provide me with this life. I would never be where I am without their love and support.

Do you have a dream, a project you haven’t achieved yet and that you want to realize?
In the world of volleyball, I want to win an Italian championship, a champion’s league title, and an Olympic Gold medal. So I guess you could say my journey hasn’t quite finished yet!

Photographer| Michele Ercolani
Stylist| Stefano Guerrini with Orsola Amadeo
Talent| Maxwell Holt
Stylist Assistant| Chiara Troiani

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