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At the discovery of Luigi Campa’s beauty routine, ballet dancer. The beauty products he loves and why. Luigi Campa has always danced. Dance is his passion that became after years also his profession. Coming from South of Italy, Salento, where he was born, he moved at a early age to Milan, to take classes at the Academy of Teatro alla Scala. During the year of the diploma he takes part of the famous dance company of Vlamidir Malakhov, in Berlin at the Staatballet, working with the greatest world dancer. Two years ago he came back to Italy and took part of Teatro alla Scala dance company, under the direction of Makhar Vaziev. Now, let’s discover his beauty routine.

A detox juice or an infusion that you love to drink.
I love both juices and infusions, I usually drink the first ones in the morning, because they give me the right energy to start in the right way the athletic day ahed. An infusion with relaxing properties (ingredients as valerian, passion flower, hawthorn, camomile, lemon balm, lime and iperico) before going to sleep is really perfect.

 Favourite parfume.
Romantina by Juliette Has a Gun.

Favourite Home Essence.
The one with white musk inside, it gives me a fresh sensation of a clean and pure environment.

A ritual before going to sleep.
My ritual before going to sleep is fundamental and includes different abs sessions and exercises for back and legs, important for a good sleep session.

Essential beauty products fundamental in your beauty routine.
La Mer products, moisturizing creams and serums, unique formulas with natural extracts of algae, which have the power to relieve my sensitive skin.

What do you usually do to keep fit.
Be on shape is the ABC of my job. Ballet classes during the morning, rehersals of different dance variations during the whole afternoon, gym and swimming pool in the evening, and a healthy nutrition rich of proteins. Your body will be sparkling.

How many times do you look at yourself in the mirror.
I can’t say exactly how many times because during my daily routine I spend most of the time in the danceroom, which is full of mirrors, essentials for auto-correction of dance positions looking at your image.

Bath or shower.
Shower after every workout session, relaxing bath after the shows.

A meal that makes you feel good.
Biologic food that come from my homecountry makes me feel good (Salento).

A bad habit you allow to yourself.
I allow to myself a cigarette during high stress period when I have to face a new first role.

A beauty mania.
To look after my teeth, they have to be always white and clean.

In your beauty routine which is the product that you will never leave home?
I will never give up on Mask Gel Plus, by Krymi Pharmaceutic Lab, a mask perfect to be applied  after shaving avoiding any type of irritation.

Inside your fridge what should never be missed.
In my fridge there are always fresh eggs that I buy directly in the farm, It’s the food that interacts most with my body.

Favourite Beauty adresses in your city.
I travel a lot, I always move from a city to another one and I love hotels due to the SPA they usually have, I can suggest the ones of Four Seasons, amazing in any city. The Bristol in Paris, Claridge’s in London are my favourites in Europe, to relax and chill.

Outside your working place how do you like to dress ?
My style is totally classic: as if I have to go to the theater, place where I grew up, that taught me the beauty, sophistication and elegance, that I think always win on everything.

Which pieces of your wardrobe you love most.
The one of Prada, I feel good wearing their amazing dresses and  it estimulates me a lot the conceptual work behind the fashion shows, which goes beyond the fashion theme, it makes me fly with my mind through all inspirations very close to art and artists. Between accessories I prefer a lot also Hermès: perfect status for any place, situation, time of the day.

The essentials in a summer travel luggage.
When I travel I do not bring a lot of my clothes and stuff, because when I am on vacation I like to do shopping, especially after a long day spent on the seaside. I love to fill my luggage everytime I am on a journey, so then when I come back I am less sad. I never separate myself from my Cartier’s jewels, because I have always been passionate of gems, and one of the multiple stories linked to this passion is the one of the beautiful creations of Jean Cocteau. These are items that make me feel good when I bring them with me, I chose them developing a passion for their history, at the accurate work of this special people, in the right moment that I decided to have something created by them I didn’t do it for the value of the things but also for the thousand of emotions that only who has a dreaming heart can understand.

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