Carlo Sestini: a citizen of the world

Carlo Sestini was born and raised in Florence. At the age of thirteen he started to Switzerland and then in London at the Regent’s University. He is very keen on art but first and foremost on high fashion. His sophisticated sense of style makes him one of a kind: his wardrobe is made of iconic pieces which combine luxury and vintage. He’s just came back from LA where he spent two months studying acting and improving his communication skills.

Your definition of influencer/blogger/ambassador?
An influencer is someone able to influence somebody else’s tastes and purchases through his image and social profiles, but let me say nowadays an improper use of this word is really widespread.

How do you imagine the evolution of the social world and of your business?
Digital universe is running so fast that everything I can imagine today would be available tomorrow and for sure somebody else is already developing it. I’d love to buy now directly from Instagram without jumping into websites, it would mean saving time and buying exactly what I see. I know Instagram is testing this new option in several Countries but Italy is still missing.

In your opinion, which is the social (network) of the future?
Instagram – Instagram and again Instagram.

Negative side of your job?
I don’t really think there is a negative side.

How many of your advices are sincere and not sponsored?
A sponsored content doesn’t necessarily mean is not sincere, I do personally check all the collaborations I’m bringing forward and if a brand or its request doesn’t fit my style I kindly thank but decline.

Practical suggestion of style or beauty or places you like ?
London is my second (now maybe first) home, I feel at ease over there and it always surprise me with great new restaurants, Spas, Gyms and Clubs. I’d suggest Mr Chow for an amazing Chinese dinner and Annabel’s for a drink, founded almost 50 years ago is one of the most elegant clubs in the world.

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