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Everyone knows that champagne is best enjoyed cold. However, in Italy many believe this great wine is reserved for only New Year’s Eve, rather than summer. A mere myth. So, here are six choices for spoiling oneself at aperitif hour, on a boat or perhaps, in the sun.


“For the fifth consecutive year we serve our Cuvée Ruinart on all the beaches of the White Summer Ruinart circuit,” says Senior Brand Manager, Andrea Pasqua, who met MANINTOWN during the opening week of the 57th Venice Biennale, where he is divided his time between the Woven Forms vernissage, Louis Vuitton Foundation dinner, and parties at Fondaco dei Tedeschi and Palazzina G. “We are the champagne of contemporary art,” he stresses, “and throughout the Biennale, we have a welcome service at the Venice airport and a Ruinart Bike Bar at Cipriani.” And just in time for the arrival of summer, “from the 21st to the 23rd of June, we open the hidden gem of the Redentore terrace at Gritti Palace, where, upon enrolment on our site,, guests will have access to a dinner tasting menu or an aperitif, paired with ‘cicchetti,’ the Venetian street food, reinterpreted in a gourmet version by starred Chef Daniele Turco of the Club del Doge restaurant.”


Want to drink champagne under a beach umbrella without letting it get too warm? There is a solution. Champagne on the rocks? Mais oui! Moet Ice Impérial breaks the taboo of tradition and inaugurates a new style, a true drinking experience combining ice cubes with the unexpectedly effervescent bubbly. “Moët Ice Impérial champagne has been been made into an art form, rendering its flavour even more intense and fruity and introducing a completely new way of drinking champagne, without letting it get diluted by ice,” explains Benoît Gouez, Chef de Cave of Moët & Chandon.


Inspired by a new and fresh vision of contemporary drink culture, Veuve Clicquot has worked with expert mixologists to create a whole new champagne: Veuve Clicquot RICH and Veuve Clicquot RICH ROSÉ, with a higher dosage for more sweetness and aroma. Highlighting the Maison’s savoir-faire in wine production, Veuve Clicquot’s Chef de Caves, Dominique Demarville, explains: “super in champagne is equivalent to spices in a recipe: if used properly they allow specific aromas to come out, playing with flavour variety.” In short, transforming it into the basis for a fresh cocktail.


Graphic Ice, the new cuvée by Nicolas Feuillatte, exalts the joy of summer living. It is served in a large glass with ice where its floral notes and sweet freshness unite with lime and pineapple. A new elegant and sophisticated cocktail for summer to be enjoyed both day and night, when even the bottle of its special packaging becomes truly luminescent.


Krug Grande Cuvée is created beyond the very notion of millennialism, building upon the various wines of several vintages. Each year, when preparing the composition, Eric Lebel, Chef de Caves of the Maison, is faced with around 400 different wines. Within every bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée there are over twenty years of passion and dedication. As Lebel explains, “when we taste the first wines that remind of of the grapes as they were in the vineyards, it’s as if a single violin is playing. Our concert begins. The work gains depth and breadth, as our musicians merge into a single, clear and elegant symphony, a new Krug Grande Cuvée”.


In July and August, on the shores and along the crystal-clear beaches of Sardinia, Dom Pérignon Yacht P2 Delivery will offer a special service for on-the-sea delivery of its precious bottles. The maxitender, designed and built by Capelli Shipyard on the Tempest 900 model, keeps the champagne on ice and delivers it at the correct temperature. An exclusive service suitable even for one of the brand’s historic clients, Marilyn Monroe, who Pérignon celebrates with an exhibition, Imperdibile Marilyn, at Rome’s Palazzo degli Esami until July 30th. Her preferred bottle? The 1953 Vintage, which faithfully accompanied the actress on the set of her films.

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