The Couture Books By Assouline: Between Style, Poised Craftsmanship And “Art De Vivre”

If you ever wondered who Prosper and Martine Assouline are, look no further than here. Booksellers of luxury, trailblazers across editorial haute couture, eclectic connoisseurs lusting for voluptuous beauty embodied in the opulence of the most precious accessories; but there’s more. The duo are the pioneering founders of the iconic luxury publishing house of the

Ten things to do during the bittersweet quarantine

I’m writing down on the first page of every book I read, the date I will never forget, I’m writing down COVID-19, and I’m sure my memory in the future won’t need any explanation.  A Pandemic was declared by the WHO (World Health Organization), we are all forced to stay at home, to go out only to obtain