Apple Tackles Covid-19 Safety Through A New App Launch: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Apple has launched a new app and website for users in the United States, in order to deliver accurate and reliable information regarding the Covid-19 condition.

The digital portal allows users to answer a series of questions around risk factors, recent exposures and symptoms for both themselves and their beloved ones. In turn, they will garner recommendations on steps that follow, together with guidance on social distancing and self-isolating measures, how symptoms should be monitored, whether or not a test is suggested, and when to contact medical wellbeing.  

It should be feasible that Apple remarks that the program is designed to be a source for individuals and does not replace instructions from medical providers or guidance from public health authorities.The Apple Covid-19 website and app were created in partnership with the CDC, 1 the White House Coronavirus Task Force and FEMA. Click here for more.

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