It happened on July 12 in New York, at The Public Hotel, Bally’s CEO Frédéric de Narp and the Grammy Award-winning music producer Swizz Beatz launched the new collection curated by Swizz and designed by the Spanish artist Riccardo Cavolo. The collaboration was celebrated with a dinner and a party animated by exclusive music performances by artists, all strictly signed Bally, like Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh, while Kid Capri and Kitty Cash have been working on the Dj set. The collaboration between Swizz and Bally, available to the public since the end of September, is a naturally born project, through an instagram post in which Swizz as accompaniment to a pair of sneakers signed Bally writes “Bally is back”. Hence, the need to entrust the design to an emerging artist is born. Here, through ‘No Commission’, an innovative platform curated by Swizz, which brings together emerging talents, Ricardo Cavolo is selected and involved in creating the collection and playful prints.

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