Artist Eben Haines Builds “Shelter In Place” Gallery Space In Boston

As the world keeps rolling in the calamity of the pandemic, the creative sphere might face serious repercussions in showcasing work as serious social distancing measures have been put into place.

On that note, for artists hoping to exhibit their craft during lockdown, Boston’s Shelter In Place gallery has been mounting exhibitions of brand-new work over the past month. Built by artist Eben Haines, the miniature 20 by 30-inch gallery showcases scaled-down works in a model structure that encompasses foam, mat board, balsa wood and plexiglass.

The condensed space is extremely realistic, with high ceilings and skylights that allow light to enter the space and radiate the works.

Artists can submit works at a one-inch scale, which allows them to create and show seemingly[co1]  impressive pieces while traditional exhibition spaces remain close. Each exhibition at Shelter In Place is based on submissions selected by Haines, his painter and gallery assistant, Delaney Dameron.

Haines and Dameron then capture the installation views and share them on the gallery’s Instagram. To avoid possible contamination during shipping, Shelter In Place has only been able to show works in the local Boston area. Haines hopes to eventually extend the opportunity to a larger group of artists.

Local artists who can easily transport their work can review submission guidelines on Shelter In Place’s Instagram.

“I’m hoping that artists are able to get more eyes on their work and even sell some work during the pandemic and beyond,” said Haines.

“One of my ambitions for this project, besides urging people to step outside of their crisis mode for a little bit, is for artists to be able to use their submission proposals and photographs of their installed work to send to galleries, residencies, or grant programs, and have some momentum when the country opens back up.”


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