Cat Footwear ‘Engineered For Originality Campaign’ Voices Digital Artists Cross-Globally

Cat Footwear unveiled their new Autumn/Winter 2020 ‘Engineered For Originality’ campaign, created by several digital artists from across the globe. Hailing from seven markets, UK, Poland, Sweden, France, China, Chile and USA, the artists were recruited by Cat Footwear to unleash a campaign which follows on from SS20, taking cues from the initial concept. The concept epitomises the brand’s forward-thinking and disruptive philosophy born from the challenges implemented from coronavirus, it continues to push the boundaries.

Cat Footwear EFO AW20 – CHILE
Cat Footwear EFO AW20 – CHINA
Cat Footwear EFO AW20 – CHINA
Cat Footwear EFO AW20 – POLAND
Cat Footwear EFO AW20 – POLAND
Cat Footwear EFO AW20 – SWEDEN
Cat Footwear EFO AW20 – UK
Cat Footwear EFO AW20 – USA

For this, each content creator was briefed to create an authentic story, sticking to the brand’s key driver of credibility both in style and in craftsmanship. The result? An evolution in design language, combined by a use of digital artistry. The brand encouraged the use of CGI, graphics, and augmented reality. The final campaign platforms championed the scale and diversity of the Re-Powered community around the globe.

Utilising ‘collage effect’, 3D, and energetic, high-octane style edits, Nas’ campaign styles the Re-powered collection against a backdrop of inner-city environments. Bursts of coloured shape and graphic overlay, alongside high-rise buildings and subways, emphasize the evolution of the collection, from archival workwear shoe, to bold, alternative lifestyle sneaker. 

The AW20 campaign mechanic alone, highlights more than ever the role and influence of the Re-powered community on the Cat Footwear product. By placing the creative directly into the hands of the taste makers that make up the collection’s community, the AW20 ‘Engineered For Originality’ campaign continues to position Cat Footwear as the alternative and progressive choice. “User generated content (UGC) has always sat at the heart of Re-Powered, allowing others to translate our brand for their audience has been the key driver of authenticity, credibility and relevancy. This approach not only makes sense for the time we are living in, but it perfectly aligns to the ethos of Re-Powered and sits at the forefront of content trend,” remarks Gemma Little, Cat Footwear International Brand Marketing Manager.


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