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Histoire de Parfums, 3 Golds Collection

Either with its cool and sparkling citrus notes, or with the artfully hypnotic presence of deep amber notes, for centuries the perfume has inspired daydreams and unconscious olfactory memories. In a dimension that crosses the boundaries of fashion and personal style, the perfumer’s craft has always been considered to be a noble and refined form of art, practiced by the most capable masters, able to turn a few drops of shimmering vanity into a quintessential olfactory pleasure. Head, heart and bottom are like musical notes to be simultaneously modulated and masterly blended to give birth a rich and composite symphony, to be discovered in all its unexpected facets. This is the real raison d’être of a perfume: a sensorial window on universes materializing with unexpected immediacy. Six maisons de parfum have chosen art as their exclusive view on the land of elsewhere, drawing inspiration from painting, sculpture, poetry and music to create shapes, shades and essences. A boundless milky limbo, consisting of dreamy visions between art and parfum, where one can plunge and be carried away. 

An olfactory library telling stories to be read on the skin. The perfume is turned into the refined and sensual means to spread poetry, the collection’s inspirational fulcrum. 3 Golds d’Histoires de Parfums, created by the French perfumer and founder of the brand Gérald Ghislain are the fragrances perpetuating the ancient art of the French perfumers, its luxury, prestige and creativity. The absolute protagonist is the gold, each type of this precious metal recalls a timeless, eternal and ever topical concept. VENI, represented by the yellow gold, symbolizes eternity; a gift by the immortal deities, with the woody notes at the core of the essence that recall a dreamlike journey on an adventurous ship crossing lively waves of grey amber. ROSAM is an ode to wisdom, being traditionally associated with the moon’s shade, like the colour of white gold. The shades highlight the radiance of a delicate and sophisticated rose emerging from an oud bouquet and emanating incense. In FIDELIS, gold merges with copper, the metal dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love and seduction: a persistent kiss with notes of coffee, saffron and spicy amber.


Art can come in many different forms. One of its many manifestations is the craft, the daily practice of an ancient handicraft ritual, quality at the service of the others. The art of the barber is no exception. The latter has found its original character in a little space in Brescia, Argagn, far from the frenzy of the city centre, a place where one can relax, savouring the bliss of every single moment. This is a place for polyhedral passions: not merely a barber’s shop, but also a modern lounge bar with an international feel and an art gallery. A concept arising from the travel memories of its owners Mattia Guandalini and his wife Barbara, who have decided to bet on a format that is unique in Italy. Argagn is a bridge between past and future, creating an innovative space, where anyone can rediscover customs and art of a time past. The double nature of the barber shop / art gallery is also expressed in the exclusive collection of Argagn products, where nothing is left to chance; each and every ingredient, aroma and packaging is personally selected by the owners of the brand from Brescia.


Roads, spreading in front of the individual in every direction. They are as infinite as Art, which cannot be pigeonholed into watertight compartments, but is free to flow, moved by a variety of inspirations. ROADS Fragrances is grounded on its author’s, Danielle Ryan, idea to merge several artistic ingredients in one essence; hence the collection Africa, a cultural collaboration in which African influences are harmoniously combined with inspirations from the world of literature, art and dance. Each fragrance is enclosed in a package that, like a canvas, displays the works by artists from different African countries. The perfume I am dance reproduces the rapid and complex rhythm of the Pantsula dance, Big sky portrays the vast African skies, Past | Present draws from the meditative tones of the Nigerian modern literature, while Afropolis celebrates the multiculturalism of the different cities dotting the African continent.


An essence can also be held in unique art objects, like the genderless fragrances AGONIST, Swedish brand launched by the artistic couple Christine and Niclas Lydeen, the former has a fashion background, while the latter is an Art Director and visual artist. Authentic sculptures, specially created by Åsa Jungnelius, award-winning glass designer, hold the 100% natural essences, sculptures recalling the clear climate of Northern Europe and its culture, imbued with the transparent lightness of the air. The ampoules are turned into pieces of a collection boasting flowing and elegant lines, suggesting the content of the bottles. Arctic Jade recalls a frozen landscape, with cold and transparent hues, which well represents the cool feeling on the skin, enhanced by the Brazilian Orange. Black Amber, instead, plays with darker tones of the Atlas Cedar Wood. Solaris is the sun that never sets and brightens up the nights of the Nordic lands: a warm and citrus fragrance, with a bottom of Patchouli.


A tailor’s atelier, the laboratory of a shoemaker, a goldsmith’s workshop; like Proust’s madeleine moments, sharp and sudden olfactory memories are brought back to memory by primordial fragrances holding unexpected light reflections, silences, gazes, emotions. These are EXTRAIT D’ATELIER’s suggestions, proud brand from Veneto, symbolizing the Italian industriousness and drawing from the French allure. The label makes use of the most delicate wild flowers’ notes and merges them with ozone aldehydes ones to recall moments of life. The art of the craft, of the most meticulous handicraft is both inspiration and method for this debut collection. The workshops, with their allure of a time past, are celebrated in the label’s bottles, the fragrances EXTRAIT D’ATELIER are held in iridescent bottles, in ampoules enclosing the history of a great past and the noble “essence du savoir faire”. Through a refined olfactory path, they vouch for joy and flair, inspiring in those who wear them the desire to feel a Master too, a master of life, of the subtle art of living.


Art-house essences for the new collection VERDÚU: Made-in-Germany brand with a vanguard flair, stemming from the creative mind of Alexander Botov. A set of art-house fragrances conceived by four fashion designers. A portrait in a bottle crafted by world-famous perfumer Mark Buxton, who has sketched with poetic sensitiveness the most ineffable corners of the personalities of his four colleagues and artists. A liaison of different experiences, arising from the will to create a multi-faceted, absolutely original “all-round” in which design, fashion and parfum are hand in glove. Wearing the scented creations of the protagonists of this olfactory encounter is not like wearing their dresses, rather, it is an introspective, exceptionally personal experience. Needle and thread won’t be needed, a cloud of intense vaporized aroma is all you need to feel bespoke.

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