Banksy’s Bathroom Art Is Your Ultimate Lockdown Pleasure (And No, Don’t Feel Sorry)

In times seeped by global disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the sphere of the arts acquires a whole new peep that tackles creativity through ground-breaking styles. From tik-tok’s dancing queens (and kings) to fawning avenues to nurture craftsmanship, there’s always something for everyone. Though social distancing might have well been a source of embracing quarantine in our respective homes, consider Banksy’s confinement idea your ultimate mood booster – that’s when you’re in the loo. 

The graffiti mogul shared on Instagram a photograph of stencilled rats on the wall – becoming an exclusive insight for his fans, as he never shares images of his home. Humorously titled My wife hates I work from home; the work shows the gang of spray-painted rodents making a mess with one swaying from a light fixture and another clomping on a tube of toothpaste until it spurts. 

Rats are pervasive attribute in Banksy’s art practice, serving-up political satire as a ballot of rebellion and heroism.


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