Andrea Marcaccini, an influencer between art and fashion

From Romagna, for many years one of the most worshipped Italian influencers, also thanks to his wild look, long hair and tattoos covering every inch of his body. Andrea Marcaccini is not just a model, not anymore: a few seasons back he launched his own menswear collection and has many followers on the social networks. He even took part in reality shows, and is currently into art, which is what he really feels passionate about and wishes to devote himself to in the future.

How did you become a model?
I started modelling when I was16, because my cousin sent one of my pics to an agency in Bologna, this is how I started. Out of curiosity. I arrived in Milan aged 19, after working with Mikael Kenta, who at the time was very successful.

Not only a model, but also an influencer thanks to social networks and other activities. How did this passage occur and when did you become a designer too?
The passage from model to influencer was not planned, considering that, in time, other activities came up. I started by posting some pics of mine on the social media, which soon had a number of followers, then came the first collaboration proposals, above all as graphic and style consultant, arrived. After working for three years for many Italian brands, I decided to launch my own label.

 Speaking of your social world, how many of your suggestions and of your images are genuine and non-sponsored?
Regarding my social media presence, I cannot say that there are no sponsored images, some of them are, but there is also a lot of private life, there have been times when the latter really took centre stage. Even my least private and most professional shots always stem from my creativity, my vision. I am absolutely honest. I accept to work for brands that share my ideals and philosophy, therefore also my professional photos never look like aseptic and fake sponsorships.

How do you envision the evolution of social networks and the role of the influencer? How do you imagine your work as a “grown-up”?
As long as the social networks live on, there will be influencers, and someone dictating the trends, one is instrumental to the other. My job as a model has certainly been an important part of my professional path, perhaps a necessary step towards what I want to do when I grow up, which has more to do with an artistic development of my creativity.

The downside of your profession?
That it is impossible to make plans, above all when it comes to your private life, those things that normal people give for granted, like taking a holiday. You are always subjected to last-minute changes and last minute projects, so you find yourself changing your schedule, sometimes letting down your dear ones, or your friends who were planning to go on holiday with you, but you suddenly had catch a plane to the other side of the world.

A style tip to share with us?
Beside wearing the items from my collection? (He laughs, EN). Everyone should feel at ease with what they wear and wear what best represents their personality, but if you feel like doing it, dare! Always express who you are, also through your wardrobe, stand out from the crowd. Dare to dare!

Which city, since you have travelled a lot, has stuck to your heart? Is there a favourite place (bar, monument, restaurant) that you would suggest?
A city that really stuck to my heart and where I really could go and live is Barcelona. A city full of charm, good food, nice people, and joie de vivre. I still remember the first time I saw the Sagrada Familia. It leaves you breathless, so majestic, it is a masterpiece everyone should see at least once in life. I also love Paris a lot, whileI find New York, which I often visited and where I lived for four straight months, to be too chaotic and overrated. I find there are more liveable and interesting cities, though it is no doubt one of the most important hubs for our business.

Milan: where to eat, drink, what is your favourite hang-out?
For work and for fun, I undoubtedly go out a lot, but when it comes to speakeasies, there is not one I feel specially attached to. I generally hang out in the Moscova area, as it is close to where I live, but there is a restaurant that I would like to suggest. If you like Japanese cuisine and sushi, maybe not for every budget, Iyo, Via Piero Della Francesca, is a culinary experience that cannot be missed.

Who are you in your private life? What are your other passions, beside fashion?
My greatest love is art and I must confess that I am developing this passion of mine, so that it can become a job in the very next future. In Milan I have a sort of factory-lab, where I work. Some art galleries – not only in Italy, but also in London and Los Angeles – have shown interest for my paintings. This passion is really becoming and important part of me and my life. Obviously my own brand is my great passion too, ever since we launched it at WHITE in January, it instantly gained considerable scope, we are sold in important stores and it is one of the fifteen Italian bestsellers!

A long-cherished dream?
A true dream should not be revealed, so as not to jinx it, but I hope to become a good artist!

Photo| Ryan Simo
Styling| Stefano Guerrini
Grooming| Susanna Mazzola
Photo assistant| Alessandro Chiorri
Stylist assistants| Verena Kohl, Paula Anuska, Cristina Florence Galati

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