Cher and the rapper Future star in “Meet me in the Gap”

Gap has just launched the new advertising campaign for 2017 Fall collection, Meet me in the Gap!                     Gap celebrates the encounter of different personalities who find out that what they have in common is far more than what distinguishes them. These unexpected meetings take the form of mini-music clips directed by Director X. The videos portray what is the true essence of Gap: uniting whatever the differences are. People always have something in common with each other, even if it is hidden. Cher (singer) and Future (rapper) have been invited by the brand to cover ‘Everyday People‘, a song by Sly and the Family Stone. People who belong to distant universes find an opportunity to unite their voices in this adv campaign.
Three basketball players, two tip tap dancers and a DJ star in a second video, ‘Bounce Meet Bounce Meet Bounce‘, to create a unique rhythm with the sounds of their own worlds.

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